Bias In Journalism Running Rampant In America

Reporters can no longer report the truth without distorting it to please Democrats.

Here are the basics [emphasis original throughout]:

OPEN SECRET – Axios has allowed one of its reporters to continue to write about Joe Biden after she disclosed in November that she is dating his transition spokesman and now White House deputy press secretary, TJ DUCKLO.
ALEXI MCCAMMOND shifted in November to covering progressives, but some of her reporting has been more specific to Biden and his administration.

The so-called Axios reporter in question is Alexi McCammond, and according to her own reporting, Axios has allowed her to continue to cover the White House longer after her admission to her employer about her relationship. And it sounds as though she is still on the Biden beat. Last month an Axios spokesperson claimed McCammond “had been taken off the Biden beat.” Now Axios claims she’s still on the Biden beat but “has taken a backseat” on Biden coverage.

It gets worse…

McCammond has posted about the relationship on Instagram, prompting chatter among media and political types.


This isn’t the first time a reporter has been romantically intertwined with a source involved in his or her coverage area.

Naturally, when asked about this, Axios cofounder Jim Vandehei is dissembled…

At first he said, he was “pretty removed from who [she] dates,” but then admitted he knew “a little bit about it.”

He then said, “She’s not covering [Biden]” but later admitted, “Well, maybe she talks about him on TV.”

I don’t know who she’s dating.
Okay, I do know who she’s dating.
She’s not covering Biden.
Okay, she is covering Biden.

In summation, a so-called Axios reporter is covering His Fraudulency’s White House while dating a high-level staffer in that same White House. Everyone in the establishment media knows about it. The reporter is so sure that this is okay, she doesn’t even try to hide it. The corporate media no longer have any standards or ethics, other than to do everything in their corporate power to push the left’s fascist policies, which of course benefit the large corporations that own the corporate media.

Even Politico, which is supposed to be competing with Axios, doesn’t really care about this story. There’s no standalone story (that I can find). Instead, this news is buried under some 40 paragraphs in Politico’s daily Playbook newsletter.

You see, there are no conflicts of interest in the establishment media anymore, unless of course you tell a truth that conflicts with something Democrats want.

“What we’ve seen from Biden is compassion and empathy and a focus on unity in a way we certainly haven’t seen from President Trump,” McCammond said during an Axios podcast two months after she informed Axios she was dating a Biden staffer.

As long as she continues to say the correct and approved things, she can date Biden himself for all anyone cares.

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: Axios Reporter Covers Biden While Dating Transition Spokesman

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Yes, all of the BIAS has been coming from The Autocratic Anti-US Constitutional Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist Indoctrinated Anti-American Demicraps, most of which DO NOT even live in their very own US Congressional Districts! People on the Left like “The Squad” who truly have to change their name to “The Corrupt Quartet”, for Tulsa’s Channel 6’s “The View” truly have to change their own name to “The Jealious View”! These people are way too Rich and Wanting to be Way Too Power Hungry! As The Saying Goes, “The US Left Have Been Weighed, The US Left Have Been Measured And The Left Have Been Found Wanting, Which Means That The US Left Have Been Getting Way Too Rich And Way Too Power Hungry, Which Is Also Anti-American, To Boot!!!

  2. Very few media figures can use that term honestly anymore. Most of the big media and social media have become nothing more than propaganda hacks for the Communists that have recently stolen their way into power in this country. This has been ongoing since the late 1960’s, but now, they have at least come out in the open about it.

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