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AOC Voted Out in Secret Dem Meeting

She was kneecapped during a secret meeting called by other Democrats.

Yeterday, House Democrats handed would-be Democrat thought leader and power broker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a humiliating loss in her quest for a seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The Energy and Commerce Committee handles everything from health care to climate change and it would be an ideal vehicle for AOC to use to grandstand while pushing Medicare For All, the $15 minimum wage, and destroying the US economy in creating the “Green New Deal.”

There was one seat up for grabs and AOC and another member of the New York delegation, Kathleen Rice, tossed their whatevers into the ring.

While AOC garnered more signatures on her petition of support than did Rice, things took a nasty turn when the House Democrat Steering and Policy Committee took a secret vote. Rice won by 46-13.

At first blush, it is easy to lay this loss at the feet of Nancy Pelosi. Just a few days ago, AOC was at ground zero of a movement that would have held Pelosi’s reelection to Speaker hostage for concessions on votes (see AOC Openly Calls for Putting Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Out to Pasture, Calls for “Power Shift”) though she seemed to back off that tactic once it got attention (see AOC Shows She Can Be a Star When Playing in Failure Theater). But Rice, herself, has also a Pelosi critic. And while AOC seems to be viewed as an annoying pimple on Pelosi’s withered ass in terms of the threat she poses to the existing Democrat junta, Rice was feared enough to provoke Pelosi into personally intervening to block her from a seat on the Judiciary Committee only last year. Instead, this looks like a clear case of AOC being viewed as a terrible colleague by a large swath of the House Democrat caucus but they are too fearful of her obese incel white knights and vicious flying monkeys on social media to criticize her publicly. They are also fearful that she will recruit primary challengers as payback.

Via Politico:

The panel launched into an intense round of speeches on each candidate, with several Democrats speaking up to lobby against Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman member and social media star who is seen as a political threat by many of the caucus’s moderates for her far-left policies. On the video call, several Democrats called out Ocasio-Cortez’s efforts to help liberal challengers take out their own incumbents, as well as her refusal to pay party campaign dues.
“I’m taking into account who works against other members in primaries and who doesn’t,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said on the call, according to multiple sources. Cuellar successfully fended off a primary challenge from Jessica Cisneros, who Ocasio-Cortez supported.

As my colleague, Joe Cunningham, wrote this morning, there are troubles bubbling about in the House Democrat Caucus (see Democrats on the Brink of War). They have the barest majority which means that small factions of only four or five members can control the direction of legislation. Pelosi is well past her sell-by date and there is a line forming to fight for party leadership when she finally molders into dirt during a press conference. There are host of young members in a hurry, like AOC, who don’t play nice with others and aren’t interested in waiting another 40 years for their turn.

This snub to AOC is just the beginning of battle lines being drawn. More fun is on the horizon.

 House Democrat Colleagues Kneecap AOC in Secret Vote for Committee Seat

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Ain’t it funny. Ain’t it cute. Hope next time I hope her the throw her well used brown butt back to wherever the communist came from.

    • Racist much? She is a native New Yorker. Where else would you have her go? She is in Washington because her constituents elected her.

      • Aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black!?
        Her constituents are as racist and stupid as she is.
        AOC is racist against everyone who isn’t Mexican, Black or a Legal American.
        She and her squad should hang for treason.


  2. Ain’t it funny. Ain’t it cute. Hope next time I hope her the throw her well used brown butt back to wherever the communist came from.

  3. People like her need to not b n congress bcuz there is no communicating with her kind. Selfish childish unintelligent flat out pathetic. No less of loyalty to “we the people, the United States.” She wants to destroy our country. Gone with her and the rest of the squat & demonrats.

  4. AOC is a sham congress member and should have been impossible to run since she does not possess the intelligence to be in government. She is another misfit for office!

  5. If you are unhappy with America, no one will stop you from leaving. This country isn’t perfect but it sure beats socialism and or communism any day. All you need to do is look at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China. Any of these countries take all that you have “for the good of the people “. The people are their leaders that live off the confiscated property. So if you want to work and have nothing go to live in one of these countries and LEAVE AMERICA FREE AND DEMOCRATIC!!!!!!

