Biden Is Missing The Point At The Border

He should listen to what people are saying.

The Daily Caller visited a makeshift migrant camp near the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana to see the situation firsthand. Over 2,000 migrants, the majority from Central America, are living on the streets of Tijuana in camping tents donated by local charity groups. Small business owners surrounding the migrant camp complain that customers no longer come near the area due to the migrant camp.

The makeshift camp has been near the border for three months and continues to grow in size everyday as more Central American migrants make their way to Tijuana in hopes of seeking asylum in the U.S.

“I want to send a message to President Biden to help me and my kids cross the border,” a Mexican woman living in the migrant camp told the Daily Caller. The woman said the reason she was living in the camp was due to drug cartels fighting over territory in her town of Chiapas.

“There is so much violence, they kill people all the time,” said Vanessa, a Mexican national living in the migrant camp, after she left her state of Michocan due to ongoing drug cartel violence.

For food and basic supplies, migrants depend on donations from local charities from Tijuana, as well as San Diego.

“We needed help with someone running a kitchen so we took it upon ourselves to come over here and set up a tent,” said Jack Nooren, a San Diego local who runs a migrant shelter in Tijuana. Nooren and his team set up a kitchen in the middle of the camp to help keep up with the demand of food for migrants.

Sources: DailyCaller: EXCLUSIVE — ‘I Want To Send A Message To President Biden’: We Talked To Migrants Living In Makeshift Camp In Mexico

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Sure they enter our country, rely on social services, and the taxpayers foot the bill. When my great grand parents entered, they were skilled and started working right away. They did not collect welfare, food stamps, or other free-bees.

  2. He’s not missing the point, HE’S IGNORING IT. He refuses to look at the damage he’s done. Not just to AMERICA, BUT ALSO TO THESE OTHERS. this situation is CRIMINAL and it’s ALL HIS DOING,NO ONE ELSE. He just lies and lies. We are ALL SUFFERING BECAUSE OF HIM AND HIM ALONE. For you Democrats, this is the putz you voted for.

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