Biden Quietly Flooding This State With Illegals

This is part of his immigration plan.

The Biden administration quietly began transferring illegal migrants from the southern border to the state of Tennessee within the last week. This move was so quiet, in fact, that the state’s top elected officials didn’t know anything about it until it was done. Now Senator Marsha Blackburn is joined by the junior senator from Tennessee, Senator Bill Hagerty, and U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann in demanding some answers as to what exactly is going on.

The southern border is a mess thanks to the incompetence of Team Biden and their determination to undo every successful policy implemented by the previous administration to handle illegal immigration. The problem with that plan is that the Trump administration’s policies worked and Fumblin’ Joe can’t admit that, given his investment in trashing Trump as xenophobic and racist. Strongly worded letters have been sent to the appropriate people, including to the secretaries of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security.

Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, along with U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Ooltewah, issued a letter to the secretaries of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security saying the lawmakers are “deeply troubled by the lack of transparency and accountability regarding the conditions that HHS is subjecting the children to.
“There are media reports that, within the last week, at least four planes carrying [unaccompanied children] landed at Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before swiftly boarding the children onto buses and transporting them to multiple cities across the southeastern United States for apparent resettlement, with zero transparency regarding what was happening,” the letter reads.

There is an alleged video of migrant children moving through Chattanooga’s airport, from where they were reported to be taken by bus to areas in the Southeast. This was being reported by WRCB-TV Channel 3 on Wednesday. By Thursday, Senator Blackburn was hitting the airwaves demanding some answers. She and the others also want briefings from both HHS and Homeland Security.

“The citizens of Tennessee are entitled to more information,” the letter reads. “After all, their schools, hospitals and law enforcement agencies will bear the burden of this reported resettlement, which is the product of an ongoing border crisis that is making every town a border town.”

This is the same complaint that other localities voice when a flood of illegal migrants are dumped into their towns. Local law enforcement and public officials are faced with a lack of resources to handle the situation. The towns quickly run out of money and personnel to manage the overload. One church was criticized in April for helping with unaccompanied minors and says the bills are paid for their care by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

In April, Redemption to the Nations Church drew criticism from some area residents for leasing an unused building to an organization with a federal contract to temporarily house unaccompanied migrant children. The children, between the ages of 12 and 17, receive education on site and are not placed in Hamilton County Schools. According to federal policy from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, unaccompanied migrant children do not attend local schools.
“ORR pays for and provides all services for the children while they are in care at a shelter,” the office’s website says. “This includes food, clothing, education, medical screening and any needed medical care to the children.”
Guided by federal policy, the ORR moves children to federally funded and state-licensed facilities, such as the one in Chattanooga, for care until they can be placed with sponsors and wait for their court hearings.

ORR traditionally handles refugees asking for asylum in the United States but during the Biden border crisis, the sheer number of migrants has caused the normal system to collapse. Other agencies have to work together to find solutions, like where to house the migrants not being turned away at the border, such as unaccompanied minors. Charities are helping take up the slack, too, including church groups that provide shelter and volunteers. Adult migrants coming to the border during this crisis won’t qualify for asylum if the Biden administration follows current immigration laws.

Governor Bill Lee rejected a request from the Biden administration weeks ago, he tweeted, to house unaccompanied minors.

Joe Biden promised the most transparent administration ever, which, at the time was laughable. Since then, he has proven cynics to be correct in doubting his ability to conduct his administration in a transparent way. During the Biden border crisis, this fallacy has been proven time and time again. Secret flights in and out of Tennessee now are just the latest example of Biden’s failures.

In 2019, Lee allowed refugees (migrants) to be transferred to Tennessee but at the time he said the government had to make reforms in immigration laws. States don’t control immigration, the federal government does. Now, with the situation so much worse than it ever was during the Trump administration, who can blame Governor Lee for saying enough is enough?

If these reports of flights moving unaccompanied minors around the Southeast prove to be true, Biden has some explaining to do.

A source with direct knowledge of the operation revealed somewhere up to 50 minors are transported at a time – some to reunite with family members in other states and others to be relocated to group homes.
The individual revealed that while the operation started in Dallas, it moved to small airports recently to avoid attention.

And, as we so often ask, where’s Kamala?

