Biden Administration Is Going Down In Flames

Have you seen this latest briefing?

“I just have a question for each of you. I’ll start with you, Secretary Granholm, because ladies first,” a reporter asked. “Obviously, we have the acute issues with the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. But looking more holistically in a macro view, how does this speed up the efforts at DOE to move in more of a renewable direction since this is going to have an impact on people at the pump?”

“Yeah, I mean, we obviously are ‘all in’ on making sure that we meet the President’s goals of getting to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” Granholm said. “And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly. “

“But it’s just — it’s another — it’s — I don’t want to — this company is acting in a responsible way,” Granholm said. “They took their pipeline down so that the ransomware would not spread. And so, up to this point, they have — they’re carefully reviewing so that they’re doing this in a responsible way.”

“The broader issue is a very important issue,” Granholm said. “It’s an issue for the president’s priority and the American Jobs Plan — the issue of investing in a transmission grid, for example, so that you don’t have the cyber issues associated with it.” The secretary added, “So there’s a lot of broader questions in this, and we hope that we’ll be able to see that investment in infrastructure that will facilitate clean and renewable energy.”

Granholm’s appointment is not without controversy. Jarrett Skorup the director of marketing and communications at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, based in Midland, Michigan, wrote about her appointment in December of 2020: “When Granholm was governor, she directed hundreds of millions of dollars to politically favored companies in the hopes of creating ‘green’ jobs. She famously promised Michiganders, ‘In five years, you’re going to be blown away.’”

Skorup continued, “That prediction came true in a way: Michigan taxpayers were shocked at how spectacularly the effort failed. Her key subsidy program, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority, approved billions of dollars in tax credits for 434 projects. A Mackinac Center analysis found that only 10, or 2.3 percent, of those projects were successful in meeting their job creation promises. Despite the lack of success in creating jobs, the deals she made still cost Michigan taxpayers today billions even though she left office a decade ago.”

Sources: Breitbart: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Colonial Pipeline Crisis: If You Drove an Electric Car, ‘This Would Not Be Affecting You’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Biden supports Riots no but Pogroms yes.

    If we don’t stop them in Israel it will tell Biden he can do them here in America.

    During an Arabs Riot, to stop them you must go to their homes and remove their families from Israel. When the male rioters come home offer to help them join their families.

    Otherwise, you must shoot these Rioters dead to stop it fast and to stop them from killing Jews.

  2. LET THEM BURN, they think they are so smart, let them figure it out, I suppose obama and clinton and soros and rice, have no clue, in fact I would not be surprised that they are the ones that did it. After all they are criminal and corrupt.

  3. That’s why they disturbed the flow of fuels so no one would dump more fuel on them and finish the job. Ashes to ashes RIGHT !!! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. HAHAHA. there will be glory again. MAGA WWG1WGA is still apparent.

  4. Did you see what that dumass grahamhold or granhol secretary of energy or somethin said? Does she not know the wheels of industry need grease to keep rollin and so do electric autos. She actually could care less about the fuel crisis cause she is probably showfered around anywho . and like all comercials she gets paid just to say bad things about fuels and to hype up electrics.

  5. I BELIEVE The American people are finally coming to their senses and realizing that the Democrats have been lying , cheating , stealing elections , assuming , Destroying peoples lives who do not bow to their hypocrite evil ways , Trying to keep everybody locked in their homes like a bunch of mushrooms and brainwashing them with all of their own DEMOCRATIC news stations propaganda against our constitution and rights and now telling us that China and Iran are our friends and we should be like them and their communistic ways . THE DAY IS COMING WHEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGHT OF THIS BULL CHIT AND THEY ARE GOING TO PUT A STOP TO THESE TRAITORS ONCE AND FOR ALL. .

  6. “And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly. “

    What do you think is used to generate the electricity to power your electric car?

  7. I wonder what she will say when our antiquated electric grid fails in the dead of summer with all the A/C’s running and trying to charge all these electric cars that are coming. Plus I think all the carbon emissions that are saved by electric cars will be offset 100 times over by the open pit strip mining operations to mine the lithium that will be needed for all these batteries and what will happen to the environment when the time comes to dispose of all these millions of batteries? Right now they are having to bury the fiberglass blades for the wind turbines since they can’t be recycled, how much of our land will be used up burying these huge turbine blades. Never forget that, “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions”.

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