Liberal Poster Children Plotting To Burn Atlanta to the Ground

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Micah Casella / shutterstock.comMembers of the left have been trying to destroy our cities brick by brick for decades. Their bleeding of hatred, division, and violence has been presented under a thinly veiled message of unity and community. With Antifa back at the forefront of their latest “protesting” activities following the corrupt death of Black Lives Matter, things […]

How Dems Might Be Seeking to Take Biden Out

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Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comIf you hadn’t noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden seems to be in a bit of trouble. Now, to be sure, this shouldn’t be all that surprising or new to us. After all, a man so criminally involved was bound to get caught one of these days, right? However, it is interesting that he is being […]

Leftist Heads Explode Over Hockey Player’s Reason for Refusing “Pride” Jersey

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esfera / shutterstock.comWoke bigots are calling for professional hockey player Ivan Provorov to be fired from the Philadelphia Flyers after he refused to wear a “Pride” jersey during team warmups this week. The intolerant LGBT+ community calling Provorov a “homophobe” because he exercised his religious faith and freedom of conscience. If anyone had any remaining doubts over […]

Putin’s Ally Makes This World-Wide Threat

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zef art / shutterstock.comA top ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin is making some waves globally by subtly threatening nuclear war with the West if Russia fails in its invasion of Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, spoke with the press recently and said that a defeat […]

JP Morgan Chase Got “Duped” into Acquiring a Startup…Here’s Their Story

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Marti Bug Catcher / shutterstock.comJP Morgan Chase is always acquiring new startups to ensure that they have the best financial product possible for its customers. Considering the financial giant has been around for decades, we never expect to hear that they have been “duped.” Yet, it has just recently been sold on a lie. It acquired Frank, a fintech […]

Andrew McCabe, Former FBI Boss, Tells Biden Not to Comply

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lev radin / shutterstock.comThis is hard to believe, but a former top FBI official, Andrew McCabe, is actually advising the Biden administration not to cooperate with the congressional inquiry into the president’s improper keeping of classified documents. Here’s what led to McCabe’s surprising advice. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan announced last week that there would be an […]

Biden Celebrates MLK Day by Pushing the Racial Divide Instead of Unity

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Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock.comThe third Monday in January is a day to commemorate the remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. While January 15th is his birthday, the election to make his Remembrance Day on a consistent calendar day has allowed for a 3-day weekend for many federal workers, students, and others. Across this great land, many speeches in […]

Democrats Taunt American Workers Over Record-High Inflation

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Mantikorra / shutterstock.comRejoice, Americans! Democrats say that their plan to whip inflation is working! What exactly this “plan” that they’re referring to remains a mystery, but here’s an economic fact. Inflation has fallen – no, actually, inflation has plummeted – by 0.1% since the November midterm elections. Great job, Democrats! The voters should really remember that talking […]

AZ Governor Wants To Incentivize Illegal Immigration

Panchenko Vladimir /
Panchenko Vladimir / shutterstock.comFor decades now, Arizona has had a massive problem with illegal immigration. While non-border states had little interaction with illegal immigration aside from farm, hotel, and restaurant jobs, those along the southern border saw thousands of them showing up in their cities and small towns per day. Many were not just bringing traditions from their […]

Study Confirms Patented Ivermectin More Effective Than the Covid Shots

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Yeexin Richelle / shutterstock.comThe US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) just extended the COVID emergency once again. The administration’s excuse for the extension is that there is a new Omicron sub-variant floating around, but there’s more to it than that. If the “emergency” ends, then the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Covid shots has to […]