Biden Calls These GOP Leaders “Terrorists”

Has he lost his mind?

It’s at a point where you know where this is heading when it comes to Democrats taking the stump. Joe Biden spoke at length about the 100-year anniversary of the vicious Tulsa race riot. Yet, you can see where liberal Joe Biden and “woke” Joe Biden come out. The former is his usual self, the latter is the character he plays to pander to the vocal and increasingly militant progressive base of the Democratic Party. He’s out of his element in that regard. Joe is a liberal,

but this attempt at being a super lefty is just awkward. It’s already bad enough that the man has multiple brain farts during these appearances. Of course, he had to channel liberal America’s favorite pastime: hating white people. Worse, generating fear of white people. For a party that stresses unity, they sure know how to break out the racial cookie cutter to ensure the exact opposite. Joe Biden said that the greatest threat facing America is terrorism from white supremacy:

No fact checks required; that’s wrong. This isn’t Tulsa 1921, Joe. There’s this thing called progress. America has made great strides in race relations that you people seem eager to blow up to win a few extra electoral votes. There will always be work that needs to be done in this area. There will always be room for improvement, but Democrats seem fixated and obsessed with being stuck in the past. It feeds into their narrative of bashing America. It may also feed into their perpetual victimhood complex. Did the KKK blow up the Twin Towers in the 1990s? Did the Aryan Nations fly planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11? No. It was radical Islamic terrorists. You know, the people who recently fired thousands of rockets into Israel, Joe. You might have been asleep since your brain function is akin to that of a vegetable, but it happened. That was Hamas. They’re bad people in case you didn’t know; many members of your party seem to think otherwise.

White supremacist groups are always overblown because the media shields and protects Islamic extremism for some reason. You all know this, but that’s another long story. Fort Hood was radical Islam. Paris was radical Islam. Charlie Hebdo was radical Islam. The Chattanooga shootings at military recruitment centers were rooted in radical Islam. Pulse Nightclub was radical Islam. San Bernardino was radical Islam. The instances of Islamic terror striking America and killing Americans far outweighs that of the small band of losers who call themselves white supremacists. These people were thought to have preyed on Asian Americans. Wrong. That’s mostly Black people, which is why “stop Asian hate” died a quick death in the media. They can’t blame the GOP, Trump, or white dudes if most of the suspects in these Asian hate crimes are not white. Period. The liberal media establishment deployed countermeasures. There are tens of millions of supporters of radical Islam who want to kill us. That cannot be said for white supremacists, who get an ungodly amount of free media coverage whenever these liberal media clowns prop them up as the hordes of Mordor. It’s several dudes in a basement watching re-runs of “Triumph of the Will.”

Also, he said this:

Sources: TownHall: Did Joe Biden Actually Say These People Are the Greatest Terror Threat We Face? Is This a Joke?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Each day more and more my country is drifting away from the values we struggled and fought for and many of my friends I grew up with died to preserve the freedoms we used to enjoy. Now sadly we are on the verge of losing everything- free speech, the right to worship, the right to protect ourselves, our history, the flag, the constitution everything. If you speak up you are demonized and attacked. Our cities are burning. Our enemies are laughing and planning our destruction. Our borders are wide open to everyone. I am a Christian man and I pray daily for this country but each day it only gets worse.

  2. Yes all the rinos and democraps are political terrorist. Trying to bring America into a socialist communist marxist leftist libtards agendas promoting society. Wake the heck up America do not let these terrorist take away our precious American values or freedoms. Fight the wrongs patriots keep the faith of the righteous put on the armor of god.

  3. Joe Biden said that the greatest threat facing America is terrorism from white supremacy. No China Joe it’s you and the whole democrat party that are the terrorist in America not white supremacy as you call it you DOOUS P.O.S.


  5. OMG! And to think Bumbling Buffoon Beijing Biden had the nerve to call Trump a racist. The worst racist in the country is Michelle Obama, followed by the Muslim, her husband, followed by creepy Joe! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are amateurs compared to these three!

  6. Quid Pro Schmo is a traitor, the second one in the WH after Obozo. They both disgraced and disgrace the People’s House. So a traitor calling conservative patriots terrorists? Only a really stupid traitor does that…

  7. The greatest danger to America is this demented senile lying old asshole Joe Biteme Biden. The sooner we un-elect these demoncreeps from holding any seats in congress the safer and stronger we will all be-PERIOD!!!

  8. Dodo Joe and the Ho along with democrats are the biggest threat of domestic terrorism we have to worry about! Unfortunately we have systemic and generational ignorance, laziness, and the putrid need to be taken care of lefties that are able to vote. It’s like a boat anchor around America’s neck and if we don’t break the chain we are going to drown!

  9. American citizens never voted for puppet Biden. Americans are not going to be waiting much longer the media and state gov daily attacks on our citizens is over the top. I am so tired of seeing my fellow Americans being trashed as if their life have no meaning.

  10. What do you expect from a puppet who cannot even follow a script without “ah..ah, you know what I mean”. Unfortunately ,as with MOST democrats, puppet Joe crawls with his head up his behind.

  11. F*ck off biden…….take the rag off omar and stick it in his mouth……All lying, cheating Terrorista who committed voter fraud

  12. Biden is a liar, a cheat and a traitor.Biden and his son should be hung for treason.If the military had leaders with balls they would take care of this problem.They’re letting this scum destroy our country while him and his family profit from dealings with China.Wake up America

  13. “THE HOMELAND” Sounds eerily familiar…. as in words that Hitler used in referring to Germany prior to and during WWII.

  14. Time to remove him and his entire cabinet and politicians. Remember the Boston tea party. This will be the Delaware tea party with dc included. Free speech is legal and also to protect our rights

  15. Biden is absolutely correct: “Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today”, in fact Nancy Pelosi also noted ” ‘Whiteness’ To Blame for the Capitol Riot. Pelosi = White, Schumer = White, Hoyer = White, Nadler = White, Schiff = White, Sanders = White, Feinstein = White, DeBasio = White, Cuomo = White, Whittmer = White, Newsom = White… Need I keep going?

  16. WAKE UP PATRIOTIC AMERICANS BEFORE IT IS TO LATE, IF IT ISN’T ALREADY. tHE ONLY TERROIST KNOWN TO ALL IS THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION AND COMPANY, WHO ARE TRYTIN G VERY HARD TO DESTROY AMERICA. WHY?, because BIDEN owes CHINA so munch $$$ between him and his son he is under their finger to screw AMERICA IN ORDER TO GET OUT OF DEBT. Think about what has gone on since day 1 of the BIDEN Administration, he was in such a hurry to get AMERICANMS to forget TRUMP that he started out the gate with changing everything he could think of that PRESIDENT TRUMP has accomplished by tryin g to make them go away. BIDEN is AMERICA’S HOME GROWN TERRORIST, remember that when it comes to the next election, VOTE Republican or pray to GOD that you did. GOD BLESS AMERICA, ONE SCREWED UP NATION UNDER GOD.

  17. American media needs to realize the harm they are doing to the country. They cannot use their own liberal ideologies to change America without further dividing the country. They are trying to push socialism on America without a clear majority of the citizens on their side. They will destroy their profession in the process and create havoc with the citizens. Instead of diversity training all of these so called journalist should take a class in researching the truth and in publishing it.

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