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Another Huge Republican Pickup

Another republican pickup in the 2020 election means the House of Representatives is back on the table.

Republican Commissioner of the Suffolk County Board of Elections Nick LaLota tweeted that Zeldin won by more than 40,000 votes:

While it was evident to most people a few weeks ago, after counting many absentee ballots, today it became mathematically certain @leezeldin won re-election to Congress.  Suffolk BOE expects to certify the race very soon– showing Congressman Zeldin won by 40k+ votes.

Zeldin won re-election to a fourth term against Democrat Nancy Goroff.

Zeldin declared victory on Election Night after being up by 60,000 votes, but establishment media outlets, including the Associated Press, did not call the race for Zeldin.

In a Fox News interview Saturday, Zeldin questioned why it was taking so long to certify the results of the race.

“If I was a Democrat, this race would have been called on Election Night, but I’m a Republican, so I’m sure there are some folks who would like to flip the results here,” he said.

It was not until Monday evening that Decision Desk HQ projected Zeldin’s win.

Zeldin is a close ally of President Trump and served on his legal defense team during the impeachment hearings earlier this year. He serves on the White House Task Force for reopening the economy. He is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and a veteran of the Iraq War.

Sources: Breitbart: New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin Projected to Win Reelection

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I think Trump was on the right path in terms of china’s abuse of the US naivete or maybe stupidity or maybe betrayal demonstrated by our “leaders,” especially the completely clueless Obama.
    Trump on the other hand, has been talking about the dangers of China’s takeover of our economy, about their stealing our intellectual property, and their invasion of other markets, for a long, long time, long before becoming president. Being a businessman was a great advantage and in spite of the left’s criminal persecution he did more for this country than any other president. My belief is that Obama was the beginning of the tragedy to our nation with his promise to fundamentally change our extraordinary country, that will be continued if biden is truly elected and vicious Pelosi continues leading her pack of her submissive followers. And I might add, if we continue to have the completely inactive and self serving republicans in office.

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