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Biden Ignores Call For Help In Texas Winter Tragedy

He is failing to be the president of all citizens.

Freezing temperatures and winter storms paralyzed power generation plants, leading to rolling blackouts across the south-central part of the country.

But the president, who campaigned on bringing back “empathy” to the White House, has still not publicly spoken about the first major disaster of his administration.

Americans typically expect their presidents to voice their concerns during a disaster and demonstrate they are doing everything in their power to help them.

Biden, however, made no mention of Americans struggling in Texas and surrounding states during a lengthy CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night.

Returning back to the White House, however, he stopped to express sympathy for reporters waiting in the cold.

“You’re in the cold so late. It’s a hell of a job description you have,” he said to the media.

Behind the scenes, however, Biden is somewhat engaged with the leaders of the affected states.

The White House told the Associated Press that Biden spoke in a conference call Tuesday with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D), Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D), Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R), Mississippi Gov.Tate Reeves (R), and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R).

The president told governors that he and first lady Jill Biden were praying for their citizens and pledged to deploy federal emergency resources as needed, according to the White House.

The millions of Americans suffering without power face a second round of winter storms Thursday, extending the crisis.

The Biden administration has instead focused the majority of the president’s public statements on fighting the coronavirus, vaccinating Americans, and the importance of his $1.9 trillion aid package.

Sources: Breitbart: Joe Biden Publicly Ignores Texas Winter Tragedy

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. He doesn’t care about the people, he is for the illegals & reversing ALL the good DJT did without the house’s help. He says FEMA will offer help to those who need it. Out of the 7 Gov., he supposedly talked to 4 were Republicans so I say watch and see, the only ones (if them) to receive any aid will the 3 Democrat-run States. Mark my words the help will go to Louisiana, Kentucky & Kansas.
    I repeat He Does Not Care About The Citizens of the United States all he cares about is Power & his own Agenda. For the last 50+ years, the Democrats have not cared one wit for anything but Power. By Biden’s own words “Dictator’s Rule by E.O. and I am not a Dictator”, 17 days into office, and he’s already signed 65 E.O. with more planned. THAT BY HIS OWN WORDS MAKES HIM A DICTATOR.

  2. I would hate to see what would have happened if he were President when Katrina hit He PROBABLY would have sent a $50 dollar check and told the state of Louisiana to teach its citizens how to swim!

  3. I think Joe was LYING when he said he wanted UNITY. Maybe he was referring to China and Mexico and Guatemala and Honduras and Iran. Certainly not the legal citizens who live in Texas and are trying to survive a storm unlike any for the last 100 years. With all of the army bases in Texas–he could not even bring water to those who have none due to their frozen water pipes. I hope all of the folks in Texas PURPLE cities remember how they were ignored in their time of need by the President they voted for.. China Joe is a mean, vindictive man and when Americans have had enough perhaps we will see a REAL Impeachment or better yet vote to remove him from office due to his mental incapacities and unfitness for office. He is probably proud of himself denying American citizens as he squanders taxpayer dollars on our enemies. Will he ever meet with, address or speak to Congress or the Senate? Joe shut down the Keystone pipeline but is spending taxpayer dollars to help the Taliban build a pipeline in Afghanistan.. Is China Joe losing it or is he just crazy mean? He must love being the dictator with his stacks of executive orders.

  4. Well let’s be fair here, if you show Biden a map of the U.S. and ask him to point out Texas on it…he is going to ask for a box of crayons and scribble lines all over the map and scream “Pudding!”

  5. It took Biden until YESTERDAY to finally declare a state of emergency for Texas, DAYS after news reporting no drinkable water, grocery stores virtually empty, no heat, no electricity, extreme cold in near single digits and home interiors severely cold, increasing deaths from cold (30+ deaths known), hospitals without water. Wind turbines frozen to a stop and solar panels not functional, livestock have no water and dying from hypothermia.

    Finally FEMA will be able to bring in water, food, blankets, generators, medical care, etc. No mention of other states being declared federal disasters, despite similarly affected by this storm disaster.

    Biden hasn’t visited any of these states. In comparison, after hurricane and tornado disasters, President Trump and First Lady Melania went to the areas and hauled pallets of water and food and supplies on AIR FORCE ONE, then helped hand it out. VP Pence said President Trump would also give personal checks to community centers and churches to be distributed to people in each area to help them. Pence said Trump didn’t tell the news this, but Pence was always moved by those gestures and caring. And the Trumps showed compassion in talking to and comforting victims.

