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64,000 Migrants Needing Housing In Texas

It is now America’s problem to house the illegal immigrants.

Agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Del Rio, Big Bend, and El Paso Sectors apprehended 63,734 migrants in February, according to the Southwest Border Land Encounters Report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Wednesday. This represents an increase of 13,619 migrants over the January report. Note: The El Paso Sector includes apprehensions in New Mexico.

The Texas sectors account for 65 percent of all migrant border apprehensions, the report indicates.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector is clearly the epicenter of the current border crisis with nearly 28,000 migrants (nearly 29 percent) being apprehended out of the total apprehensions of 96,974. The apprehensions in the RGV Sector jumped 63,7 percent from January’s 17,056.

The El Paso Sector is next with 13,181 apprehensions — up 24 percent from January. The Big Bend Sector experienced an increase of 16 percent over the previous month. The Del Rio and Laredo Sectors both reported a slight decrease in apprehensions — 0.7 and 1.7 percent respectively.

By demographic category, the five Texas-based sectors apprehended 41,467 single adults, 7,056 unaccompanied alien children, and 15,211 family unit aliens.

In the Rio Grande Valley Sector alone, Border Patrol agents apprehended 10,489 unaccompanied minors representing more than 55 percent of the 18,945 minors apprehended in all nine southwest border sectors.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Troy Miller, senior official performing the duties of the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported more than 3,000 of the unaccompanied minors apprehended nationally are under the age of 12. The remaining minors are between 13 and 17 years of age.

Sources: Breitbart: 64K Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors in Feb. — Up 27 Percent from Jan.

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I personally would call that conclusive Proof that the biden policies are a complete failure in this area of responsibility…. A complete failure To safeguard the Country in this current Era of pandemic and terrorist activity, leaving our nation and its citizens in danger from expansion of the pandemic, and free passage of terrorists

    • Buydums Border Advisor jus told every1…n Spanish… that the brdr is now open!!

      Tha’t’s gonna b played all ovah Mexico and Central America…


  2. Load all them in C37’s and fly them out over the ocean at least 100 miles from our country and dump everyone out the back and feed the Sharks. Problem solved. Not Americas problem. OR take all of them and drop them off at Pelosi’s house

  3. “64,000 Migrants Needing Housing”???? Fck that shit. Give ’em a cardboard box. We have our own Legal U.S. citizens that are homeless and are living on the streets.
    Migrants should get absolutely NOTHING.
    Don’t be giving food and shelter to these illegal invaders. They don’t appreciate it and it only encourages more deadbeats to come. I don’t want these unwanted, unwelcome, uneducated, disease infested, rapists and murderers in MY neighborhood.

    • Leased buses, to D.C., Baltimore, Sad Francisco, dump them across from the whitehouse, bidens Personal residence, pelosi’s personal residence in D.C., Pelosi personal residence in California, Schummers personal residences in NYC. and D.C.

  4. We have hundreds of thousands of Americas homeless and they need housing for over 64000 illegal immigrants well let the people that voted for this democrat fraud house and feed them and buy what they need. And one more thing if the America people don’t march on Washington we will lose are country to idiots and morons.


    • Lease some greyhound buses, load em up and haul their sorry butts to washington D.C. and baltimore , and dump them out, the one’s in baltimore dump on bidens doorstep .

  6. “64,000 Migrants Needing Housing In Texas”
    What happened to the tents George Soros bought for them?

    • Y’all notice that most of the illegals r young fightin-age maies?!?!…mhm…

      When they’re cut loose…and they will b…y’all think they’re gonna b lookin’ 4 a female wherevah they go?!?!

      They ush look 4 girls who r blonde and blue-eyed…which I am…

      These men hav a dif mind-set when it comes 2 relationships with female…they get very upset when they’re rejected…it’s a culture thing…they take it personally…many can bcome very violent…it’s the culture from which they come!!!

      I’ve had my own xperience with a Guatamalan illegal…they don’t take no very well…and now the country is bein’ inund8d with these young males…most claimin’ 2 b teens, but r much older…and y’all can’t ? their age, when they nroll n public schools…

      I c a real trainwreck with all these young, single men floodin’ the brdr…y’all r already hrn’ abt the crime escal8in’ n Texas and Ariz…robberies, rapes, murders, risin’ xponentially…and it’s gonna get much worse…

      Again, it’s a culture thing…and most like their alcohol and drugs…

      They need 2 b sent back with their own ppl, culture, and language…and make their OWN countries Gr8 Again!!…hahahaha…

    • Load some more in leased greyhound buses and ship them to pelosi’s doorstep, the one in D.C. AND the one in Sad Francisco.

