AOC’s Next Target – Red States Across The Country

She is ready to take her socialism to key Red States to surpress more Rebulican voters.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed without evidence during an hour-long Instagram post Tuesday that Southern states are not “red states,” but rather “suppressed states” that need to be liberated to “heal” America.

“That’s what we got to do. We got to organize. And I think what we saw in Georgia is a really good example with black women leading the way, with multiracial and multicultural organizations leading the way, um, they proved that southern states are not red states,” she claimed. “They are suppressed states. Which means the only way that our country is going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states, the actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people—from economic, social, and racial oppression. That’s the only way. That’s the only way.”

“We just got to keep pushing, but tonight the votes that happened were to urge Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th and tomorrow we vote on impeachment,” she continued. “We will be impeaching the president of the United States tomorrow.”

The wins by Georgia Democrat Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are much more complex than what Ocasio-Cortez tries to claim. The Republican Party significantly damaged its chances of winning the Senate run-off races by pushing claims that the elections in the state were rigged, by not focusing on the things necessary to win, and by alleged fringe Trump supporters who used their social media accounts to encourage people not to vote and to spread false claims that the Republican Senate candidates were going to be arrested, along with state-level GOP officials in the state.

The New York Times, which noted that Georgia leans right politically, said that Republicans were at a significant disadvantage in the race because they were “handicapped by Mr. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat, which robbed them of what might have been their best argument for election: that they would be a check on liberal excesses in a government controlled by Democrats.” Political analysts noted that polling found that telling voters that there needed to be a check on the Biden administration by having a Republican Senate was the most effective message available, yet Republicans couldn’t use it because of Trump.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, which is conservative, added the following analysis:

If you want to win, don’t tell voters that their votes don’t matter. Don’t have a President tell his voters that the last election was stolen, that Georgia Republicans were complicit in the theft, that GOP Senate leaders don’t care, and then expect those same voters to turn out in the Senate runoffs after a rally and a few tweets.
Donald Trump cost Republicans the Senate by making the two Georgia runoffs a referendum on himself. The races should have been a referendum on blocking Democrats from controlling all of Congress and the executive branch. But that message was obscured, if not obliterated, by Mr. Trump’s insistence on telling voters day after day that he was cheated in November—no matter the lack of credible evidence or plausible path to victory. …
Mr. Trump also hurt Republicans by stumping for $2,000 in Covid relief checks after the GOP Senate had voted for $600. The President’s negotiators had signed off on the $600, but Mr. Trump seemed bent on punishing GOP Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and John Thune for not endorsing his fanciful bid to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.
In essence, Mr. Trump gave away control of the Senate to the Democrats with acts of political egotism. And that’s the generous interpretation. The more cynical one—and plausible given his political character—is that Mr. Trump wanted Republicans to lose the Senate to show they couldn’t keep power without him.


Sources: Daily Wire: AOC: ‘Southern States Are Not Red States, They’re Suppressed States,’ Must Be Liberated To ‘Heal’ USA

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. AOC still acts like the north end of a South bound mules – blowing gas out her pie hole while she sucks hind teet of a rodent (cameltoe harris)

  2. AOC’s comments are so dumb and with such a lack of understanding that commenting on them arguing with her is useless. It is not her fault – her voters elected her. To residents of Southern states – do you think that you need to be liberated from suppression by black women and multiracial organizations??

  3. AOC Needs to stay out of the South we don’t need her BS in the South She hasn’t done squat for her district so why would the South need her to come here. Hope she has a small foot she stick it in THY Mouth Many TIMES VERY DEEP ITS BEGINNING TO SHOW WITH HER BIG MOUTH GETTING SPREAD.

  4. Dems can only win when there is illegal voting allowed in dem controlled states America needs for the SCOTUS to pull their heads out of their scared unamerican butts and do the right thang fer America. And they need to get some religious beliefs cause Satan has them by the short hairs. And that goes for the back stabbing repucs spillin garbage out their pie holes. All the Dems suck on the devil’s wanker trying to get all the evil slime hoping to be Satan’s fav. Folks you need to pray for America and KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY. True patriots know what that means.

  5. I just saw a jackass (dems, donkey,mule) Heehaaw-in and then saw aoc laughing ,how they match WOW WHAT A PIE HOLE. It’s a wonder her guts don’t fall out of that gash.

