AOC Gets Violent Against Republican Senators

Her explosive conduct on Capitol Hill is outrageous.

To answer the question in the headline…I do not personally believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was inviting unstable, crazy people to harm Senator Ted Cruz.

These days we have to abandon nuance much of the time and state the obvious up front because conservative media is being punished and deplatformed by Big Tech for even whispering dissenting opinions on the mainstream narrative.

On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out support for AOC’s position that Congress needs to be a bit more curious about how apps like Robinhood have been restricting free trading to favor hedge funds taking a beating on the free market. AOC, who never lets a good clapback go to waste, tweeted in return that she wanted nothing to do with Cruz’ cooperation as he “almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago.” One can hardly deny that according to current Big Tech censorship rules this type of statement might encourage some mentally unfit followers to avenge her attempted murder by bringing harm to Senator Cruz.

No one here is saying that AOC is being violent.

What we are saying is that according to our moral compass on the Right, she is simply being hyperbolic to make a point. She has an opinion and even if it’s a terrible take, it’s hers to wield as she sees fit.

What Big Tech and their cohorts in the Democrat media complex are saying and have been saying since January 6th is that anyone who says anything that could give even just a few crazies some dangerous ideas to commit violence is complicit in any violence that does occur. It doesn’t matter if it was your intention. If you tell a lie that someone believes as truth, or utter an opinion that someone then uses to justify madness then you are inciting violence and even sedition.

These are the rules. The Right did not make them. Bernie Bros did not make them. Donald Trump did not make them.

Left-wing Big Tech, Democrat media outlets and the Democrat party themselves made them. “Inciting” has become the word du jour and they’ll be sure to beat that horse until it’s dead, just like they did with “gravitas” and “privilege.” For now it has come to encompass anything that a mentally unstable person could perceive as a reason to be violent.

Under this logic, Jodi Foster is responsible for Reagan’s shooting. Maxine Waters is responsible for a summer of Antifa violence.

And most certainly CNN, MSNBC, The Democrat Party and every left-wing reporter and social media account on the internet are responsible for the near fatal shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise at a congressional baseball game. They had created so much hysteria surrounding impending Obamacare rollbacks that they incited a lunatic to kill any Republicans he could in defense of what he saw as (and had been told was) the only thing that could save healthcare for poor Americans.

AOC’s pettiness aside, it would be the preference for most on the right – including Senator Cruz, I suspect – for her to be able to tweet whatever ridiculousness she wants. However, unless Big Tech intends on returning their platforms to a market approach based on free speech values, I’m afraid we must insist that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez have her account suspended until she removes this possibly inciting tweet.

Who knows what crazies are out there right now planning to avenge her attempted murder by bringing harm to Cruz?

Sources: Redstate: Did AOC Just Incite Retaliatory Violence Against a Sitting Senator?

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Ted needs to file charges against this fanatic broad OAC. She is an inciteful b**ch at best. She can’t even make a good Bloody Mary or even a Vodka Cranberry drink. I canonize her in the same turpitude of Maxie pad Waters of LA fame. Inciteful bigoted black with more money thorn her way by uneducated dumb trash that can’t even read the truth.

  2. Typical hair on fire lefty. AOC didn’t mean anything other than using hyperbolic rhetoric to make a point but his delusional lefty buddies in Congress just impeached a sitting president for much less offensive language. Are you proposing that AOC be censured or removed from congress?.
    Its amazing the hypocrisy that is the left. The scary part is that guys like you really believe you are in the right. Your support for this moron is telling enough.

  3. I’m of the opinion, a psychological evaluation should be administered to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a police investigation conducted of the claims that Senator Ted Cruz planned a murder attempt on AOC’s life! Once the investigation has concluded and nothing is found, of course, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez should be admitted, by force if necessary, to Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital for a period of 6 months and then another evaluation to determine her mental state at that time.
    Now, from Mutual Of Omaha’s WILD KINGDOM we bring you a brief message from Our insurance professionals at Mutual of Omaha !—–People you can count on, you can count on when the going gets rough!

  4. I have observed for over four years that the leftists are in a constant state of outrage, and are very long overdue for anger management counseling…How is it these career crybabies can stay in power long enough to try to overthrow America?…Against We The People….

  5. Funny The president doesnt come anywhere near what these scumbags say and its impeachment which is unconstitutional of someone Not in office. They really are pushing the majority to far and Will pay the price of their arrogance pieces of schiff

  6. AOC has contributed zero since her election. She is not intelligent enough to be of any material use to her district. She is a foil to any task. Removal is the best solution for this twit.

  7. This country is a keg of dynamite waiting for match to set it off. AOC making her statement could become that match if something happens to Ted Cruz. Steve Scalise’s shooting wasn’t the match that set it off since the keg didn’t exist then. It does now though. Washington politicians should be careful what they say or possibly consider using some intelligence.

  8. AOC would feel no remorse if she incited harm to the senator. Or any other person who doesn’t see things her way.

  9. Ass Of the Country is the most “outrageous” one of the entire “DumboCrat” party! But that’s fine. If that’s what the “Crats” want to use as their standard…..more power to them. She will make it a whole lot easier to combat!

  10. A third world government terrorist take over.
    1. Rule by executive order
    2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
    3. Censorship of opposition.
    4. Attacking the private sector.
    5. Exploiting identity politics.
    6. Challenging judicial independence.
    7. Purging former officials
    8. Encouraging a slavish media.
    9. Military in the streets.

    I am terrified.

  11. Just pat her on the head, give her a sucker and tell her everything is ok! She is obviously in WAY over her head.

  12. Say Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. United We Stand, as you have reported that Ms. or Mrs. AOC is continuing “The Incite The Violence” Speeches, just like Mrs. Maxine “The Original Loud And Rude And Inciter Of Violence” Waters began this type of language, right after #45 was Legally Elected To The US Presidential White House in 2016 AD! You and Florida Governor DeSantis needs to start a group along with #45 and NEWSMAX and a lot more groups, to put a STOP toward The Big Tech = FAKE, The Aristocratic Left Indoctrinated Side Of The Political Equation’s Dominance For The 1st Amendment = FREE SPEECH! Remember this That The US Constitution Say’s That Big Tech Can NOT INFRINGE UPON ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA Rights/Liberty’s/Happiness And Our Prosperity'”, which The Aristocratic Left would sincerely love to do away with The Whole US Constitution, The US Declaration Of Independence, The US Bill Of Rights, Common Sense, The Federalist Papers And All Other Pertinent US Documents Away With, And Do NOT Want To Improve That Broken US Immigration And Naturalization Act/Process, to ILLEGALLY Use These Pertinent US Documents As IF They Are Either A Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper Or A Giant Box Of Nose Papers = Kleenex! The Big Tech Truly Needs To STOP Being A Rich And A Power Hungry Conglomerate!!!

  13. Mr. Ralph E. Ormsbee, how about Impeach The Whole Left Sided Squad, which they truly should have to change their name to “The Corrupt Quartet”!

  14. Wait a minute, back in The USA’s History, The US Congress did away with a big group of Businesses, who became way too big for their own Breeches = 1 Big Conglomerate, and their are a lot Democrats that are against this type of Conglomerate too, it was back, Right after WW2 ended also, or was after WW1 = The War That Would End All Wars!!!

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