  7. Get some buses and take them to Pelosi, shummer, biden, Harris’s houses and Washington d.c. and dump them out.

  8. They had homes where they came from. Send them all back! Why should we here in Texas have to house them?

  9. And we are supposed to trust this a-hole as our President. He should not even be left alone, without a nurse. Let alone our codes for our Country. IMPEACH HIM AND ALL THE DEMOCRATS. They are SATAN incarnate. Who thinks that Satan is a single person.

  10. What did you Democrats, liberals, never Trumpers, RINO’s etc., expect when you voted for Biden? And this is just the beginning.

  11. The WH lawn would be a good place for their Sorus bought tents. They could even use WH and capital bathrooms since they haven’t had a bath in several months
    That’s how our Democrat party can welcome them. What a great idea. They cannot attend school dirty.

  12. I think we should put them on buses & send them to Biden & Pelosi–after all they have big houses & good income-let them support them.

  13. Why can’t they be sent back The same way they came?Send them to California and to all the homes of The democrats,
    Politicians and the ones who voted for biden

  14. Wanda You are so right. Democrats voted this ass– in. Send them back where they came from. We don t want them here.. Maybe every democrat that voted this ass in can take one home with them or maybe more then one…. STUPID Democrats they are all your s. If we help any one its American s first and only American s >>> the hell with the rest of them.<<<<<<<<<

  15. Send those people to Pelosi and Biden’ house they looking for news votes and they want to change the constitution to happen

  16. Put them in with biden, he must have room in his basement or give them to N. Pelisco
    I know that she could house and feed them well!

  17. I heard Sheila Jackson Lee wants all the illegals to come and camp out in her front yard. She will make her bathrooms available for those in need. Kitchen privileges will be allowed by all. So everyone that reads this inform them of how Sheila Jackson Lee wants the illegals to feel welcome.

  18. I feel soooooo sorry for them… put them in the parking garage too..feed them rotten tacos and spoiled re fried beaans..

  19. Send them back. We’re having a hard enough time taking care of our own without having more dumped on us. It’s bad enough that everything has increased in price and everything else is trying to be taken from us. We don’t need them and we don’t want them.
    Just how many of them have some sort of problem with drugs or are criminals?

  20. Send them over to Joe’s place they camp out in the back yard and maybe have a B B Q by the 4th 👍😁😁

  21. Biden wants to house 64,000 illegals in our country but won’t do a thing to help our veterans.He should be impeached for endangering our citizens by bringing these illegals here to victimize and endanger our citizens.

  22. All “illegal migrants”, IMHO and by our Constitution, need to be sent back and never enter our USA again. Biden and this current bunch running D.C. are a disaster. The sooner they are gone the sooner we can get back to being Americans under our Constitution.

  23. Oh, forgot to add, please don’t send them to California. I live in California…was born, raised, educated and worked all my life in California. I came along “before” the mess and received a fabulous education which has served me to well for 80+ years…that all I’ll admit to. VBG

  24. Send them to Delaware to Biden’s place – he brought them here he can take care of them out of his pocket – I don’t want to pay a dime – I don’t want to have anything taken out of my taxes for ILLEGAL aliens – what part of ILLEGAL do they not understand – criminals – if they cross the border they are criminals

  25. Gee cheap labor, how do they figure that one, Minimum Wage is federally mandated! Most citizens who work are paid minimum wage so how exactly is flooding America for cheaper labor supposed to pan out exactly? They already sent 80% of jobs which paid more than minimum wage to China for Cheaper Labor all that is left is mostly minimum wage jobs, then they wanted to raise minimum wage jobs hourly pay out to employees but replace them with illegals because their wages are cheaper? Minimum Wage is still Minimum Wage no matter how you look at it is it not?????????????? I think it is long past time to bring back the of the people, for the people and by the people and start paying all federal and state employees MINIMUM WAGE!!!!!!

  26. Send them all back. Everyone should check out “Gumball Immigration” and it basically says that you can’t bring in millions or thousands of illegals in the US, you need to help them where they are. WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TO HELP OUR OWN HOMELESS AND HOMELESS VETS, LET ALONE BRING THEM TO THIS COUNTRY. Send them all back and finish the fence and follow our Immigration rules. Immigrants that came here legally are upset at people bucking the line and just coming and I can’t blame them, some of them took nearly 10 years to get here and these illegals are just walking in. NOT

  27. You all want to hit the Dem-wits in their pockets, well here is the answer : PUT ALL THE NEW SO CALLED U.S. Citizens in FREE HILTONS & HAMPTONS feed them all the buffets, give them spending $$$$$, take care of ALL the kids & then make all the Dems payroll deduct at least 20% to 30% each payday & put in their Pork Slush funds so the rest of us taxpayers will not pay a dime & then while they are enjoying the Dems fruits SIGN THEM UP AS GOP VOTERS !!!!! WONDER HOW LONG THAT WILL LAST ==== MAYBE 2-3-4-5 no more than 10 heartbeats & the borders will be closed TIGHTER THAN WHEN OUR PRES. TRUMP CLOSED THEM…. Thanks, Steve Whitlow, a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971..