  6. Hay aoc I’d stay away from most of the South . we have huntin seasons here on varmits , like those squirrelly acting girls from the north tryin to get a nut or them rodent dems cloggin up the clean waterways tryin to nasty up in the SWAMP, there’s a bounty out fer them, so you best stay where your safe in your own swamp.

  7. Has any one noticed how you either can not post a reply your comment is completely removed due to the Communist America and Democrats on these issues. Very clearly communist controlled by the Media. This is the start to a very bad life in America and it starts with the Democrats lying and fraud to silence Americans

  8. Your absolutely right what they need is a good job that TRUMP PROVIDED and the DEMOCRATS shut down because of the pandemic

  9. AOC is a traitor to America. Shis is worst than a socialist as she has communistic tendencies. She is rotten and should be removed from Congress. When people stand up for violence, want to punish “people” who don’t believe as she does…what happened to “respect” of others opinions…not in her vocabulary. Somehow she should be rendered “gone.” We don’t need people like her in Congress “representing” all Americans…which as anyone can see she does not. Maybe our Congress people should be vetted for socialistic and communistic ideology and NOT let in. She one of the problems of society not an answer!

  10. I disagree with the Wall Street journalist who wrote Trump was the reason Republicans lost Georgia. I think the loss of Georgia falls directly at the feet of Senator McConnell.
    When the leading Senator argues against giving the American people, who are hurting financially d/t no fault of their own, a $2000.00 dollar stimulus check, but is ok with passing a bill that gives billions of dollars to foreign governments and to congresses pet projects (pork), it shows the American people that those in congress don’t give a damn about their constituents. Who ever wrote that article is an idiot who understands nothing about the struggles that the average working class American is going through during this pandemic. The struggles that have been caused by the very government who swore an oath to protect them.
    And as far as AOC and her cohorts go, they are all idiots that our school system educated to have communistic tendencies, who thrive on the power their office provides them, who sees racism where none exist, who is narcissistic, and who fails to realize what the cost of printing unlimited amounts of money will equate to. They are overdramatic ninnies who love to hear themselves talk and have no idea how toxic their actions are. Their constituents voted them into office, not based upon their qualifications, but for the handouts they promised them.
    I truly believe our country is going in the wrong direction. Communism always precedes socialism. And based upon how Democrats are currently censoring free speech, and silencing those with different views, is a prelude to what’s in come. When I hear a person of power (like AOC) who is calling on her colleagues to form a government commission to regulate what we the people are allowed to hear or say, I immediately think back to Hitler. Some people are never meant to hold an office of power, and I can think of quiet a few who fit in this category. God help us all.

  11. The traitor is Trump not AOC, and for you not to know that means you are brainwashed, stupid or evil but probably a combination of all three.

  12. four more years of Donald is what there going to get and for all these treasonous news media and politicians what there gonna get is a long vacation at Gitmo. Communism is not allowed in the United States and your not going to get away with you crimes,

  13. SHUT THE HELL UP AOC!!! (ARROGANT OBNIOUS CREEP)!! And Creep is the “clean C-Word” I use now if you catch my drift!!!

  14. Georgia Senate races loss was due to having poor candidates running. Doug Collins would
    have won by a landslide. McConnell caused the defeat. Truth be known Purdue won the first time around but he failed to contest the election in voter fraud. AOC better think twice before she comes to WV . She will find herself quickly thrown out by the seat of her pants. Obama wouldn’t show his face here. He knew better. There’s no place for her in the Sourh. She will soon find that out. She stirs trouble and prays for peace just like Pelosi.

  15. Mrs. A. O. C. and her questionable “The Squad” alias “The Corrupt Quartet” and their kind needs a lot of regular sizes of Chastity Belt’s around their butts, and a lot of small Chastity Belts around their Faces, instead of just face masks, just to keep them Silent! Because Silence is GOLDEN, plus they need to STOP taking those hormone pills, so their Planned Parenthood orgs. can go BANKRUPT!

  16. Is United We Stand censoring comments? I just submitted a comment but it never comes up.
    Isn’t that what big tech is doing?

  17. AOC does NOT want the truth, the truth finally came out and the media is talking about it now, that Trump did NOT incite any riot, he told them PEACEFUL PROTESTS NO violence, NO destruction NO disrespect of the police, he told everyone that if it became a riot those would be arrested and prosecuted, he and his son and daughter all three said “Peaceful Protest”

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