Biden Plans To House Illegal Immigrants Near You

The GOP is calling for impeachment becuase of how Biden treats American citizens.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) told Breitbart News that its Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has:

…authorized programs to pay transport fees for unaccompanied children (including airline tickets), including escort transport (where necessary by airline or ORR policy) in order to facilitate release of children to approved sponsors.
ORR care providers are authorized to use program funds to purchase airline tickets in the event that a sponsor is not able to pay fees associated with commercial airfare, and a child’s physical release would be otherwise delayed.

“This isn’t about a backlog,” said Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA. She continued:

This is about Biden’s policies creating a border surge … They’re getting exactly what we all knew they were going to get which is more people coming across, including more unaccompanied children. So now they’re trying to figure out what to do with them because you know AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY)] and others are so unhappy with their “kids in containers” policy that they’ve got to fly them away from the border so nobody notices them.

“The administration wants open borders — they want anyone from around the world to come here as fast as they possibly can,” she said. But the resulting rush of migrants is forcing officials to hide the unpopular migration as it arrives at the border.

The surge of migrants will not be easy to hide, she added. “Former President Obama knows that because when he was flying the unaccompanied children all over the country, all hell broke loose and governors started complaining, and citizens started complaining. I don’t see how anyone with a memory .. would call that a win.”

On February 23, the Washington Times reported:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is scrambling to find bigger airplanes and figure out more ground transport capacity for soaring numbers of illegal immigrants, and is even talking with a company that runs “Man Camps” for oil workers in Texas to see whether it will rent bed space for the incoming wave of illegal immigrants.
New Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told ICE that cost is no issue, and to cancel contracts and sign new ones without worry about the price tag, according to the email from ICE Chief of Staff Timothy Perry. Mr. Mayorkas said he is also pondering diverting money from the border wall “to backfill budgets later,” the email said.
“ICE should increase the cadence of its transport and arrange for individuals to complete their processing and ATD’ing at processing centers north of the border,” he wrote. ATD, or Alternatives to Detention, means those migrants will be released into communities with conditions like regular check-ins with officers.

Meanwhile, the pro-migration advocates who slammed Trump because of the 2018 and 2019 congestion at the border stations are giving Biden a political pass. The Washington Post reported February 25:

“The word I would preach here is patience,” said J. Kevin Appleby, a board member at the Hope Border Institute, an immigrant aid organization in El Paso. “Everyone expects automatic results and automatic change. But it’s going to take time to reverse what Trump did.”

Biden’s officials have been broadcasting their desire to refocus the border agencies on helping to extract more migrants from Central America for the U.S. economy.

On February 19, for example, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ deputies posted a tweet offering support to migrants illegally working in the United States and to migrants who may wish to live in the United States.

Sources: Breitbart: Feds to Bus, Fly Surge of Biden’s Migrants to U.S. Homes

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Why not send these kids to Washington? After all they are the ones wanting them brought in here.. AOC needs to have at least a dozen sent to her..
    God bless these kids, but where are their parents? This is the most idiotic movement in the world. These kids need to be sent back to their homes and this needs to stop. America can not continue to house these people for free. And most of them are gang members.. Biden needs to wake up and smell the poison & ungodly mess that he is causing all over America.
    Obama and China are feeding this garbage into Biden’s head.. He can’t think for himself. He’s sitting in a stolen chair that should have the greatest president that America has elected since Ronald Reagan.. Donald J. Trump belongs there and will return there..

  2. The only reason they want to house illegals close to us, is they will be dispersed thru out the USA come the day of their release upon the public of America. And will spread their democraps propaganda thru America. Little do they know they are going back to a system of government they are trying to leave behind. Unless America grows a pair and stops the spread of illegals. Democraps don’t care about these folks they only want their votes. Democraps agenda POWER and MONEY at any cost. States need get rid of terrorist democrap political thinkers and put in place folks that will stand for the Republic of America. It’s the only way America will get it’s respect back.

  3. What is it going to take for democrats to see what president Biden is doing to our country.
    Hatred is not the way, Our country is driven by hatred the government has turned against
    the people who stand for love and generosity and now is trying to turn our young people
    into communist slaves. Young people better wake up because soon it will be too late.

