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Another Giant Company Brings Moves from California

The latest company to flee California due to insane leftist policies will definitely hurt.

With lockdowns bearing down on businesses in Democrat states, companies are flocking to Texas to start fresh.

Tesla, Charles Schwab, and Oracle are all making the move to Texas in light of California’s scathing lockdown measures.

In an interview on Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) praised Oracle’s decision to move house. He also commented on the mass influx of businesses moving their base-of-operations to the Lone Star State.

“This has turned into an absolute tidal wave,” Abbott said. “Remember, we just had the announcement about Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and we also just had the announcement of Fortune-500 company CBRE moving its headquarters to Texas.”

A spokesperson for Oracle said its new Austin headquarters will position the company for growth as well as provide personnel flexibility amid the pandemic.

Coronavirus lockdown conditions in Texas have been relatively light compared to Democrat states.

“We’re getting a lot of investment leaders from the New York region, New Jersey region, and California region,” Abbott noted. “That’s just the investment sector.”

Governor Abbott added his state’s business-friendly environment seems to draw companies in and away from states with exorbitant tax rates.

“Cost of business means a lot,” he mentioned. “No income tax means a lot, but also the freedom to operate without the heavy hand of regulation means a lot.”

The Republican state provides a larger sense of independence, which is a major plus in pandemic conditions.

“They [companies] are looking for a state that gives them independence, autonomy, and the freedom to chart their own course,” the Texas governor stated. “Those are word choices used by people like Elon Musk.”

He emphasized Musk is elated to be in the Republican state and that the two converse on a weekly basis.

The pandemic has also shown companies that remote work is much more feasible, especially with advancements in video-conference.

“The times of COVID have exposed a lot,” Abbott said. “They’ve exposed the ability that you really don’t have to be in Manhattan, for example, in order to be involved in the trading business or the investment business.”

Over half a dozen companies have announced plans to move out of their more ‘left-leaning’ states and into the Republican south.


What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I live in CA and have seen the departure of giants Toyota, Nissan, and smaller companies because of the high taxes, fraudulent workman’s compensation and disability that ate away at their profitability. Now with the pandemic, the constant lockdowns are again eating away at the companies profitability but the employees that are not allowed to work.

    Problem is that the left leaning governments do not want companies to be profitable and people to work. They want the people to be upholding to state and federal aid to live, EBT cards, welfare, obama phones, section 8 housing, free medical, free education K-college etc. free cable TV etc.

    Why work? It’s better to live off the state and federal assistance, it’s not taxable! Question is: Who is going to provide the tax dollars to pay for all the freebies?

  2. Very well said. There are going to be more companies packing up and moving out of California. They better just leave their liberal politics in California because it is not wanted in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho or for a majority of states for that matter.

  3. I hope Abbott realizes that all those workers coming from California will be polluting the state of Texas with their dumb Democrat votes just like they did to Nevada and now Arizona.

  4. Several have already said this, but the people moving out of California have already ruined Colorado, Arizona, Nevada etc., They don’t know anything, but a “D” on a ballot, they don’t care if the Democrat running for office had been convicted of cooking and eating small children, they blindly vote for them.

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