Biden Inadvertently Betrays Dems on School Policy

He set himself up for more mockery when he countered his own arguments.

Joe Biden set himself up for mockery after he seemed to counter his own argument on children’s education amid the coronavirus lockdowns.

The Democrat pledged earlier this month that he would safely re-open schools across the nation during his first 100 days as president, calling it a “national priority to get our kids back into school and keep them in school.” But on Wednesday, he admitted the current method of distance learning is “unacceptable” and appeared to make a clear case for schools to reopen now.

While Biden was not advocating that children should be back in physical schools at the moment, his outrage over their lack of access to the internet in order to participate in virtual schooling left many shaking their heads.

“How could it be in America that parents must drive to a parking lot of a coffee shop or a library for WiFi – they can’t afford it at home,” he said during a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware,’ “so their children can sit in their car, participate in class and do their homework over the net?”

“That’s unacceptable in the United States of America,” he emphasized, as he continued reading the teleprompter talking points to “build back better.”

“We need to make sure that every child in this nation has access to a good education, regardless of their zip code. I know you’re probably tired of me saying that but it’s critically important,” he added.

Earlier in the month, Biden noted that he had spoken with the heads of the teachers’ unions and there was a “plan” to reopen schools across the nation to the tune of $100 billion.

“You gotta pay for this stuff,” he explained.

He also incorrectly claimed that the highest risk of coronavirus transmission is in elementary schools.

His comments this week on getting internet access for many schoolchildren sparked a wave of commentary on social media where, alongside all of those applauding every non-sensical plan Biden proposes, others called attention to the elephant in the room.

Other Twitter users reminded the former vice president that he has already failed to deliver.

Sources: BPR: Joe Biden inadvertently makes a case for why students should be back in school right now

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This absurd! This”Clown” is supposed to lead our nation? Here in Florida we has children back in school and some eLearning at home if their parents are more comfortable w that. There have been minimal issues in Tampa Bay Area but wiser minds than mine laid out the plan. Perhaps Joe can ask President Trump how best to proceed since every good idea he ever had he borrowed from someone. Pray for the nation; the Lord shall provide if we do our part.

  2. A neighbor of mine who teaches high school history told me on line testing is a problem and he talked about grade inflation issues.
    My daughter is a professor of a Dental Hygiene and has both on line and face to face teaching. How else are you give students hands on training in clinic?
    Others with small children I talked with have not given very positive reviews on online education.

  3. The poor man can’t even remember what he is supposed to be for or against. And he is going to lead our country both domestically and universally, It’s sad and “Dr” Jill just lets him get out there and embarrass himself so she can be first lady. What a joke they both are.

  4. The schools in my area, the library and school bus are stationed so each families has internet. Schools have expensive tablets for the kids. Second grade. They lasted about a week. Damaged, stolen, lost, sold, that’s our tax dollers at work. School system in California is worthless and teachers quitting because they refuse to indoctrate.
    God Bless America

  5. The unions need $100 billion for what? To replenish the funds they spent on this fake election? Don’t we already pay enough for the schools that are sitting empty while the unqualified teachers sit at home?
    We really need to start thinking about what we’re doing, if it’s not already too late.

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