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Biden Fails To Act In Midst Of Wall Street Meltdown

Americans were looking to Biden to offer assurances.

Yellen will meet the president on Friday morning, according to the president’s schedule.

The trading app Robinhood infuriated users on Thursday for blocking purchases of stocks popularized by Reddit such as GameStop.

The hedge fund Citadel helped bail out Melvin Capital after the hedge fund lost billions by betting against GameStop before Reddit traders rallied to boost the stock price to unprecedented heights.

Reddit traders, however, remain skeptical of Yellen’s monitoring of the situation, after receiving more than $800,000 in speaking fees from Citadel before she was appointed by Biden as treasury secretary.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged questions about whether Yellen would recuse herself from the issue.

“I don’t think I have anything more for you on it, other than to say, separate from the GameStop issue, the Secretary of Treasury is one of the world-renowned experts on markets, on the economy,” she said. “It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone she was paid to give her perspective and advice before she came into office.”

Sources: Breitbart: Janet Yellen Briefs Joe Biden on the Economy After Populist Trading Movement Shakes Wall Street

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. It is not that he failed to act He didn’t know what to do You know these losses might be some payback for the real President not this moronic imposter that is in the white house He has no idea how to run this country With the help of Pelosi and Schumer I think we can look at hard times for the next few seasons Well until we can put the real President back in office with the hope that there is still enough to salvage our country You might as well get pissed off right now because a lot more of you people are going to be losing your jobs It will be just like it was when Obama was hmfic

  2. All the Democrats are doing is helping China out with these so call buying stocks these stock are for China made products. Don’t buy anything that help the Democrats or China out you will be helping the bad.

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