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Biden Caught Following China’s Orders

China’s time for the West has finally come.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Monday issued orders to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare to “act at any second” and maintain “full-time combat readiness,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Tuesday.

Xi previously tightened his personal control of the PLA, using his position as chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) to appoint loyal officers and clean out suspect personnel under the guise of an anti-corruption campaign.

State news agency Xinhua described the orders as part of an effort to tighten Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control of the nation’s military and to prepare it for future conflicts:

Upholding the Party’s absolute leadership over the armed forces and focusing on combat capabilities, the regulations stipulated the guiding principles, leadership, responsibilities and structures of the committees in detail. At the same time, it sets requirements for its members.
The regulations will enhance the role of Party organizations in the armed forces and help with the Party’s goal of strengthening the military in the new era and building world-class armed forces.

The order comes as China makes a series of moves to improve its military capabilities amid several international spats with its neighbors over its territorial claims, which have prompted tense military encounters, including firefights. With particular respect to its border dispute with India, a string of defeats displayed China’s unpreparedness for armed conflict.

Last June, the PLA suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Indian military after the Chinese troops reportedly established a Himalayan encampment on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto Sino-Indian border. The deadly clash saw Indian troops clash with the PLA using clubs, sticks wrapped in barbed wire, and other crude weapons, eventually driving Chinese troops off of a cliff and reportedly inflicting twice the casualties on the PLA as they themselves sustained.

Use of firearms at the border had been banned by China and India, though the latter rescinded the order in the wake of the clash, which eventually prompted cross-border firefights that had not been seen in decades.

India’s triumph in June allowed New Delhi to solidify its grip on the area, seizing the high ground around Pangong Tso, a mountain lake straddling the Sino-Indian border, and fortifying their position in Ladakh, the Indian border province which has largely been host to the combatant forces.

The debacle in the Himalayas came as an embarrassment for the PLA. Reports that Xi would purge the military over the Indian setbacks came to fruition when Xi ousted Gen. Zhao Zongqi as head of the PLA’s Western Theater Command. Zhao had overseen the PLA’s unsuccessful efforts against India.

Adding to the personnel changes and Xi’s recent orders are reports that China has been constructing military camps along the the Indian border since an earlier border dispute in 2017.  Though the camps include civilian occupants, their primary purpose is reportedly to ensure the PLA can swiftly respond to further border escalations.

Apart from its fight with India, China has stoked tensions with its other neighbors, including Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Chinese encroachment in the South China Sea prompted a severe repudiation from Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte in his September speech to the United Nations. Duterte resolutely stood against its maritime claims, citing international court rulings denouncing the Chinese position.

Japan, faced with comparable belligerence from Beijing, entered into a military cooperation pact with India in September 2020.

In early December, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu noted that continued Chinese hostility presented a “real prospect” of a military clash with the mainland power.

The multitude of disputes with its neighbors renders the PLA’s buildup and Xi’s orders all the more ominous. Military commentator Song Zhongping told the SCMP that “China is indeed facing a great risk of war, which has been seriously implied in this order.”

Sources: Breitbart: Xi Jinping Orders Chinese Army to Prepare for War ‘at Any Second’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    • Not gonna happen with Bidet or any DEMONAZI at the helm, as well as controlling both houses of Congress. Better learn Chinese FAST and I don’t mean Mandarin.

      • Political Observer (learn Chinese FAST): When (not if) any conflict arises, we’ll probably start out with a very STERN “please, please, please, please;” which, unheeded, will quickly advance to a bho-era supplication “sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” for the whole second hour of apologies (amidst sino-laughter). I only wonder WHICH House will be more controlling of “the big guy” until he is 25th amendmentized?

    • I’ve been saying this on social media that china is lying, not paying back millions on a signed agreement…AND THAT WE WILL BE TURNED INTO COMMUNIST RULED. Those who voted for that biden guy I hope you are happy and content with the outcome you stupid fools!!! BUNCH OF IDIOTS!

  1. This fake news article by Joshua Jackson has a headline that talks about “Biden Caught Following China’s Orders” and shows Biden with Xi shaking hands together, but the article does not say anything about what the title and photo portrays. Articles like this make me sick. Fake News! Cancel my subscription!

  2. Seems like Soros is ruling our cou try w his mo eyes. Gotta investigate but cant trust the FBI w that! Trump should’ve won but Dems cheated..planned their ballot game just like when Trump made the border wall promise if he won 4 yrs ago the million migrants wanted to storm our border. Hillary n Soros funded I bet. Seems like everytime big news shes very quiet. Just goes to show u shes bitter she lost 4 yrs ago and did everything w the dems to cause Trump trouble and aggregation. My family member was a sheriff 25 plus years ago and another great uncle was state representative and said DONT TRUST THE Democrats they’re dirty politicians…damn were they right! We need God like never before. Getting scary. But I hope our American people wont stand for this crap.

  3. This is going to get more interesting with the Harris-Biden administration in charge. With Biden & his son’s documented financial involvement with Chinese Communist Party-controlled corporations considered and their all-but-declared intent to reverse most or all of Trump’s accomplishments considered most of the southeast Asia & the southwest Pacific nations and we have a problem. Leave it to the mainstream press to suppress it.

  4. I didn’t read anything that the headline stated, so Joshua Jackson did you forget what you were writing about or what??

  5. We are already being controlled by another country. And the Democrats bow to them only. And the only ones that can stop this is the people or GOD. I also think that the Majority of our leaders in Washington are a bunch of gutless snakes that speak with fork tongue’s only to save their own as is from their crimes while in office.

  6. Jo and ho committing treason. Told you he sold us to China. How sick are the politicians. Oh wait treasonist which they have been all along to president trump

    • Your master, your savior, your orange calf, has been the traitor to all our enemies and allies Tootsie Roll

      • JusticeforTrump (“traitor to all our enemies and allies”): MY understanding is PURSUING an America FIRST policy is best for following OUR Constitution, since YOU call him a “traitor to all our enemies or allies” WHOSE constitution(S) are YOU advocating that President Trump should have adhered, but didn’t?

  7. This was a very sad day November 06,2021 when all Americans that voted for a President of their choice ,which is our Constitutional Right n in the final end we all realize our votes weren’t even counted or many were disposed into garbage,I n many Americans know no matter what the Liberals claim ! We

    must follow our Great President Trump to stay calm !Please continue to pray for President Trump n his family ask the Lord to put our Lord n Savior Jesus Christ’s blood 🩸 all around them in the name of Jesus n keep them safe from all the evil corrupt liberals!Thanks be to God ,praise the Lord,Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  8. Sounds like TREASON and SEDITION to ME . . . Lock JOE up with the REST of the TREASONISTIC Traitors – PERMANENTLY. He is NOT president or NEVER will be but an IMPOSTER. One Enlightened And Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

    • Do you think the next 3 years Biden will be investigated for collusion? Relentless media making falsehood (really facts–this time) statements against his Presidency?

    • Billy Wilson: His son said creepy-joe ONLY skimmed 10%, but that doesn’t really mean he is always 90% loyal to the U.S, does it?

  9. Biden is a traitor and he is so into debt to the Chinese he will be at their beck and call and America will suffer a great defeat because we now have no one in charge with any backbone.

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