  6. Boy oh boy! The House Dems saga of lies, broken promises, conspiracy theories, crimes, cat fights and occasional suicide by stabbing ones own self in the back, reads like a bad novel BUT, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    How MANY chapters will be devoted to AOC and the rest of the “squat squad”? Stand by…….and buckle up, it going to be a bumpy ride! 😎

  7. I just the other day told my wife that AOC is going to get her ass handed to her by Pelosi and Shumer. They have more dubious ways to bust her balls than she could ever imagine. If AOC isn’t careful they will drum up something to have her kicked out of congress and she will never know what hit her.

    • They weren’t hired they were elected, no one can fire them. Did you ever study Gov. take a civics course ?

      • Another smart arse dumb arse marxist and hell yes I know how to spell, I am trying to make you appear less moronic! No matter how hard you work at it…..Republicans are much much more intelligent and better educated than you marxists!

    • Oh how I hope they do get rid of her.. She my be an American citizen, but she has a Socialist mind set and could be dangerous as time goes on.. I hope they get rid of her and all those Socialist Progressives.. And I also hope some miracle happens and we can keep Donald J. Trump as our president..

      • YESSS, … I’m with you, about President Trump remaining our President for another 4 years!
        I KNOW, many people are saying that Trump is done and Republicans need to move on, laugh at whoever you want and say whatever you want, that doesn’t mean squat!
        This 2020 Presidential Election is NOT OVER, until President Trump tell us, that it is over! ALL 74 million, of your troops, and more are still here, supporting YOU, President Trump!

  8. What kind of idiots vote for scumbags like this ? This kind of ignorance has got to stop or be stopped. Pay attention people when you choose a candidate to vote for. It reminds me of when the Marxist Obama ran for President & won on a platform to “fundamentally changing the United States of America”, & nobody even took the time to ask just what the hell he intended to change us into. So remarkably stupid, considering there was enough evidence that surfaced prior to the election that he would not be good for our country. And to add insult to injury, the jerk was re-elected for a double dip of destruction to this great country. Please, if you are a voter, pay attention

    • Scumbag ? Really guy she graduated from Boston U Cum Laude. She is a very intelligent young lady you’re may not like her politics but that’s on you.
      Obama is no Marxist never was, you speak of evidence, evidence of what? It’s not right for you to make accusations w/o even saying what he is accused of. He was duly elected by the American people twice because enough folks thought he did a good job.
      News for you this is the way our system of Gov. works.

      • He was elected once because he promised changed twice because off who the Republicans had running against him He did not say what his promise of change was and guess what there was no change!! He was reelected because they ran Romney against him and no one likes Romney!!!

    • Pelosi slammed her by saying that she got elected in a district that if a glass of water with a D next to it would have got elected…

  9. Good advice !!!!!
    Fortunately, some of us do pay attention when it comes to
    voting but what are we doing about the illegals who would be voting for whomever they are being told to, or on the
    “Vote harvesting” which the left have been successfully using for God knows how long ????
    We must always remember that the left are only interested in stealing votes, cheating, lying, because power and control is all they are interested in !!!
    We MUST always remember that !!!!

  10. Why was my post canceled????
    Is this another site that is suppressing the free speech????
    Something must be done about this before our country will definitely turn into a banana republic !!!!!
    Shame on you !!!!

  11. “of young members in a hurry, like AOC, who don’t play nice with others and aren’t interested in waiting another 40 years for their turn.”
    That is the big problem with this younger generation. They don’t want to wait for what they want. To take their turn. To honor those that came before them. They think they know all they need to know.

  12. alllllll right. I’m gonna make triple popcorn and bring in a keg of Pepsi. don’t want to miss a second of this.

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hurts my feeling. I shall lose a whole second of sleep tonight. Keeping hoping the “squad” fall down the steps and knock some common sense into them or put them out of commission. What a bunch of morons. Congress is getting to be a bigger cirrus everyday. Like a bunch of kids in the sandbox fighting over who gets to eat the kitty tuitsey roll they found.

  14. This goes for all of them in congress: we don’t need yes men that go along with an agenda, we don’t need I will vote your way this time if you vote my way next time, we don’t need politicly correct voter. WHAT WE NEED IS SOMEONE THAT WILL VOTE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT

  15. AOC….
    Don’t stand for this…. YOU, Omar, rashida and the other “squad” team ARE the face of the “new” democrat fascist party!!!!
    Don’t let those old democrat party bureaucrats throw you under the bus !!!
    You and the “squad” team MUST Fight Back Everyday!!!!! lol lol lol lol

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