    Biden is now giving Covid vaccine to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. News showed them getting the shots. Yet most American citizens haven’t had it yet. Any wonder first caravan of illegals was over 25,000 and many other caravans are forming in South America, comprized of people from other areas of the world. First caravan already has many from Brazil, which has one of the bad Covid variants…and likely crossing into the US as we speak.

    Biden and Harris have the gall to say they had no vaccines or distribution plan from Trump Admin. “Started frim scratch”, “We had nothing!”, per Harris They just can’t stop lying. I understand Harris got two Pinnochios from that liberal newspaper, even! They received their vaccine shots early in December. Trump had excellent distribution set up to the states, including -90°C freezers for transit AND in states, with military, Fed Ex, UPS, vaccine manufacturing companies, etc , all involved in lightening fast vaccine delivery, plus all the companies changing manufacturing to make N95 masks, gowns and gloves, ventilators, etc. In December 1.33m vaccine doses were given. Biden says he hopes to get to 1m a month. Eventually. “I don’t want to over promise!”.

  6. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY = his ONLY concern, MONEY that floats into his/his family Coffers…..!!!! AND… it doesn’t matter “WHERE/WHAT country” it is FLOATING from into his Bank accounts…..Surrounded by fences/National Guard because he knows he was NOT elected…!!!!

  7. Not President Biden just China Joe impeach I don’t think so treason call in firing squad communists in the White House where is the military the branch of government we need now to save our Country

  8. Slo-joe is still trying to figure out how to respond to the Ayatola in Iran. He wants to bend over without revealing his weakness

  9. Slo-joe is still trying to figure out how to respond to the Ayatola in Iran. He wants to bend over without revealing his weakness

  10. Slo-joe is still trying to figure out how to respond to the Ayatola in Iran. He wants to bend over without revealing his weakness

  11. I thought the left criticized the Trump Whitehouse when the Trumps sent out prayers to people involved in tragedies, where are the left atheists now? I guess because Biden is a sorta catholic, praying is now OK. Another hypocrisy from the “its only OK when we do it” left! What a bunch of loons.

  12. He is one big asshole and needs to be thrown out office he is no president he is a money monger i wish him all the luck in the world all bad.

  13. We the people need to be prepared for all kinds of disasters you are responsible for yourself the govt will not help you. Your govt might send help at some point but not right away, you will be on your own for some time, think for yourself.

  14. He’s a FRAUD from beginning to end.

    That ice / winter storm has hit a huge slice of America from Texas clear across to the Jersey Shore.


    2024 MAGA.

  15. DIRTY JOE BIDEN & THE VICE TRICK are only for the Blue States! This joke is not a PRESIDENT for all just the one’s he LIKES of OWNS!

  16. The great Biden reset……translation : Reset the country back to all the problems we had that President Trump had fixed. Like Barry stated ” never underestimate Joe’s ability to F_ _ _ things up “

  17. Where is FEMA? Are they not to help with this? No way to chill food so they need food. We go all over the world. Let’s help Texas. Take Guards from Washington to help.

  18. Yes he is not my president. He cares nothing about the taxpayers who are paying his salary. He likes the fact that he is the President, but knows nothing about doing the job correctly. He has been VP an has been in politics for 47 years and has learned NOTHING!

  19. What do you expect with Dumb and Dumber in the Whitehouse! They don’t give a damn about American citizens. They both constantly lie and think no one knows it!. I wish that they could strip them of their clothes and put them in Texas in their weather and see if they would survive – they wouldn’t! These creeps can donate millions to WHO but can’t provide for Americans in Texas when they have no utilities. Thanks Dumb and Dumber for not caring about Americans, only illegals and communist China!

  20. I remember when the previous president toured states in disaster and spoke to people involved. It happened with Trump and Bush. That spoke volumes to me and others. Biden can’t hold a candle to them. In fact it is obvious that Biden cares NOTHING for the hurting public. Biden needs to remember the ballot box will speak volumes in 2022 and 2024 and restore a God fearing man with common sense and the welfare of the citizens.

  21. What a shame. What a disgrace. What a waste of a person. What a waste of time and our tax dollars. I feel so bad and helpless for Texas and the precious citizens. If I were a millionaire I would spend my money for the nursing homes, emergency shelters, and the like first. I would go house to house with hats, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear, blankets. Color books for kids, games, you know that type of things. And lanterns for light then most of all, a Bible so parents can read stories to the family. Give them hope and encouragement. Shame on Biden. I want my President Trump! God bless Texas. God bless all who help and those who pray. I love everyone. Peace and love in Christ Jesus! 🌹

  22. This kind of crap is what is called FAKE news. How about getting your facts correct before putting something in writing. Anyone who believes this crap would believe the sky was falling. Get your heads out of your ass and do some thinking and fact checking on your own before you believe what someone else tells you or you read it, and then make up your own mind as to what is real or fake.