  4. I was just kidding about not liking Joshua Jackson, just was seeing if my second comment would be accepted since the first one was not.

  5. TOO LATE , THE ILLEGALS ARE ALREADY HERE WHERE I LIVE ! One has even cost me ((( 3 ))) spine surgeries from head-on car crash ! No driver’s license , NO INSURANCE !!! UHG !!!

  6. Why is he allowing them to run our Oil Field’s and Stopped the other American’s from running these oil Field’s He is just EVIL put American’s out of work and RePlace them with the illegal’s Biden’s Administration Make’s me littery Sick all the Corruption they are doing to it’s own Citizen’s.

  7. Would Biden want a us war on illegal immigrants? They can not have our social security, our pension funds, our healthcare, our IRAS, our 401’s our checking account our savings account, our houses, homes!!!!!!!!!They ALSO want our jobs!!!! Where are we supposed to live on??? We have our own people to worry about!!! Our parents, our selves, our children!!!! The illegal immigrants should be forces to go back to their country and tell their country to make jobs for them. That their country should clean up their lands. That their country should make sure that their children go to school. They have resources for to do this. THEIR COUNTRIES have oil. diamonds, rubies, emerals or minerals!!!! Make thes countries do this. It can be done!!! We need to stick together and make Biden do this!!! UNITE WE STAND!!!! dIVIDED WE WILL FALL. We need petitions to do this!!!!!

  8. I managed a ranch in Colorado for some people from Texas. We were only allowed to hire illegals. Why, because we could hire 3 illegals for what we would have to pay one local.They paid no taxes so we kept no books on them. They went back into Mexico in the winter when we didn’t need them. We would have as many as 10 living in the bunk house in the summer. It wasn’t because the locals would not work. If we hired them, we would have to keep books on them, pay taxes, and a wage high enough to live on and take care of their families. Also we would have had to do something about them in the winter time when we didn’t need them. With illegals, we didn’t have those problems. That’s why most of the illegals are taking American jobs, not because the locals wont do the work, the people will not hire them.In the summer, we ran about 385 head of year old steers and 2500 head of sheep. In the fall they sold all the livestock but the horses and I took care of them in the winter.
    The people coming across the border now, will take American jobs and the ones that don’t work will be on welfare and the American taxpayer will have to pay taxes to take care of them. If you think your taxes are high now, just wait until the country is flooded with illegals. Any thing for a vote.

  9. Biden is breaking the law again. These people are NOT to be in our country. If they can’t come here legally then send them back. We don’t want or need illegals. And stop putting our people out of work.

  10. I would recommend that they build a tent city inside the WIRED fence around Congress they could sit and have tea with their voters.

  11. “Cost is no issue” if you are a tax and spend democrat.
    Remember that they want our tax dollars as much as they want our guns.
    They want us to be at risk in every way possible.

  12. Why is Biden doing this NOW of all times. We have so many businesses closing and already closed and people out of work as well as losing their homes. Now he has illegals coming into the US, where are they going to live, eat, work? If he wants them here so badly why doesn’t he invite them to live with him? I’m sure his family would just LOVE that!!!! Biden has already made a statement about stepping down to allow Harris to take the Presidential position, can you imagine what the US will be like then? I don’t have a problem with women in government but I do have a problem if they aren’t worthy of it, and she is NOT. We have a mess on our hands already and Biden has only been in office 6 weeks! What the heck is our next 4 years going to be like??? He keeps printing money like there’s no tomorrow, we are surely heading for another depression, mark my words.

  13. Gee, first obummer brought muslims in by the thousands, now sleep joe is bringing illegal aliens in by the thousands. President Trump stopped muslims coming here from terrorist nations, then biden rescinded President Trumps order. I wonder if obummer had a say in that ?

