Backing Biggs: Where are the Truths? Where are the Lies?

Sean Locke Photography /
Sean Locke Photography /

In the race for South Carolina’s third congressional district, Sheri Biggs, a self-described “pro-Second Amendment and pro-Trump” political newcomer, is contending for the seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC). Biggs is competing against Mark Burns in a runoff election scheduled for June 25, following a primary where no candidate secured a majority. The winner of this runoff will challenge Bryon Best, the Democratic primary victor.

Despite her avowed conservative stance, Biggs’ campaign has received significant financial support from sources that have raised eyebrows among staunch Second Amendment advocates. The Elect Principled Veterans Fund (EPV Fund), which has invested over $300,000 in Biggs’ candidacy, is primarily funded by With Honor Fund II. This latter group, interestingly, has received substantial contributions from Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund, an organization heavily financed by Michael Bloomberg, a well-known supporter of more restrictive gun laws.

Bloomberg is well known for being anti-Trump and being anti-Second Amendment.

The EPV Fund, which aims to support veterans seeking congressional seats, has a history of backing moderately conservative candidates, including Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) and Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI). Both EPV Fund and With Honor Fund II share the same treasurer, Timothy Koch, adding another layer of connection between the two organizations.

On the other side of the runoff, Mark Burns has positioned himself as a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump, emphasizing his alignment with Trump’s vision for America. Burns stated, “I think that we the people have spoken pretty loud and clear, that they support the greatest president in our lifetime, President Donald Trump. They support his plan, and they want to see a true, strong MAGA Republican go and represent them in Washington, D.C., and support president Trump.”

As the runoff approaches, voters in South Carolina’s third district are faced with a choice between Biggs, whose campaign financing has sparked debate, and Burns, who unequivocally champions a return to Trump-era policies.