America Is Going Up In Flames With New Administration

The riots on the street have started.

I’m about to jump on another flight to cover another Leftist riot.

Thanks to our VIP members, that makes TWENTY.

Twenty flights since the beginning of the riots back in May 2020. I have been on the ground reporting the facts at almost every major riot and protest that has rocked our nation.

From Minneapolis to CHAZ to Kenosha to Portland to Louisville, I have certainly seen it all.

In fact, I’m writing this letter on a flight to another hotspot. Because of the direct support through a Townhall VIP membership from our readers, we were one of the leading news outlets to get you the facts of what was happening on the ground that the mainstream media did not want you to know.

It is dangerous work that requires long hours and a “keep your head on a swivel” mentality. It is taxing on the mind, body, and spirit, but I know it’s important because so many in the media are not willing to take on such a challenge or report honestly about this growing trend of Leftist rioting and violence.

That said, this type of work is not cheap. As I mentioned before, twenty flights in about eight months. And it’s not like we are able to plan the flights weeks in advance as I often leave within 24 hours of an incident, sometimes to the other side of the United States the same day. Not to mention all the money that is required for hotels, Ubers, trains, food, and sometimes rental cars.

Riot gear to help keep me safe is another expense that is not exactly low cost. Everything from bullet-resistant vests to gas masks to filters for those gas masks adds up.

Thanks to our VIP members, I hopefully won’t end up with any more souvenirs like this one from Minneapolis.

In all honesty, I mistakenly believed the riots would be mostly over when Joe Biden became president, but as places like Portland have shown us, groups like Antifa are just getting started.

That is why I am reaching out to ask you to join our VIP program. I understand riots are not the only things that have been troubling the country, but without our VIP subscribers, none of our past vital reporting would have been possible.

Our reporting is critical to explaining the situation on the ground. Enough so that Fox News often has me on to add context to the video I’ve captured.

I am grateful for your support as it only drives me to report the facts on whatever crazy situation I find myself in. By becoming a VIP member, you not only directly support this real reporting, but you also get access to my members-only articles with video from different riots and protests and a whole host of exclusive content from my talented coworkers.

I can’t make any promises on what these next few years will look like or if the unrest will stop anytime soon. What I can promise you is that by becoming a VIP member, your money goes directly toward funding the desperately needed honest journalism that you and our country deserve.

Sources: Townhall: The Biden Riots Have Started and We’re Here to Bring You the Facts

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This is NO administration, it’s a REGIME…..They put us in CHAINS since last year so they can do whatever they WANT, started with election FRAUD = they are an UN-elected REGIME….!!!!

  2. Joshua, I KNOW that you know that this rioting is just ANOTHER useful tool in the “utility belt” of communist planners, and just will CONTINUE to be blamed towards conservatives like President Trump and us, reality and facts being damned. Just Continue Reporting, and We-The-People will continue to use whatever our lawful, Constitutional (and Declaration-of-Independenceable (sic)) means we have to correct it, as long as humanly possible, just as our forefathers did over 2 centuries ago.

  3. So many people out there should have seen this chaos coming, it was written all over the place! Hope everyone who voted for this is hilariously happy because now you are going to see first hand what your vote did to this country and all of the people who have built this country…. Now it will be destroyed and future generations will not have a chance to live a decent life. To all of you who voted for this, I hope you have a big dose of karma that it will make your head spin. Selfish slobs, you have no concern for anyone. KMA.

  4. “bo the TRAITOR”‘s third term just started.
    obamacare is on the way again!
    sucking up Iran’s ayatollahs is on again!
    Shutting down 120 000 jobs in oil is on again! 120 000 because of towns, stores, purveyors, and all related businesses: foods, gas stations, cinemas, malls, etc.
    destroying more resources to make the most expensive electricity, and killing wildlife, changing growth patterns…
    So many purely CORRUPTING actions for the back pocket of the left and RINOS.

  5. America is still asleep and has been brainwashed to stay asleep now for the past 50 years. The claw of the Lion (communism not even close to socialism) is about to crush this country and push it back into the dark ages. Reagan and America thought by taken the Brandenburg Wall down it was the end for communism. Well think again. The Lion licked its paws and is back and his roar is heard all over this world. Mother Russia is healing its fractures and claiming the lost pieces back. Our boys will be used as sitting ducks or Bulls eyes. Trump saw this all coming to a head. He was trying to get our military back home and trying to rebuild the walls of the fortress of named America. But soon we all be singing is our flag still there. Just my way of thinking the thoughts of a 90 year that lived through WWII, the Japanese invasion, Japanese war interment camps, a 5 year revolution in the Dutch East Indies and more interment years. Those years of tyranny, tears and prayers did not even make the history pages. My husband just died a month ago. Soon I’ll be gone, but my worry is for my great grand babies, their future. Yet through it all the clock keep on ticking and the world turning. Just think of it. What do you see and hope America’s future will be. Faith, hope and love to all of you out there in Cyber space.

  6. Yes the democrats are determined to destroy America. They are destroying the Consitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Once they have bankrupted the country they will have total control of the citizens. For all you fools that voted for them and let them rig the election, stand by, your fate was determined by the election.

  7. Our nation’s worst enemy is now at the helm. They run all three branches of government. Doesn’t really bode well…but the apathetic simpletons that we call ‘citizens’ DID choose this. For those who claim that the election was ‘stolen’….the mere fact that it was close enough TO steal tells you everything you need to know about this cesspool. The problem is not liberals….it is our people. They are weaklings, and fools. And now the quality people will pay. Hard truth is, the old elitists had it right….decisions should be made by a handful of the strongest, smartest men. The commoners are unfit….and that has never been more the case than it is RIGHT NOW.

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