Biden Finally Decides To Act In Texas, Days Late

He left millions of Americans stranded without power for days.

The new disaster declaration for Texas allows federal funding to assist affected areas, including grants for temporary housing and home repairs and low-cost loans to help cover uninsured property losses, according to the White House.

Dozens of Texans have died after several days of winter weather crippled the power grid, burst water pipes, and left residents freezing in their homes.

The president ramped up his response to the disaster in Texas in recent days after remaining publicly silent about the crisis for several days. On Thursday, Biden shared three social media posts addressing the crisis, six days after it began.

On Friday, Biden told reporters that he was “a president of all Americans” and would visit Texas in the upcoming days if he could do so “without creating a burden for folks.”

“FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] is already there and providing support,” he added.

FEMA officials said Thursday that they had provided 60 generators as well as food, water, and blankets to affected areas.

Last week, White House officials repeatedly assured reporters that Biden was “keeping abreast” of the crisis behind the scenes, as he spoke with governors of affected states on the phone. On Sunday, Biden also approved a state of emergency declaration in Texas.

Sources: Breitbart: Joe Biden Approves Texas Disaster Declaration After Several Days of Crisis

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Joe Biden is NOT a LEGAL sitting US President and every LEGAL US Citizen who did or did not vote knows it ! Eighty , 80 million US Citizen voted for President Donald J. Trump . Joe Biden DID NOT GET 80 MILLION LEGAL VOTES !

  2. Biden is a “fake” president. We all know the election was stolen. He doesn’t care about Texas citizens or any of us. We can’t wait 4 years. We need something done now.

  3. Awww, come on, man. Nobody woke him up to tell him about it.when they finally did, they had to explain that Texas is one of the 50 states. He gets so confused. Not his fault. It is however the fault of the idiots who voted for him.

  4. Poor ol’ Joe. Nobody told him Texas was in trouble and people were dying. Now if Trump were still our President (as he legally should be) he would have been down in Texas from the beginning trying to help the Texans as they struggle to cope with their horrendous situation.

  5. May be some one should tell Joe that Texas is a part of China , then he might help them ! Ther must be some way we can get rid of Biden ,, TREASON

  6. With democrats everything is political. Until Texas becomes a “Blue” state thanks to the immigration crisis that the dems have orchestrated. Don’t expect this feeble old fool in the oval office to respond very quickly to a “Red” state crisis.

  7. If he were president “of all Americans” he wouldn’t be trying to screw us with executive orders designed to crush us.

  8. This was is called KARMA! No respect for Donald Trump and his family, the constant harrassment, hatred ect is what the Democrats are getting back. We should respect each other no matter what what your opinions are. The News media is not being professional when they use lies and propaganda to get what they want. We are a democracy, and free speech is part of that democracy. Journalism is to tell the public was is going on in the world. Its not about your opinions. My aunt was a journalist during WW11 and that’s how she did it. I am very afraid of our future and our country. 🙏🙋‍♀️🐂🐴🐘🦅🐕🌻

  9. He is nothing but an illegally elected piece of communist germ. There will be a day of reckoning for all those who brought on the downfall of this country.

  10. Our only chance at this time is for the pilot of Air Force One “take one for the team” and take out Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC – and save America.

  11. Lets send Biden down there in those conditions with what these people have to live through–Bet he doesn’t last long—He is an idiot


  12. Joe Biden is responsible for this disaster in Texas! He’s the one that put that Bill 202-21-1 in place since Jan. 20 & went into effect on Feb. 14…creating this disaster here in Texas!! This man has blood on his hands & owes Texans millions of dollars & apologies to the Texas People & the Leader of our Texas Government!! Biden knew all along that this the weather was gonna go bad, as February is always the coldest month in Texas!! This man intentionally tied the hands of ERCOT & the Texas Government to create a debacle!! The Democrats revenge of the Conservatives has gone far enough & it’s time to STOP their incompetency!! It’s time to file the lawsuits against the Federal Government & Joe Biden himself! This is the most revengeful thing I can think of ever by a worthless human sitting in Our Government Office of the Presidency!! They knew all along what was going to happen if they cut the supplies of oil transportation & relief on the so called renewable energy that is neither affordable, reliable, or sustainable!! Biden needs to be held accountable & removed from office!! I urge everyone who suffered deaths in their families to file suit against Joe Biden & all lawmakers involved in passing this Bill! There is no excuse as the weather can be predicted in a time frame that this would not have had to happen, but the DumboCrudz heartlessly, even Evilly allowed this to happen, when it could’ve been backtracked if they had only paid attention to the cooling patterns headed to the West Coast, before the storm hit!! I have prayed about this & I know it could have been avoided!! AOC thinks she’s proved a point…she didn’t! The experts have the knowledge, the data, the research, on all this “Green Energy Nonsense” & they’ve all known since the eighties
    that green energy was not reliable nor sustainable!! Read or listen to Mark Mills, he’s been on this subject for years, & he has spoken on this recently!!

  13. Saw the pictures of the phoney Democrats at relief stations. The thing is that Jackass lee and the others fakes aren’t giving out anything to anyone, and are doing the fake photo session while insulting the Republican leadership. As usual the insults are thrown by idiots from the north not knowing what they are talking about

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