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Biden Plans To Shrink US Military Size

Has he lost his mind!?

During Friday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned the trend toward “wokeness” in the U.S. military, which he said was one of the last places in the federal government where the left had not taken control.

Gaetz drew a comparison between the Chinese and U.S. militaries to illustrate his point.

“Congressman Austin Scott and Scott DesJarlais, both also stood up for members of our military,” he said. “But the problem with Republicans is that we surrender the frame. We allow ourselves to be lulled into this concept that what we really need to be talking about is whether or not there are people who liked the wrong meme, or might be members of the wrong listserv, or get their news in the wrong places. Look in China right now, Tucker, they’re not doing gender sensitivity training. They’re not wondering whether or not their military is woke enough. They’re wondering whether or not they’re advancing in critical areas like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.”

“Now, we see the woke-kification of the Department of Defense and the reason why is because the leftists have long since taken control of the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense was this last bastion where conservatives maintained a substantial amount of influence and they’re trying to strangle out right-leaning folks who are in the military by monitoring their social media,” Gaetz continued. “And what troubles me is that this discussion in Congress is gaslighting exactly what the Biden administration is doing. They’re worried about wokeness not winning and our country deserves better and our military deserves better.”

Sources: Breitbart: Gaetz: Biden Administration Worried About ‘Wokeness’ in the Military, Not Winning

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The average or even above average dimwitocRAT has no idea what useful idiots they are. China and other nations are laughing hysterically right now at us. Wokeism. What a freaking joke. God has purposely closed thw eyes and hearts of those that hate Him.

    In America we never thought communism would be able to have a foothold. Foothold my behind, it has us by the nads. All of you that did not like the tone of Trump I am sure will enjoy the communist foot on your neck and loss of freedom and forced learning of Mandarin.

    The dimwitocRATs should be ashamed, but as the bible states they do not even know how to blush. Goodbye America, yours truly, the dimwitocRATS.


  3. Well he opened our borders know he wants our military gone just tell the socialist commies marxist to come on in . little does that treasonous bastard know there is and will allways be American patriots waiting to take out the trash when it gets here. Maybe we need a trash run on a certain house. Do you think they (inner patriots)will put them out by the curb for pickup and delivery to a new place in cuba?

  4. Poor ole Joe is just doing what his commie buddies want This garbage that has been going on is just a show The real facts are look what is happening They get stronger and we get weaker Just the same as Obama same commie connection I am afraid that if worthless Biden makes anymore decisions like this one he will have people on both sides of the street after his ass Biden and his group of morons do not have a clue Biden and his commie buddies and Harris are trying to sell us out to the united nations They would patrol our borders and control our guns That part should be a snap if they use the same rules as they do in Africa Meaning everyone has a automatic weapon and they keep them This whole thing will never be accepted by the American people So they need to get their head out of it and do what is good for us not your dividends We are tired of sucking the ass of other countries while losing jobs property and finally our respect We will not allow this to happen

  5. This has a name – GLOBALISM. Weaken the military, suddenly weaken the economy, control the schools. Control healthcare and force the American people to FUSE with the EU to form a Global government which is simply a few people controlling everything. Been tried by the NAZI empire, the Soviet Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire and on and on. ALWAYS ends in blood and death. Throw these incredibly sick people out of office.

  6. With all that we have witnessed our U.S. politicians _—-“do”—- …………since my immergence into political “behavior” investigation from my beginning “look”….in the late 60’s…… in the U.S……during Vietnam………………………………I find it understandable why what are considered “3rd World regimes”…………….. ending up shooting their politicians. Understanding is not “agreeing”. There is “cause and effect” going on when dealing with people who view totalitarianism as the basis for their view……

    “Nudge nudge wink wink” ………….here. I suspect the same “secret shooter” scenario is already in place nationwide in every area of political intrigue.

    We haven’t seen the gunfire assassination carnage…… (yet)…… in the continental U.S. because we are “stable” on the world stage. I smile using the word “stable” in referencing anything relating to stable American politics. It just hasn’t broken out yet….folks. There will all kinds of calibers flying to and fro………….. when we finally figure out we’re going to figure out who stays and goes.

    Damn……’s going to be a a really grotesque “civil” war. We’ll be stacking bodies to use as shields to fire back at our enemies. Yes…..this is a fact.

    If we can keep it non-nuclear, and without the help from either side from “outside allies”………we should see a death toll of six to ten million.

    Piece of cake !

  7. Of course! That’s what DemocRATs ALWAYS do when they’re in power: attack the military and cut their budget so they can direct more money to welfare to keep people dependent on the government!

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