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Anti-Gun Dems Called Out On Bluff

These statistics prove that leftists are exaggerating!

Well, we once again have new data that shreds the anti-gun Left and their narrative about firearm-related violence during the COVID pandemic. Some nine million Americans became new gun owners. That’s huge. Gun sales are through the roof. Once again, Joe Biden and the Democrats show they’re expert gun salespersons. With the Biden administration aiming to tweak the ATF regulation of pistol stabilizing braces, you can bet the rush to stock up has only intensified. This rule would put 10-40 million Americans in legal jeopardy. There is no grandfather clause. All firearms targeted with this new regulation must either be registered or turned over. it’s the largest gun confiscation and registration effort ever. It’s the groundwork for the mass confiscation effort anti-Gun Democrat lust for, they’re just waiting for expanded background checks to build a national database, but I digress.

New data shows that there is no relation to the spike in gun violence with the increase in gun sales (via The Guardian):

Gun homicides surged across the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, in the same year that Americans bought a record-breaking number of guns.
But some of America’s leading gun violence researchers have concluded that what might seem like an obvious cause-and-effect – a surge in gun buying leads to a surge in gun violence – is not supported by the data.
Through July of last year, there was no clear association between the increase in firearm purchases and the increase in most interpersonal gun violence at the state level, according to a new study published in Injury Epidemiology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
The findings suggest that “we need to be looking at other factors, like job loss, economic change, the closure of schools and community organizations and nonprofits, and civil unrest,” in order to understand last year’s increase in gun violence, Julia Schleimer, the lead author of the new study, said.
There did appear to be some association between the increase in gun purchasing and an increase in domestic violence gun injuries in April and May, but that correlation might also be explained by other factors, including increased substance abuse or the decreased access to domestic violence support services during the early months of lockdown, Schleimer said.

So, another anti-gun narrative got sniped. What else is new? Right now, gun owners are facing a new crisis which is readily available ammunition. It’s quite possible that we won’t see readily available 9mm or .223 Remington for at least 18 months. The increase in demand due to new owners, the Biden administration’s anti-Second Amendment agenda, and the price of materials are all contributing factors.

Sources: TownHall: New Study Delivers a Kill Shot to Another Anti-Gun Narrative

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Say mr. biden and all other Far Left Side Of The US Political Equation, I Have A Solution for you to enact., how about START ENFORCING ALL OF THOSE US Police Force Rules Against All Of Those CRIMINALS That Your Far Lefties In The US Political Equation Governed Cities, States, Counties, Towns, Villages And Little Tiny Hamlets, Go After M-13 Members, Bloods, Crips And Lords And All Other Gang Members Inside The USA’s Very Own Boundaries!!!

  2. The DEMONS have nothing to stand on: the TRUTH is totally rejected by the DEMONS!
    They cannot face their own figures because they know the reality is too different than their predictions, or analysis!
    There is then only one thing to do: BLAME THE GUNS!
    The only problem is PHYSICS!
    Guns left in the bedside table do not kill! Guns in the holster of permitted carriers, do not kill!
    Rifle in their cases, with loaded magazines, never fire one round, unless a finger is in the trigger guard for a GOOD REASON, and the trigger is squeezed! For that good reason!
    The DEMONS are all fools and TRAITORS! There is NOT ONE GOOD ONE!

  3. 1st, I’d sure like it if you referred to “Joe from Scranton’s AFT” rather then the correct AFT – it gives special meaning to the usurper’s dementia.
    2nd, I would note that even democrats who aren’t ‘down for the struggle’ are waking up to the fact that THEY are in danger, not just the people they have been told are evil (former military protecting them from foreign enemies, republicans , police, fire… you know – the ‘establishment’).
    3rd, the people they have come to believe are telling them the truth are, in fact, merely the presstitutes – like PRAVDA was for the USSR – and that it’s all a bunch of lies (the people of the Soviet Union recognized that early on with PRAVDA)

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