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Biden Going Full Throttle On Abortion

He is even going against his own Pope.

A number of Catholic Bishops advanced a document last week to clarifying who is worthy of receiving Holy Communion. The move has led to speculation the clarification is in response to a number of Democrats taking pro-abortion stances while claiming to be faithful to Catholic doctrine. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden, who both claim to be devout Catholics and take communion, yet hold pro-abortion policy positions, are two examples.

During the daily briefing at the White House Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the situation and said President Biden’s faith is personal, not political.

“Joe Biden is a strong man of faith and as he noted just a couple of days ago it’s personal. He goes to church as you know nearly every weekend. He even went when we were on our overseas trip. It’s personal to him. He doesn’t see it through a political prism and we aren’t going to comment on the inner workings of the Catholic Church,” Psaki said. “Again, the President’s faith is personal. It’s something that has helped guide him through some challenging moments in his life and that’s how many Americans see their faith as well, not through a political prism. So I would suspect he would continue to attend church as he has for many many years.”

Further, Psaki was asked if Biden believes a 15-week-old unborn child is a human being. She deferred to talking points about a “woman’s right to choose.”

Biden was asked about the resolution late last week and said he doesn’t believe it will impact him.

Sources: TownHall: White House: Despite Communion Threat, Biden Isn’t Changing His Pro-Abortion Policy Position

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. How you live your life and the decisions you make and the beliefs you have according to His teachings make you a Christians.

  2. Biden is not a Christian. He is doing the work of the Devil every day destroying everything decent and good of this country. Killing babies is perfectly acceptable with him and his Godless party. He and his party will pay the price when they stand before the Lord of creation.

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