Biden Just Got Turned Down By His Own Government

Somebody grab him a tissue.

The Biden administration just got a shot of rejection today. Food and Drug Administration’s panel formally rejected a Biden plan for COVID boosters for most of the general public. Those who are 60 and older might be approved for a booster shot, but the experts were clear: the data is simply not there for most Americans. Also, the vote wasn’t even close (via CNBC):

An influential Food and Drug Administration advisory committee on Friday rejected a plan to administer booster shots of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine to the general public, saying they needed more data.
The panel, however, could still clear the shots for older populations. Scientists continued debating the need for a third dose of the vaccines for people 60 and older after their initial vote, leaving open the possibility of other votes.
The nonbinding decision by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee comes as the Biden administration has said it wants to begin offering booster shots to the general public as early as next week, pending authorization from U.S. health regulators. While the agency hasn’t always followed the advice of its committee, it often does. A final FDA decision could come in a matter of hours. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has scheduled a two-day meeting next week to discuss plans to distribute the third shots in the U.S.
In a paper published days before the advisory committee meeting, a leading group of scientists said available data showed vaccine protection against severe disease persists, even as the effectiveness against mild disease wanes over time. The authors, including two high-ranking FDA officials and multiple scientists from the World Health Organization, argued Monday in the medical journal The Lancet that widely distributing booster shots to the general public is not appropriate at this time.

I’m sure Dr. Anthony Fauci disagrees. If he does, then he’s anti-science. He’s attacking science. The boomerang has finally hit the clown who chucked it in the first place. The science says wait, Joe. Are you going to go against this? We’ll have to wait for his answer since he’s taking some vacation time off. Blowing up a family and trying to pass that off as an ISIS-K kill in Afghanistan really took a lot out of him.

Sources: TownHall: FDA Panel Slaps Down Biden’s COVID Booster Plan

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Time is coming when EVEN the democrats will turn their back to the DEMON RATS!
    The democrats will suffer just as much as the conservatives or libertarians of the absolute corruption and madness of the DEMON RATS!

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