  23. Biden is nothing but a useless POS,his whole family is useless,We need to remove all DUMBORATS from office IMMEDIATELY.Re-instate Trump/Pence

  24. Biden is a suck ass commie. His Presidency has gone to his head and he knows nothing about running our country. Most of the time when he speaks he sounds like he’s stepped out of a drunk tank. He has no idea whats happening because he’s been in the basement to long. Brain freeze like the turbines in Texas.

  25. Shelia I think that might be one reason. He is so out of it I don’t think he knows Texas is a state. It is ridiculous.
    He should. Not have run in the first place and it just gets worse. Harris is just as bad or worse, she is a known socialist.. And when you talk about God apparently, none of them know him or care who he is. There will have to be a big turn around in America before we can expect God’s blessings. The people in Texas and other states should have already received help…. we help everyone else in the world this is American people needing HELP.
    Remember this when we have our next election….

  26. I am appalled that Biden failed to respond in a timely manner to the dire needs of American citizens in Texas. If rioters and looters can receive assistance from high ranking officials like Vice-President Harris, then why can’t legal, law abiding citizens receive aid? It appears that Biden sat on our federal response system, FEMA, and watched as Texans and others suffered a rare calamity in their states. Biden’s executive orders did nothing to relieve their suffering but instead compounded these law abiding citizens problems. Why do this? What person who truly cares about their fellow Americans fails to research and implement a plan to minimize the negative impact of their decisions? Biden’s executive orders have dealt harshly with the legal American residents of Texas. Why? What is the purpose? What is the motive? Why give more assistance and care to foreign interests and illegal aliens than to American citizens? Is this an impeachable event? Biden’s cognitive ability was questioned during the 2020 campaign based upon his odd behavior that was captured on video. Can a President be required to take a mental fitness test to determine if they are capable of carrying out the duties of the office? The American public needs and deserves answers to these questions and others.

  27. I agree with the inquiring democrat. It’s high time we look seriously at the presidents mental ability to carry ou my his job.

    The Bice president also appears to be unamerican in her conduct and actions. What happened to protecting the American people first, before looking at the needs of foreigners before your own people. It’s obviously wrong and much of their actions have been biased . If you are not democrat , then forget you.

    It’s that simple . It’s disgusting , Sinful and un-american.

    • I just learned Biden didn’t declare a disaster in the state of Texas, at least not as the Governor requested and as it’s always been done, nationwide. Biden chose only 74 counties out of 204 counties to declare a disaster so they could get help that becomes available with disaster help! ONE THIRD of the counties. That’s it ?!?!

      It was nearly a week before Biden even called the Governor. HOWEVER, he had called, during that week, several DEMOCRATIC MAYORS in Texas, asking THEM what could he do to help them/their counties. But didn’t call the Governor or Republican mayors. Reward for campaigning for him?

      He is a horrific “leader”. Is anyone looking at impeachment for him/Harris? They are more than despicable and disgusting.

      And the “Covid Stimulus” bill? Call it the “Pork belly projects” for Democrat pet projects. Only 9% —-9%—-of the $1.9 Trillion funds are targeted to help those hurt by Covid. Can he get worse?

      Well, he’s having letters sent to all all the illegal immigrants that were DEPORTED for just cause of crime, violence, rape, murder, etc., telling them to COME BACK ! And that America (taxpayers.. us) will provide them and all others with lawyers to help them get in and he’s giving them Covid vaccinations! And he ended the Stay/wait in Mexico program, and ended the agreement with two Central American countries to take immigrants in to live there.

      He’s done a lot more things, as you should know. Did you know he’s giving $200 billion to Afghanistan so they can BUILD A WALL, yet stops our wall construction. We were energy independent for first time, so he ends it, taking jobs AND HEALTH INSURANCE away from almost a million Americans. Keystone Pipeline (also affecting Canada), main line plus portion going through MT, NE, KS, MO. Stopping Alaska pipeline. Closing off the pipeline going to Ilinois and also affecting populations there, plus KY, TN, GA. Stopping coal, fracking, shale, energy sources exploration. All sorts of states involved in those, incl NM, NY, TX, UT, CO, WV. KY, TN, VA, etc.

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