2022 Election Attacked By Dangerous Foe

It’s no secret anymore.

Has Big Tech turned into a threat to democracy? Yes, argues Senator Josh Hawley, and in more ways than one. In an exclusive* interview for Hot Air, the author of the new book The Tyranny of Big Tech explains how their monopolistic control of speech and marketplaces subjugate the rest of us.

The book came out this week from Regnery (owned by the parent company that also owns Hot Air) after getting canceled by Simon & Schuster after the January 6th riot at the Capitol. The book doesn’t have anything to do with the election or its aftermath, and Hawley argues that the cancellation demonstrates the impact of monopolies or near-monopolies on free speech and the exchange of ideas in the marketplace. Consolidation and the rise of massive corporations in all industries are creating a political crisis, Hawley argues, but it is especially acute in Big Tech due to its infrastructural nature.

It’s a fascinating conversation, and Hawley’s book reminds us that the founders didn’t just mistrust concentrations of political power. To put a more modern term on their thinking at the time, the founders desired a more distributist economy, as later imagined by G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. (Quick note: I mistook Belloc for Honoré de Balzac during the interview in a momentary brain fade.) Hawley points out that the original states mainly forbade the forming of private corporations for fear of having combined capital overwhelm the balance of widespread ownership of trades and agriculture. This was meant to prevent the rise of an elite, thus making Americans equal on more than just a political basis.

This, of course, was hardly perfect — especially in slave-owning states with plantation systems, which were feudal by their very nature. The rise of Manifest Destiny also made such a system cumbersome, for reasons that Hawley points out in the rise of the first monopolies: railroads. Having dozens or hundreds of private railroads created confusion and incompatible systems, whereas consolidation allowed for standards and efficient transportation and expansion. Unfortunately, it led to dangerous consolidations of economic and political power.

That has parallels to the Internet age, too, where compatibility and efficiency convinced lawmakers that consolidations made sense. Just as we found out over a century ago, however, infrastructural consolidation has enormous consequences. Hawley argues that Congress needs to act to restore small-R republicanism, as Theodore Roosevelt attempted at the beginning of the last century.

Be sure to watch all of the way through. Whether or not one believes an anti-trust intervention is needed, it’s still an excellent topic for debate, and The Tyranny of Big Tech is an excellent launching point.

Note: I use the term “exclusive” in the mainstream media sense, which is defined as “no one else was on the call with us at the same time.”

Sources: HotAir: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Josh Hawley on The Tyranny of Big Tech — and why you should care

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Big tech is definitely a thorn in in the side of freedom of speech . and should be brought to justice just like everyone else .just because they have money doesn’t mean they have the power to to push their agendas on the freedoms of America . if they want to continue to operate in America they better act with patriotism for AMERICA .cause they can and will be labeled as traitors to America. And when that happens there is not enough body guards for them to fill safe again. Just like the countries who hate America they will be dealt with severely. One way or another America will have its revenge on unpatriotic big tech.

  2. There has been racism in every part of the world especially when there is poverty and wars and criminal activity afoot but some places are learning to cope with it because of good attitudes towards one another and love for humanity and the respect we all deserve from oneanother . God will have his way.

  3. If democraps release the violent of the violent prisoners then America will have to rethink the death penalty and it’s wait time for action. Sure there are some that do turn around their lives after incarceration and should be let back into society with some help from the government on finding a job and housing. And probationary time. But the ones who continue to lie cheat steal and commit violence then their time should be kept under lock and key indefinitely. Or better yet drop them off in a country that chops off body parts when caught doing wrong. They’ll either join a militia or just be called NUBS the rest of their life.

  4. I tried to delete my Face Book page , but it seems to be like jumping through hoops to get it done.
    If everyone or should I say if everyone who is a true patriot would delete their Facebook, Messenger and Twitter account and started using Parler instead, I think that would send a loud and clear message that we aren’t going to take it any more.

  5. Do not use Parler. They are in bed with fakebook and twats.
    We need to go back to what the Founders wanted for the country, which in many ways, was what PRESIDENT TRUMP wanted to do!
    LOVE of country, LOVE of people in the country.

  6. Big Tech can suck it! Don’t do any business with the big four. Hit them in the pocketboo9k. We must not let them control our elections ever!!! The big four=Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook…avoid any contact with them whenever possible.

  7. I just think that the females whining about everything has created some lasting hate for millions that the Democrats seem to encourage and really don’t see the ferocious depth of their actions in alienating millions of Threatened POTUS TRUMP CONSERVATIVES IN “fly-over” America! That’s where Few Democrats will be treated as fellow Americans just like the Democrat Antagonists, like Michelle Obama, and the usual group of Pelosi’s mouthy friends from the 2-3 % of geographic Suburban and City Population! These Socialist leaders must stay close to the Marxist Universities or youth oriented urban safe havens like rock stars and Hollywood Celebs! These minorities are celebrating the early stages of a Division much greater than the Civil War of 160 – 155 years past or the loss of their freedom to Red China!

  8. Its time to BREAK UP THESE BIG TECH COMPANIES, THEY ARE NOW COMMUNIST TERRORIST and are working against america.

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