Audit Discovers the Navy Is Still Failing at Suicide Prevention

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Aquarius Studio / shutterstock.comDespite frequent grandstanding by the top brass, the Navy has failed to implement a proper suicide prevention program, and shipmates are checking themselves out at an unprecedented rate. Per a Naval service audit conducted in January, numerous commands were unable to substantiate their numbers and guarantee their leaders had complotted the requisite training. Because of […]

Fox News Now Force Their Employees To Play Make Believe

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monticello / shutterstock.comProgressiveness has gotten incredibly thin in America. By leaning out their message and spreading it so much, it has now started to seep into what were previously considered impenetrable locations. Fox News recently let Tucker Carlson go for allegedly sending messages that could be seen as racially charged. Plus, his condemnation of Trump and former […]

Fake News Outlets Refuse to Return Their Russian Collusion Pulitzers / / shutterstock.comThe Washington Post and the New York Times both received Pulitzer Prizes for their work in spreading the vicious Russia collusion lies against Donald Trump in 2016. Both outlets have now been revealed to be the lapdogs of the FBI and the CIA, which fabricated the hoax with the help of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now […]

Even Dems Know Abortions for Minors Without Parental Consent Is Wrong

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sidewinderz / shutterstock.comWith the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and the 2024 presidential elections looming, the Democrats are doing everything they can to get on the same sheet of music. Especially when it comes to abortion according to Politico. However, when it comes to the specifics of how to make changes and what changes to make, they are […]

Leftists Try To Sneak “Documented Dreamers” Some Green Cards

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Nuangthong / shutterstock.comAs the nation focuses its immigration attention on the new illegals running over the border, two Democrats in the Senate and the House are trying to use this to their advantage to sneak through some dreamers who are already here. Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA) and Representative Deborah Ross (D-NC) have launched the “American Children’s Act” […]

OK Lawmakers Stand Behind Tucker Carlson, Reject Dominion Voting Machines

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Golden Dayz / shutterstock.comIt’s been less than a month since the hugely popular Tucker Carlson was fired by the thoroughly loathsome Fox News board. In a surprise turn of events, lawmakers in multiple states are standing behind Tucker Carlson firmly. The latest reports indicate that Fox News fired Carlson because Dominion Voting Systems asked for his removal as […]

Shades of Hillary: Missing Informant in Biden Investigation 

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Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comThe House Oversight Committee seems to have lost a key witness in their investigation into potential criminal activity by the Biden family. On Sunday, May 14, 2023, House Oversight Chairman revealed that a key witness, previously revealed by a whistleblower, could not be located.  House Oversight Chairman James Comer remains optimistic. “We are hopeful that […]

Toxic Military Sites Will Remain…All Because of Liberals Not Providing Funding

PRESSLAB / shutterstock.comToxic military sites are found around the globe. And many of them have had catastrophic health effects on those who have served their country proudly. Lingering chemicals in the soil and in the air, such as polyfluorinated alkyl substances that have been used in military firefighting foam have harmful effects on the environment. And these […]

The FBI Lied to the American People about the January 6 ‘Pipe Bombs’

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VAKS-Stock Agency / shutterstock.comRemember the pipe bombs on January 6? Someone placed pipe bombs outside the RNC and the DNC the night before the mostly peaceful election justice protest on the 6th? The FBI has never requested real help from the public in identifying the person who did that. If they wanted help, they would have released some […]

Biden Received Help from Intel Agents During 2020 Debate Against Trump

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Matt Smith Photographer / shutterstock.comBy now, I think we can all agree that Democratic President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign was more than a little corrupt. But just how corrupt should shock and terrify us all. According to new reports, it’s been discovered that Biden used the intelligence community to aid his campaign, even going so far as to have […]