Anonymous White House “Never Trumper” Exposed As Fraud

While he claims he will restore calm and order to Washington, it is clear he was part of the swamp the whole time.

In September 2018 the New York Times published the column by a purported “senior official in the Trump administration” who vowed relentlessly to thwart Trump. The Times identified the author of the column as “Anonymous.”

Wow. What a scandal! More proof that Trump was unfit for office. Even those who worked directly with him saw it! Who was that masked man?

“Anonymous” has come out. He is Miles Taylor, who at the time he wrote the Times column was a policy adviser in the Department of Homeland Security.

Miles Taylor! Whodat???

Taylor now works for Google. He has signed on with CNN as a contributor. Indeed, CNN hired Taylor as a contributor last month after he denied on the air that he was “Anonymous.” Perfect!

You can’t make this stuff up. It is beyond satire.

It turns out that there is a sort of scandal here, though not the one that was advertised at the time. This scandal reveals the Times as a liar serving ulterior purposes, but it has become an old, old story and therefore no scandal at all. It’s just a little comic relief in the old story.

Byron York gives the story narrative form in his Washington Examiner Daily Memo “‘Anonymous’ caper ends in disgrace for writer, New York Times.” Byron concludes: “What was it all about? Getting Trump, of course. The past four years have seen many in the press change their reporting standards and take an unprecedented adversarial stance against the president. It’s no surprise to see it continue right up until election day.”




Sources: PowerLine: ANONYMOUS” NO MORE

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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