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America Is Unsatisfied With Biden’s Afghanistan Support

Here is proof.

These numbers were gathered before today’s massacre at the airport, of course. Once that’s priced in, they’ll get worse.

Condolences to the White House and lefty pundits on this data despite all of their hard work lately trying to convince Americans that ackshually this evacuation is a smash success.

If the Democratic commentariat is losing its own party on this question by a two-to-one margin, they have a problem:

Last week approval of Biden’s handling of the process was at a more or less even 32/42. This week it’s ballooned to 33/51, with 12-point gains in disapproval among both independents and Republicans. Interestingly, disapproval of Biden’s performance dropped slightly among veterans, from 35/57 to 36/53. I’m guessing that was a reflection of the fact that, before today, no American troops had been killed in the evacuation and thousands of people were getting out, albeit far fewer than everyone hoped.

As word spreads that four Marines were killed in this morning’s bombing and the remainder of the evacuation is being canceled, presumably that opinion will begin to change.

As for who the American public blames for the fiasco, it’s no contest. Even a sizable minority of Democrats can’t resist holding the president responsible:

Here at home it’s the Biden administration’s reputation that’s been damaged. Abroad it’s the entire country’s. Let me remind you again of the most embarrassingly false claim from last Friday’s presidential press conference:

Morning Consult grasps the reality:

Down everywhere — well, almost everywhere. Canadians and the French are *more* likely to view the U.S. favorably this week. Are they that eager to end the war that a half-assed bugout with tens of thousands of natives left behind to endure murder, rape, and enslavement is a net positive?

Some of the British backlash may be a case of deflection, meanwhile. The UK resents that it’s forced to rely on the U.S. military to guarantee security at the airport, which means when we pull out they have no choice but to follow suit. They’re unable to avoid participating in this western humiliation because we’re the imperial power now, not them, which means they’re compelled to abandon British nationals and Afghan friendlies stuck in Afghanistan. They blame us for it rather than their own inability to assert their will militarily over the Taliban.

But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong to think less of us after this debacle. How could anyone except a strongly partisan Democrat watch the United States take orders from the Taliban and agree to withdraw before every American is out and not consider it an unforgivable blow to national prestige?

By the way, the effort on the left to rehab even this morning’s atrocity as a foreseeable and not particularly pricey cost of withdrawal has already begun:

The massacre at the airport means one of two things. Either the Taliban’s security inside Kabul is porous, in which case Afghanistan will be bloody even after we’re out, or the Taliban knew about the bombing operation and let it proceed, in which case international terror basesd will be sprouting again inside the country even sooner than we feared.

I’ll leave you with this. We’ve officially arrived at the “so bad it’s unspinnable” phase of this sh*tshow.

Sources: HotAir: The new polling on Biden’s handling of withdrawal from Afghanistan is brutal

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The idiots that , as American citizens, were a part of the rigging & counting of the 2020 Election that installed the traitor Biden need to be held accountable and be arrested for the crimes and the conspiracy———and after conviction spend decades in a federal prison and be forever banned from their right TO VOTE.

  2. The American public has NO other choice but to organize a grass roots mutiny and sedition against the President of the United States and ALL the Leftist Communist Democrats in the Congress and Senate. This has to be done because our natural rights as citizens born in the United States of America is being threatening by them trying to replace us with non citizens through taking away our rights, deportations or putting us in jail for NO legal reason, or even sending their domestic terrorist operatives to have us killed off.

  3. Maybe this is the time to ignore the president, and for the military to takecharge of the situation in Afghanistan, and do what is right, if it is not too late.

  4. Maybe this is the time to ignore the president, and for the military to take charge of the situation in Afghanistan, and do what is right, if it is not too late. Maybe some one else has expressed the same sentiments. This is the only comment I have submitted.

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