  14. how in the world will we support millions of illegals? money no option, but tax the life-blood out of legal Americans. run small business into the ground, let blm and Antifa burn the cities and stores to the ground. we can’t get food for us now, let alone the surges that are here and more coming. if we all refuse to pay taxes, what are they going to do? NOTHING. let the bill gates, Nancy pelosis , Clintons, bidens with their ill-gotten monies support them. we should get our own off the streets before we take in the entire world. and what about the virus? the pResident in the whitehouse wears TWO FOR GODS SAKE, yet he isn’t testing any of the illegals coming here. this is a sure fire recipe for keeping the people under control by mass lockdowns forever. we are communistic now folks. too late……

  15. The Demorats are pushing for communism as quickly as possible.
    These people are pushing to get into Communism!!!
    Guess what group they are a part of???
    ——-> Should the government guarantee everyone a job?

  16. If Biden is providing the transportation, send all of them directly to Delaware to his house so Jill can bake them cookies to distribute them in a cute basket as she did to our LOYAL TROOPS that are still deployed around Nancy’s house located behind a wall…a wall that is needed on our Southern Border and not around the capitol!!! Send all these illegals, these supposedly unaccompanied minors and more to Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine and all those Blue states who are so “compassionate and sincere”…oh, and of course, to our “illustrious” vp! Why are these supposed refugees and children whose “parents” are nowhere to be found receiving medical care, COVID testing and vaccinations, and education when our own people have been denied such?????

  17. The American people have had enough of these Liberals. We are simply out of patience. PROTEST. It was ok to do it in Seattle, Portland and NYC. Why dot D.C? After all the medial and Liberals all said those were peaceful so let’s give them a dose of their own medicine. PEACEFULLY of course. Just follow Maxime Waters guidelines.

  18. If Biden and the other Demonrats want us to house illegals, they had better be prepared to do the same thing. I have NO responsibility toward those people who drain our tax money and resourses. They, however, DO have a responsibility towards them for letting come into the country, and then expecting us to pick the tab. You can kiss my grits.

  19. Why does the only man on earth in charge of utilizing the nuclear football not have a mental exam? It’s obvious he has dementia
    We will be tested very soon. Same in the middle east. Israel will have to nuke Iran or cease to exist when Iran completes development of a nuclear weapon.

  20. These illegals need to go home and fix their own problems, we dont need any more problems here in the USA , we are swamped with corruption already!!!

  21. No one that is an American should want to bring millions of anyone to OUR country for ANY reason, because that means they are paid for by us and take from us more than they already have!! We resent that so much as we are the most generous nation in the world and we are sick of being taken advantage of on our backs!!! The fools in DC sure do not do the paying, we, the people do! It is insanity and against everything we stand for! They are nothing but moochers that need to look to their own government for what they need!! Since when is mexico an annex of ours???? Sick to death of this outrageous stuff against our people and country! They over all do not add anything but trouble, expense and rambling language as most of them will not speak English, get educated or learn to be Americans if they come here!….Why come if they so not want to become Americans and stay mexicans doing the same as they do in their own country! That doesn’t work here! They MUST assimilate!! oh yeah except for the hand outs that they have no right to!!….outrageous!! NO ONE but legal Americans should get any benefits or money or anything!!! Illegals from anywhere belong in their own countries or where ever all they crawl in from…disgusting and disgraceful and evil to them because they are let in and we DO NOT want them here. They have a country and they need to stay in it!

  22. I have been living with illegal aliens since 2012, It sure does not help when California has billboards in Spanish how is this helping us the citizens? American citizens speaks one language English only. The constant attack on our republic has got to stop!

  23. The governor’s and mayors need to reject al illegals and route to WDC. The 10th amendment applies here.
    The feds just dumping problems onto the state’s and cities to deal with. The feds are letting the illegals in contrary to the immigration laws thatcongress passed. Reject the illegals.

  24. I’m convinced that Obiden is just a figurehead. He can’t be this stupid. Someone is pulling his strings and moving his mouth. Whoever is doing this is making unconscious decisions without any thought process and is going to ruin America as a democratic country. The programs and policies being implemented are not for the benefit of America or it citizens. The President needs to end this mess now before Harris takes over and starts a war.

  25. This is the bankrupting of America…build back better was Biden’s whole ticket in 2020..they plan on completely destroying our way of life and rebuilding this country to suit themselves…they care nothing for anyone in this country…race is not a concern of this government…it’s a big power and money grab to make this a one party government…they have no plans to build or unite but rather to divide and conquer method our nation….wake up America…your country needs to to unite against this dictatorship and take your country back.

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