America’s Top Ally Gives Up On Biden

Alongside the hundreds of other things he is ruining.

Where is American leadership in the world today? My sources on the ground in Afghanistan told me a grim story. The British and U.S. commanders got into a screaming match on the runway about the anticipated U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on Aug. 31. This led to an unprecedented rebuke by the British government and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The Brits called President Joe Biden’s actions “imbecilic,” and said that the forces have a “moral obligation to remain” until all citizens and personnel are evacuated. The British are furious to say the least.

All of NATO wants the U.S. to stay at least until the end of September, as the fear that a withdrawal before Sept. 11 — the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks on the twin towers — will be a celebration in Kabul. The savage Haqqani clan, led by Siraj Haqqani and financed by Pakistan, is taking its place in the capital in anticipation. The Haqqanis are intent on committing massacres of anyone who was associated with U.S. military presence over the last 20 years. More so, they plan on celebrating the life of the terrorist Osama bin Laden. The Haqqani clan is coming down with nearly 6,000 ISIS and al-Qaida operatives.

Currently, American troops are controlling the Kabul airport but will not let people in, saying it is too dangerous. What is not being reported though is that those fleeing Taliban terror have no other choice. With the Haqqanis closing in and slaughter imminent, thousands of men, women and children are praying for their lives. Many of them are native-born American citizens who are being abandoned by the Biden administration and the American military. This is arguably the greatest moral failing in American history. My sources tell me that the Taliban is looking to punish us and push us out of the country by all means necessary. They want to scorch earth and show the world how weak our country has become, and Biden is just letting it happen.

The most saddening part about all this is that many U.S. citizens are not even in possession of their passports. Prior to initial departure, many citizens sent their passports to the embassy, hoping for an exit visa, but when the embassy evacuated, they burned everything inside — including the passports. That means that thousands of American citizens no longer have any proof that they are even American. Now, the Taliban controls the embassy, so there is no way to even get anything processed.

The failure in the withdrawal lies in Biden’s decision to evacuate Bagram Airfield in early July. The air base, built by the Soviets as a two-runway defensible air field, is no longer in American hands. Had the air base not been abandoned, all Americans and Afghan personnel could have easily been evacuated. Now all that is left is the Kabul airport, which is one runway right in the middle of the city and is easily defeated by enemy combatants. Given its location, the flight path is difficult in and out as well. The Taliban controls Bagram, but my sources tell me we can easily take it back. This can be done quickly; the 18th Airborne Corps is trained precisely to take over an airfield like this, but Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin refuse to take the lead.

My sources tell me that the NATO summit in Brussels on Aug. 24 will be a bloodbath for U.S. leadership. The European nations are planning to rebuke publicly the U.S., Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. They will lay clear that the U.S. is no longer in charge, and that the NATO body has the final say on all operations. More so, they plan on telling the U.S. to either “take it or leave it” — meaning if we do not agree, we can leave NATO. They will tell Biden that NATO is in charge, and not him. It is a rapture. American leadership on the global stage is taking a fatal blow, and Biden is pretending like nothing is happening.

We all witnessed the horrors of the Vietnam withdrawal, but those on the ground in Afghanistan say this is much worse. In Vietnam, we were able to get everyone out. In Afghanistan, images and videos will be broadcasted around the world of American citizens and Afghans who assisted our military being slaughtered in the streets like they are animals. It will be a sickening sight and a travesty on behalf of the Biden administration.

It is sad that our leadership is nonexistent today. Instead of taking any material steps to remedy the situation and save our citizens, the Biden administration is only focused on the political aspects of the move. They are stuck focused on the potential fallout the administration is facing as opposed to saving American lives — what Biden is sworn to do.

I have covered seven presidents, and never before has there been anything as tragic as what is happening in Afghanistan today. I pray we can move past this, or we will watch as our nation falls to global oblivion.

Sources: TownHall: Our Global Leadership Is Declining

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. XI is enthralled at every stupid move of “biden the insane tyrant”!
    The rest of the world has realized that” biden the insane TYRANT” has lost all his marbles!
    He did not have many to start with, always a sandwich short of a picnic.
    His elevator never reached the top floor!
    Never the brightest light bulb in the garland!
    Always the dullest knife in the drawer!
    And always a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR! Never an ounce of truth out of his worthless mouth!

