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Biden Is Losing Supporters Every Day

This is why we need Trump in 2024!

Sources: DailyCaller: Friday Morning Dispatch: Biden’s Approval Rating Is Dropping Like A Rock

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Even the worst DEMON RATS realize that imbecile is a disaster!
    No brains, no intelligence left, ( not that there was any in the first place!), just a senile pedophile, an impotent, ( in every sense of the word), tyrannical corrupted to the core chinese stooge!
    Too much history there, or not enough TRUTH!
    And the VP is a total horror show in herself!
    The DEMON RATS have created the worst of the worst for themselves and the country!
    But they have to live with that worst for the moment!
    PRESIDENT TRUMP: please run for Congress, become the leader of the majority, impeach both imbeciles, and become AGAIN, the PRESIDENT we know and LOVE!

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