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Biden Blocks Reporters After Mysterious Trip

Biden blocked press reporters from following along on a mysterious trip that resulted in more questions than answers.

We reported earlier on Joe Biden breaking multiple bones in his foot.

According to his team, Biden hurt himself yesterday while playing with his dog. But his people didn’t say anything about it until today when the report came that he’s likely sprained his ankle and was being taken to an orthopedist “out of an abundance of caution.” Biden’s personal doctor since 2009 then reported he had multiple hairline fractures in his right foot.

Democrats immediately started trying to paint Biden as more transparent than President Donald Trump. That immediately ran into a road block because not only had they delayed in reporting the injury to begin with but then when he was taken to the doctor with the pool vans following, his transition team tried to block the reporters from seeing Biden enter the doctor’s office.

As the Hartford Courant explained, Biden went to the Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Delaware to be examined this afternoon. But Biden’s team refused to let the reporters see him enter even maneuvering the press van so they couldn’t see. Nor would they let the press off to observe.

You can see part of that action on this NBC video:

So in other words, they were prevented from doing their jobs because their movement is controlled by the transition team? Seriously? Why don’t they have control over their own movement? That’s crazy. Notice how they don’t just jump right off the vans.

NBC did however manage a picture, apparently having a more resourceful photographer than the other folks. So we have to give them a hat tip for persistence.

Ultimately as we said earlier, they did find Biden had multiple hairline fractures in lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones mid-foot and will have to wear a boot for several weeks, according to his personal doctor Kevin O’Connor, who has been his doctor since 2009. Interestingly, there was no announced statement from the orthopedist who examined him, just his personal doctor.

Sources: Red State: Biden Press Pool Prevented from Leaving Their Vans By His Team, Blocked from Viewing Trip to Doctor, But Got Some Video Anyway

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. China Joe not fit in body soul or
    MIND to be President –
    Dems stole this election for a PUPPET!!
    GOD help our country!!!!!!

  2. Oh whay was he hasing another child to molest. After all he is a proven Child Molester wh eve takes showers with his daughter. Anyone else would be in prison for child molesting but not old China Joe.

  3. Biden your not fit to be President or even a. Dog catcher.Your VP choice is Wrong !Your Wife is very wrong letting you Run for office You mentally not fit for anything and you and Harris should CONCEDE.WE DON’T WANT YOU AS PRESIDENT BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE A OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL AND OUR COUNTRY IS BETTER WITH OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. HAS DONE MORE. FOR OUR COUNTRY AND DON’T NEED CHINA INTERFERENCE WE NO LONG WANT YOU SOCIALISTS IDEA’S .

  4. It looks like all of those days hiding in the basement he had a facelift to make him appear younger, too! Well, Palooozi will use the 25th amendment and have him put down like the dog he is. Then cumallya will be able to turn the oval office into the blow room.

  5. He told us ahead of time he was going to steal this election so why wasn’t he arrested then? If this election holds it is going to be a very long 4 years. I tremble not knowing how much damage he will do to our country.

    I have the picture of him telling about the fraud he had set up for the election.

  6. Maybe the doctor’s visit is providing plausible deniability for the boot covering a state issued ankle bracelet (you know, like Hillary’s when she had one :-)?

  7. Does anyone believe that this is the whole story? He was loaded into that ambulance like a person who is very ill, wrapped in sheets from top to bottom, strapped onto the gurney, and looking almost lifeless. All this for a fractured ankle?! Come on! When will the lies end? It’s becoming unbearable. Will he make it to Inauguration Day? It reminds me of Soviet leader Brezhnev who was shown in his limo waving his arms for weeks after his death. We joked that his arm was tied to the top of the car and mechanically moved. We had great fun laughing at the commies then. Who knew we would become them in this year of our Lord 2020?

    • I totally agree with your comment, plus, why the hell were there so many vehicles to take biden to be examined ??? The only reason was to keep the Press away from seeing the truth.

  8. Hey Media Trolls, Remember the old saying “you get what you ask for’. You guys put President Trump, every member of his family, his staff & his supporters under a microscope hoping to find some morsel of something you could turn into a scandal. Now your ‘itty bitty feelings are hurt’ because Biden & his crew gave you the slip while he went to see a Doctor. Get used to it. BIDEN has so MUCH to hide that you dweebs will be run ragged trying to get a story to print about just how wonderful he is. You helped him steal an election. You are helping him hide the deed from the American people. What you might want to recognize & learn to live with is that IF Biden & the Democrat party succeeds in STEALING this election, they won’t need the Media anymore. Hope you can find another job before Biden & company get all our jobs shipped back overseas where they can continue to rake in the kick backs like when Obama was in office. Just remember that when you look in the mirror that DUMBASS looking back really is YOU.

  9. Serves the lame-stream media (LSM) right. They deserve the kind of Democrat transparency, which is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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