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9/11 Family Members Furious At Biden

His actions are contradicting and Republicans see that.

A man whose father was murdered by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 told Fox News on Monday that in nearly a year since now-President Joe Biden made a pledge to release privileged documents that pertain to purported Saudi Arabian links to the terror attacks, not much has moved on that front.

In October 2020, Biden wrote in a letter that families like that of Brett Eagleson “are right to seek the full truth and accountability” and that he would direct the Justice Department to “personally examine the merits of all cases where the invocation of privilege is recommended and to err on the side of disclosure.”

Eagleson told “America Reports” he was a teenager when his father Bruce was killed when two planes struck the World Trade Center around 9 a.m. that tragic Tuesday.

“We are calling for the president to, once and for all, have the courage, have the guts, to do what three previous administrations failed to do: That is stand with the 9/11 families. Stand with your own citizens,” Eagleson said.

He confirmed to Roberts that Biden, and any other future president, is not invited to 9/11 remembrance ceremonies until their actions match their words.

“Do not give into the temptation or the influence of Saudi lobbyists. We want transparency… We have reached out to the administration, [including] through appearances on the Hill. We have heard nothing. The silence is deafening,” he said.

“I think no political leader should utter the words ‘Never Forget’ and get up and start talking about ‘Never Forget’, but behind closed doors, subvert or thwart our efforts to bring closure. That is our main effort here.”

Eagleson maintained that the effort is not political, adding that he met with President Donald Trump to reportedly no avail on the issue as well.

The documents, Eagleson said, are what is needed to bring closure to victims’ families.

“Our government do not deny that these documents exist – We subpoenaed the FBI in 2019,” he said. “The FBI’s response is that the federal government is involved with what is known as the ‘state secrets’ privilege, so it is not a conspiracy theory that these documents exist. It’s not even a question of the government whether these documents exist. They show culpability on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for supporting the 9/11 hijackers, but our federal government will not give them to the families because they are deemed too sensitive and too secretive.”

The Saudi government in Riyadh has denied involvement in the attacks.

“It has been eight months since [Biden] has taken office, and we have heard literally nothing from his administration. Engage with us, Mr. President. You have an historic opportunity to be our champion,” Eagleson said.

Eagleson and 1,800 survivors and their families have collectively told Biden that he is not welcome at any of the 20th anniversary gatherings at the scenes of the attacks in in New York, Arlington and Stonycreek Township, Pa., unless conditions change.

Hours after the interview, “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier reported that Biden now says the government will indeed review the classified files following the outcry from thousands of victims’ families.

Democratic Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have also now introduced legislation requiring the government review its files on the attack and either release them or explain why they cannot.

Sources: FoxNews: 9/11 family member says Biden’s ‘silence is deafening’ as docs purport to show Saudi tie to attacks

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The village idiot has NO right to be at a place of honor or on the sacred ground dedicated to those in NY, Pa. Or the Pentagon. He doesn’t deserve to even talk about those places. Him and his demon crat hit squad AOC, Ilian Omar, Rashid Talib, Cory Bush all traitors to this great nation.

  2. Biteme biden is a scumbag asshole who doesn’t even remember 9/11 left alone care about them having their lives stolen from ,them by terrorists. He is senile demented and lies about every thing to cover his stupidity and incompetence.

  3. 9’11 victim family members should get used to not being told the truth. 9/11 was orchestrated by the Neocons in the Bush administration with planning and help from the Israeli government and its intelligence agency MOSSAD. The Saudi’s were used as useful idiots. This entire sham was perpetrated to destroy Arab governments in the Middle East at the behest of the Israeli government and secure military contracts for the Military-Industrial Complex. The war on terror is a ridiculous concept. It is as stupid as in 1939 the British Government declared war on Blitzkrieg instead of Germany.

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