  28. The Dems are buying votes from immigrants with American taxpayers money. They don’t care about being humane. Americans are going to have to quit cowering down and organize some protests. The Dems have Americans afraid to protest but we outnumber them. We can’t let them keep ramming all this down our throats like we are their servants. They need to be reminded that they are only public servants and we are the public.

  29. WH lawn guarded, potty training and Omar can teach em all they need to know Hate america
    AOC can play make up and one can apply for congress no degree needed bar maids most welcomed. Pelosi can do hair, Schumer can read bedtime stories with his reading glasses , schiff can teach em how to lie and never be held accountable , Romney can ordain them , Obummer can put them on Netflix, Michelle well not much there, but Maxine well she can teach how to scream , Talib her high pitch yelp from her Pakistan

    Or NEW YORK, Delaware, Oregon, Washington state, Maryland, and Whitmer is in need of new blood to strengthen her opinions!

    • hell I vote we ship them to D.C., dump them at the Capitol, across the street from the white house, at bidens home, at pelosi’s home, at schumers home, just get them the hell Out of Texas…

  31. What the f-k let Biden and the damn Democrats take care of them oh lets send them to Oprah’s Jayz Obama Clinton’s Soros and the host of the Views I pretty sure they will take good care of them they can feed them share their homes with them and give them a job it would show the rest of the world how great they people are

  32. Look at the CCP. They are also behind this. American People need to stand up and put a stop to this. How many of these illegals are bring in so many different diseases. Aloud to do so. Those voted for Biden. Shame on you. You caused this problem to happen. Fix it??

    • Awww Heck Jerry V. Suarez,
      they cannot do that, those Citizens and Legal Entry’s have not been Indoctrinated…. But the Illegal Criminals are being Indoctrinated at the Camps and Holding facilities, and they will get their Children back when they swear to vote socialist forever.



  35. I think that all illegal aliens should be sent to Delaware and let them handle it. They could sence they don’t have a border crossing and that’s President Biden home state.

  36. Send them back where they came from! Not our problem! Soros ships them here make him pay for it! Could put them on ebsteins island!

  37. These illegals migrants that come, ship them all back where they come from, All no exception regardless of age, they’re so nice when they come here, once they get their legal status they become arrogant n trouble makers, happens all the time! They’re going to be a burden financially, economically, medically, taxpayers are not responsible for, bring them to Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler n Democrats in Congress!

  38. These illegals migrants that come, ship them all back where they come from, All no exception regardless of age, they’re so nice when they come here, once they get their legal status they become arrogant n trouble makers, happens all the time! They’re going to be a burden financially, economically, medically, taxpayers are not responsible for, bring them to Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler n Democrats in Congress!

  39. When these bus loads of illegals from Mexico get to their destination, the law should be there waiting for the buses. The police should give the bus driver tax payers gas money and a box lunch for each rider and tell them to keep moving on to Washington DC Capital building. That would be the cheapest solution for the states. Let DC take care of their headache they created.

  40. I feel sorry for those children. There is so much that could happen to them without their parents. I can appreciate their desperation for a better life, however, there has to be a better way than to just turn them loose on this country without proper supervision. President Biden apparently isn’t thinking rationally about this situation.
    As a parent, I would never allow my child/children to make a trip like that alone. The inmates have definitely taken over the asylum!!

    • Y’all realise, don’t u that the majority of those ‘kids’ r 13-17…and y’all can’t ? their age cuz they hav no id, but most r much older and r gang members…both boys and girls…

      Last yr 7 MS-13 gang members were arrested n NY 4 the brutal murder of a homeless man who the gang members said were on their turf…

      5 of the 7 were illegal aliens from Central America, and came 2 the brdr as unaccompanied minors, who we can’t send back…

      Y’all r gettin’ very deadly kids comin’ across that brdr and they’re bein’ sent n2 ur neighbourhoods…

      Now they r pourin’ across that brdr…and the DHS Myorkas said, we’re NOT sendin’ back unaccompanied minors…

      They’re releasin’ them 2 their parents, who btdubbs r also illegal…or they r lookin’ 4 sponsors 2 take them…

      NO VETTIN’!!!

      They’re now comin’ from everywhere…y’all rn’t gonna recognise ur country anymore!!

      Btdubbs, y’all r payin’ 4 them all!


  41. They should take all 64000 and ship them to Biden’s home state. The whole world knows Biden is no all there. his body is Washington but his mind is in La La land.

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