Biden Policy Betrays Blue Collar Workers

The economy has been crushed.

The decision was reported by the Washington Post on Tuesday, and would mark an attempt to reverse one of President Donald Trump’s historic achievements: the opening of ANWR’s coastal plain in his tax cut legislation in December 2017.

The Post reported that “Interior would halt the leases on the grounds that Trump officials rushed the Jan. 6 auction and did not follow proper procedures.” But environmental groups have also lobbied to reverse Trump’s decision on ANWR.

ANWR was set aside by Congress in 1980 — though biologists in Alaska have joked that Congress confused ANWR and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) to the west, which has more wildlife and less oil and gas potential.

The fossil fuel industry has lobbied for ANWR to be opened, arguing that new technologies such as directional drilling and ice roads minimize the environmental impact and risk to wildlife. The local Iñupiat Alaska Native communities and the state government also support oil and gas activity in ANWR. But environmental groups oppose it, noting that the migratory Porcupine Caribou herd uses the coastal plain to calve. The Gwich’in Alaska Natives, who live further south but also hunt the caribou, and who would not benefit directly from oil and gas development, want ANWR to be closed.

Environmental groups also want ANWR close for the same reason they lobbied for the Keystone XL pipeline to be closed, though it is the most environmentally-friendly way to transport oil — namely, that they oppose all fossil fuel development, due to the risks of climate change.

Just last Wednesday, attorneys for the Biden administration Department of Justice defended the Willow oil project in the NPR-A, which was approved by the Trump administration last fall, fighting against a lawsuit by groups trying to stop it.

The country is currently experiencing a surge in gas prices.

Sources: Breitbart: Report: Biden to Cancel Oil, Gas Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Despite High Gas Prices

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Old CCP joe biden, just never fails, to cause disappointment , for the US citizens and make the chinese government happy NOW DOES HE ???

  2. The world of hate and discontent is happy for the socialist democraps and administration. They see the USA weakening and soon their chances to ruin the livelihoods of Americans will be pushed on to America’s soil once again. Patriots are being tested for resiliency. So keep your powder dry MINUTE MEN.

  3. Ya know, they burn off enough natural gas every day on the slope to provide heat, power , all gas appliances ECt in the Eastern United states!!!! It has been that way for over 40 years!! Ya know why it is burned off creating all that pollution and possible global warming???YUPPERS Enviro freaks sue, sue, sue!!! There for not allowing a pipeline to be run next to or on top of the oil line that already runs to the states!!!!! So. show Me how that has done or ever will do any good to the environment these enviro freaks that have lined Ol Pedo Bidy & Da Ho’s pockets?????

  4. it really gets me how UN-AMERICAN these people are Bejing Joe and the ho and all the rest of these so called democrats are just commies and marksits we need to destroy the serpents

  5. I am sorry…I have been a Democrat since Hoover/Franklin R era…and when Reagan ran for office, I became an Independent…and that is how I stand today.. The Democratic Party of today is no longer the Party of the Working Man…Today it is a Party of the “Rich and supposedly Famous! Maybe we should call it the “Wayward Party”…Biden is selling America to China because he and his family are “beholden” to them…Does Biden have a conscience?…He “plays” the part of Mr. Nice Guy but he is in partnership with the Devil…forgive me for saying that, but “what else” can one call his actions of today?
    I am certain, that many that voted for him are upset…and they should be…He is “killing” our freedoms, we are becoming subservient to our government. Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do!

  6. President Biden told Americans exactly what he was going to do. While also guaranteeing Americans that he was for the middle class. Once again the foolish American people voted for it. All the Socialist are laughing there ass’s off. Fool you once , fooled twice , lol , I can fool you again !

  7. Who thought Biden would care about Blue collar workers or other unwashed masses?If you voted for this you deserve it

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