  2. Today it seems like the dream is a nightmare and Our Military has really been betrayed–it couldn’t be any worse if Beijing Communists were standing behind President Biden issuing him orders. Our Country is dominated by Communists like Brennan that seek to usher in their New World Order where government replaces GOD. The slaughter has already begun with ISIS leading the charge—as owners of Eighty-Four Billion Dollars of America’s high tech WAR equipment——–TREASON foisted on Us by the COMMUNISTS in Washington D.C.!

  3. Yes they have. Biden needs to go to the true President and give him the keys and tell President Trump the front door is open, and say “I give up. I don’t know how to fix it. Will you please take over”. Pelosi needs to go to SF and over indulge in ice cream till she pops. Schumer and the rest of the demonrats need to realize what damage they have done to America, and where it now stands in the world.
    Be gone ALL dems in every state. It’s time for a new government, one who is there for the well being of this country.

  4. The Devilcrats all need to be removed from Office, regardless of what Office, and what level, Local, County, State, or Federal, it is.

  5. Well crazy ol Joe, what ya gonna do now, declare war on NATO? Lets see I guess our only option now is to ask your buddies China and Russia if we can come and play with them???

  6. As a result of this both the G7 and G20 summits will ban the United States from joining them until Joe Biden is NO longer in office. The United States will now be isolated from our former allies and NO Democrat in the Congress or Senate can ever make ANY reconciliation until we have a new administration with a new president.

  7. It is my opinion that Biden is a tool for the Chinese Communist Party. He is working on the sly with them so they can start mining lithium and rare earth metals in Afghanistan. These are needed in the production of electric cars and their various parts. The CCP connects with the DemoncRATS’ “Green New Deal.” Biden will covertly help the Taliban and CCP negotiate so that the Taliban gets paid for the mining rights in their country and the CCP gets to ship them out to China for manufacture. If there are any snags or the 2 parties do not want to fully cooperate and play by the rules, the weapons and tanks left by the US could be used as punishment.
    I am not privy to any agreements or deals that Biden makes with the CCP and the Taliban, but what I just wrote makes sense of why what is happening is happening. 😈

  8. Prepare yourself. This “administration” will lead to either civil war or us fighting the islamic (No, I will NOT capitalize it) infiltrators it is importing on every plane load of “refugees” from that arm-pit cesspool of a country.

  9. So what is to be done about this absolute disaster of incompetent leaders and what they are doing to completely destroy the United States of America…..everybody has an opinion and most are disgusted and angry about the latest fiasco in Afghanistan, but, is anything being or going to be done about ridding ourselves of this failure of leadership that is coming out of Washington……or is it going to be swept under the rug and excused as “bad judgement” and a slap on the hand like everything else this present administration has gotten away with.

  10. Discussing anything with JB is futile! JB is the living incarnation of Pinocchio. A visibly lying puppet.
    If U want results U must brace the Gapetto’s in the govt..

  11. Sad to say it, but America is doomed. All you useful idiots of the commie democrats will be the first to feel the hammer.

  12. This has been planned by obama and the deep state for decades. More is coming unless we vote out these disgusting democRATS. They have caused chaos since Clinton has been in office. Further fell to shit under Obama and in the abyss since hiden biden has been in. Wake up people and see what is going on. democRATS are terrible leaders and will destroy what is left of this GREAT NATION! GOD HELP US!

  13. The Brits can invade Washington DC …AGAIN, and burn down the White House …AGAIN!

    Take out out the Pentagon, CIA and FBI on your way out!

  14. GOD said he would give us a president we DESERVED for our blasphemy and sins. HE did. We all need to repent and come back to HIM. There is no logical reason these leaders have for doing what they are doing unless it is the destruction of America and submitting to the satanic forces loose in our country. Even are once closest allies recognize the horror of what is going on. Rise up !!! Impeach Biden, Harris, Shumer and Pelosi and see how the country can start to recover. California, New York you need to start recall processes…NOW or this country will split in two and become separate countries and doomed. The lion is prowling and looking at who he can devour.

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