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Biden Has Lost Touch With Americans

He has gone rouge.

“It is just another example of how truly radical this leftist agenda has become and how far Joe Biden is from core American values,” Greitens told host Matt Boyle of Biden’s joint address to Congress. “Something that really stood out to me about the speech was when he talked about Nancy’s [Nancy Pelosi’s] second drive-by impeachment after January 6, and he said it was the greatest attack on American democracy since the Civil War.”

“I’m sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Does he not remember 9/11 when over 3,000 Americans were killed?’” Greitens continued. “Does he not remember the thousands of Americans who later perished in the global war on terrorism? Does he not remember Pearl Harbor when over 2,400 Americans were killed and the hundreds and thousands who gave their lives in World War II?”

“It just shows you how warped the left’s perspective has become,” he added. “This is what happens when you have leftists who try to erase American history, led by Joe Biden who clearly doesn’t remember it or has become so, so twisted by a leftist political ideology.”

Greitens continued, reflecting on his career as a Navy SEAL and the many lives given for this country, stating Biden is “detached from what is happening on the front line.” Greitens also blasted Biden for his handling of the southern border crisis, asserting he “has turned America’s border over to Mexican drug gangs and cartels.”

To combat the left’s agenda, Greitens said, “Patriots must step forward.”

“Because of the failure of many Republicans to really investigate election integrity and election fraud, because of the failures of RINOs in the swamp to step up for President Trump, many patriotic Americans and conservative Americans, right now, are feeling hopeless,” Greitens said. “What we need to recognize is that courage is contagious, and courage comes when we take action.”

Greitens also suggested people should “get involved at a local level” and maybe “run for their local precinct” to fight for the values they believe in.

“There are more people in America who believe in common sense than the craziness of the left,” Greitens said. “There are more people in America who are patriots than there are radicals.”

Sources: Breitbart: Eric Greitens: Joe Biden Is Out of Touch with ‘Core American Values’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. ({[“You on The Left Side Of The US Political Equation Made Both Of These Monster’s, Called #44, Mr. Barry or is it Barack Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama From That Foreign Country Of Kenya And #46 Mr. Joe Biden! And You All Know That They And You Are Committing Actions That Are Anti-US Constitutional! Therefore, All Of You Have Been Illegally Infiltrated And Compromised Progressive Liberal Democrats By The Communistic Chinese And Socialistic Russian Government’s Dark Money, Will Have To Give Back All Of That Dark Money, And Give Back All Of ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, That You Have Stolen, And Gave It All Away To All Of Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, When All Of You Have Been Continually IGNORING The Whole US Constitution, Since The Middle 1990’s AD! Can’t You Lefties STOP Playing Like A Bunch Of ILLEGAL ROBINHOODLUMS!!!'”]})

  2. Hey China Joe you will start the next Civil War when you try to take guns from the American people.

  3. Lost touch ????? When did Biden ever have any touch with Americans? Biden is a black mark on our country. He is completely unable to do the job he stole . The man can’t say a complete sentence without a monitor.

  4. How many nitwits that voted for this anti American for president are now regretting that they did,I bet more than half if not more regret it,if the country can make it until the next election before this administration destroys it there won’t be enough cheating the Demonrats can do that will save them

  5. His administration should not be in the White House President Donald J Trump should be in the White House that’s why I’m glad that he’s going to run in 2024 he’s got my vote fuck that fake ass president Joe Biden

  6. Interesting, but it’s pretty obvious to those of us who get our news and info from a variety of sources, besides mainstream media. By the way, “rouge” is women’s makeup, “rogue” I think, is the word you’re after here.

  7. Old Joe lives in his own dementia world. Pumped up by massive cocktails of drugs it is little more than elder abuse.

  8. Biden has lost touch with Americans? Biden has lost touch with reality. He has it in his head that the coronavirus pandemic is well under control in this country solely due to his actions upon becoming president. In 100 days or less? If Biden has ever had an original idea it would come as a complete surprise to the vast majority of Americans. His handling of the immigration crisis, rejoining the climate change agenda where we have to kowtow to other countries agenda, bowing to the Iranians, etc. also show just how confused he is about what is good for America. Finally, Biden has established policies the encourage people not to work and then promises us the economy will grow faster that it has ever grown and job creation will result in full employment at high wages. It is my opinion that Biden’s first hundred days in office has been a disaster for the country and he has four more years to continue his efforts to destroy the greatest country ever created on this planet.

  9. Biden is a disaster not waiting to happen but is happening right in front of our eyes. The whole liberal Democratic Party will go down in history as the most corrupt, anti American group there ever was. They couldn’t pay me enough to be a liberal democrat. I couldn’t live with myself knowing people are suffering under this administration. What goes around comes around, the liberals will get theirs and it will not be pretty.

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