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Antifa Group Is Planning Even More Attacks

Burning down buildings has become their go-to strategy.

An anarchist group that has voiced support for Antifa appeared to encourage its followers to burn down police stations until “flowers grow in the wreckage” of the system.

“This is the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, today,” the group CrimethInc. posted on Twitter Friday along with a picture of a Minneapolis police station that was torched during Black Lives Matter rioting. “When we say abolish the police, we don’t mean beg politicians to defund them. We mean take grassroots action to prevent them from continuing to do harm—until flowers grow in the wreckage of their system.”

The post continued, “Abolishing the police means developing ways to resolve conflicts and address crises that do not depend on concentrating all coercive force into unaccountable institutions. It is a project that extends from our interpersonal relationships to mass action against state violence.

The Twitter account has posted several tweets supporting Antifa protesters over the past few years including posts pledging “solidarity” to “Antifa sisters.”

On its website, CrimethInc. describes itself as a “rebel alliance” and “a decentralized network pledged to anonymous collective action.”

“We strive to reinvent our lives and our world according to the principles of self-determination and mutual aid,” the group’s description reads. “We believe that you should be free to dispose of your limitless potential on your own terms: that no government, market, or ideology should be able to dictate what your life can be.”

Sources: FoxNews: Pro-Antifa ‘Defund the Police’ group appears to suggest burning down police precincts

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. ANTIFA is a bought and paid for radical domestic terrorist group, funded by one of the democratic parties large supporters, GEORGE SOROSA, that has the full support of the Democratic patty, as their personal BROWN SHIRTS, ( look up the KRISTOL KNACKT GOOGLE) and was used effectively, BY BEING BUSSED IN AS SHOCK TROOPS AT PEACEFUL RALLEYS BY SOROS FUNDED “TAXPAYER EXEMPT ORGS, BY SOROS. EXPLICITLY for the ouster OF A DUELY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

  2. Chase them down, beat the hell out of them and. they will stop. Their punks that gang up on peaceful people, rip their heads off !

  3. ALL Conservatives should link arms, through letters!
    Phones are tapped, e-mails are tapped, Learn Morse Code! Learn the CRAFT of SPYING!
    And BUILD groups to defend ALL the POLICE DEPARTMENTS, EMS, FIRE DEPT!
    FEAR is a great tool to build courage! Courage is a great tool to accept that it is hard to keep FREEDOM!
    FIGHT for FREEDOM, and vanquish those worthless aholes fascists that call themselves antifa!

  4. It looks like the strongholds of the antifa and blm scum are in areas where commiecrat politicians have ruined those particular cities and states. As long as those populations keep putting these commiecrat cockroaches in positions of power, they’re going to continue to allow and side with antifa and blm terrorists.

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