Biden Administration Says Drug Cartels Are No Longer A Threat

Maybe they need to visit the border states to see the real crime.

During a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Garland was asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) if he had ever visited the U.S.-Mexico border to which the federal appeals court judge said he has not.

“No sir, I haven’t,” Garland said when Graham asked.

Specifically, Garland said he is unaware that cartels game the asylum system to tie up Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources.

The exchange went as follows:

GRAHAM: I’d like you to go because I just got back and I learned that drug cartels are using our asylum laws against us. They will collect people to sort of rush the border and once they are apprehended and most of these claims, 90 percent are rejected. And that will take resources away from securing the border and detecting drugs and protecting the nation against terrorism. This is a behavior by the cartels. Will you look into that practice of using asylum claims by drug cartels to weaken border security? [Emphasis added]
GARLAND: I had not known about this and I will certainly look into this problem. I think the drug cartels are a major menace to our society. The poison that they put into our streets is damaging communities of every kind. [Emphasis added]

Despite Garland’s unawareness, Biden’s DHS Joint Task Force West Director Manuel Padilla, Jr. detailed in a November 2019 interview with Breitbart News how the cartels control the U.S.-Mexico border with violence, extortion, and deception.

The gaming of the U.S. asylum system by the cartels is well documented by experts, federal officials, and agents on the ground. In June 2019, Breitbart News exclusively reported leaders of the Gulf Cartel help traffic migrants into the state of Texas.

The cartel operation has also been acknowledged by establishment media. In March 2019, the Washington Post reported how cartels traffic migrants into the U.S. by utilizing the asylum system. In November 2016, federal immigration officials exclusively told Breitbart News the cartels often coach migrants on how to fraudulently claim asylum in the U.S.

Sources: Breitbart: Watch: Merrick Garland Says He Is Unaware Drug Cartels Game U.S. Asylum System

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. If Biden wants to support all the illegal aliens coming in, find out what the actual number is coming in to the country and divide it by 50 states. Get some buses and every state get their fair share, with double to Washington D.C. That takes the stress off the border states.

  2. I certainly hope Joanna’s comment is a sarcastic response. As someone who lives in one of the states with the largest exposure to illegals coming across the border, I can say without hesitation, that the patroling of the borders needs to be stepped-up even with a wall.

    As for Garland, I do not believe for a moment he has ‘no idea’ of the issues plaguing the borders. His obvious inability to be truthful in lieu of seeming to be ill-informed is as ingenuous as anything. To think he was about to be approved as a supreme court judge.

  3. It is now confirmed: the DEMONRATS make huge amounts of money from the cartels.
    The DEMONRATS have found a way to finance all their TRILLIONS in expenses.
    And how they will pay the ILLEGALS to stay in the US.
    I wish they would pay the National Debt they have accelerated so much!

  4. What was that? Did I miss something? Where did that Edict come From? Korn Pop? Aw, joey just made that up from his basement because he knows that is the lowest he can go without scrutiny or the “Thing” there! C’Mon Man, Look, Here’s the Thing, He knows Korn Pop is scared of him from way back in his “Lifeguard days” so he probably called him and told him to tell all the “Drug Dealers and Cartels”
    to quit with, You know, the Drug Thing! So now that Biden has Solved the Drug Problem, What’s Next?
    A book deal of his Bravest Feats and Courageous Acts Hmmmmmmmmmmm Should take at least 12 Blank Pages, just so you know to take notes when and if he ever can put a couple of words together other than the “Thing” and C’Mon Man and Look Here’s the thing, you know and give a summary of all the things he has done to “Bring America Back” (To somewhere around the early 1900s)

  5. Biteme acts as if whatever he says is truth but if you research him you will find almost all of his speeches contain outright lies. He has been plagiarizing since kindergarten. Maybe he wants Hunter to have easy access to cocaine.

  6. How long it is go8ng to take for the democrats to face the reality that Biden is m3ntally challenged
    And obviously listening to far too many of Obama’s recycled comrades.

  7. Whats to stop the drug cartels from swamping the border. Biden is welcoming anyone who wants to come in. Who wants to come in more than the drug cartels? The MS-13 gangs. I don’t know which is worse. Biden don’t care, he has a huge fence around the White House and thousands of National Guard to protect him. Need to move the White House and Capitol Bldg. down on the border of Texas.

  8. It is becoming very evident that Merrick Garland doesn’t know where his S is located or if he even has one.

  9. OK you fool if there no threat then leave your secret service people at the white house and take a walk through any place in Honduras. You’ll see if there a threat or not you jackass.

  10. If Drug Cartels are no longer a “threat” as Biden would have us believe, then why are ILLEGAL Mexican and Central Americans being welcomed into our nation? When or if they’re apprehended their claim is they’re seeking asylum due to the dangers “drug cartels” represent in their countries??

  11. Biden has got to be the stupidest sob pos in this country’s history. He is blind dumb and crazy not to mention Lazy . He is a puppet that says what he is told to say and do.. I can’t wait until 2024 or sooner for this dumb pos to be out of office including dogs one being Harris and don’t forget to take your fleas with you Joe. He that Lay’s with dogs catches flees

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