Sources: HotAir: Blackburn blasts Biden for lack of transparency as administration quietly flies illegal migrants to Tennessee

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Ten years ago when we wondered what ever happened to unaccompanied minors, an investigator did a search to follow up on these children’s status living in this country. She , like most of us assumed that the “family members “ that picked up the unaccompanied minors, would still have custody. What the investigator found was that the children were not with them and that they denied that they picked the children up. The investigator argued with the adults that were supposed to be caring for the children. Under pressure the adults made up excuses and stories. The investigator followed up on the stories like the child is visiting with an auntie, blah blah… She never found the unaccompanied minors. Epstein was still alive those years.

  2. All the governors need to get together and send these illegal aliens kids to Pisshosey’s and schmucker’s, houses and the White house. then ship some of them to Hollywierd.

  3. Tennessee ( as well as Every RED State ) needs to make E-Verify the LAW of the Land for EVERY Business and Government entity in THEIR state…… if the Federal Gooberment will NOT do it….. THEN it is Up to the States to PROTECT Their American Citizens….

  4. This is what Biden voters said they wanted. He didn’t hide the fact, he told voters what his plan for immigration both legal and illegal would be if elected. He is giving away our country piece by piece and few citizens care enough to defend their nation. Adios America ! It was nice knowing you.

  5. This is CRAZY. Surely Biden is not so stupid that he believes this is the thing Americans want him to do. These people will end up in little towns with no way to take care of them. Talk about child abuse. How much more abusage can you get? You are not only abusing the kids you send there but also the people who live there. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

  6. Where do u think harris is shes sucking n fucking dick thats where the whore is blow her fucking head off some one please blow the sucking fucking whores head off

  7. Put Biden, his buddy and lying DHS Mayorkis in the same cell for sex-trafficking of underage minors across federal and state lines.

  8. I didn’t parent these people nor do I agree to finance and house them !!! These actions are dividing this country very quickly and decisively !!! How much longer are true Americans going to put up with this nonsense ???

  9. Joe Biden wouldn’t know what Transparency was if it Bit Him in the ASS!!! He has Secreted Everything his Administration has Done since Day 1. That’s the way He has Operated His entire Political Career. Lies, Lies and more Lies. Just Like the Entire Situation with His Son Hunter, Anyone else would be in Prison for the Things He’s Done, But Not Hunter Biden, Now He’s Playing Teacher and I’m sure Getting well Paid for it too. Joe Biden is no Different He’s another one that should be In Prison, You Have an Eye Witness and Multiple Documentation that He Sold The Vice Presidency, He took Billions from China, Russia and Ukraine and that’s a Fact but Instead of Prison, They Steal the Presidency of the United States Of America and He Gets to PLAY President, and The People pulling His Strings are Trying to Destroy Our Country. What Exactly is wrong with that Picture? EVERYTHING . He’s a Fraud, a Puppet, a Empty Shell, and to Top it Off He’s an IDIOT. He’s not Qualified to Run a Dog Pound, Let alone Our Country. It’s Truly a Disgrace to see Him in the Hallowed Halls of OUR White House. They have Destroyed Everything Great that President Trump Did for Our Country and by doing so have Killed 1000’s of Jobs, Destroyed 1000’s of American Family’s, put us Trillions of Dollars further in Debt. and Continues to Wreak Havoc on Our Country all for the sake of Getting VOTES for the Democrats by Allowing 1000’s of Illegals to Enter our Country to further Destroy all of Americas Resources. A Sorry Excuse of a Human Being and a Disgrace as a President. The Worst Ever!!!!

  10. Take them ALL back to their home’s and let them apply and come into AMERICA the right way.
    Try reading Mexico’s immigration policy, IT’S a lot stricter then the US ever thought of being. We should adopt some of their policies.

  11. I am not surprised at anything this administration does. I want President Trump back in office. Not in 2024 I want him NOW. America needs a man who can run our country and ward off our enemies not a senile old man who frankly doesn’t give a hoot about America or the American people.

  12. He isn’t flooding just one state with illegals, but other states as well. The taxpayers are supporting these people who come here illegally. Do you remember how LBJ set up the “Plantation” for blacks, and Biden is doing the same for illegals. They are going to get “checks” and probably ongoing money taken from taxpayers. The large number of young children will also eat up taxpayers money, while American children will suffer the consequences of flooding our country with children.

  13. Say Mr. Biden, sir, how about your family taken around 100 of those Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children For A Month, And Then Your Family Can Tell “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA In How Your Whole Family Is Holding Up, Then You Would Most Probably Say, It Truly Can NOT Happen Anymore!???!!!!

  14. Something isnt done to Biden,like impeach immediately. He is going to send destroy our country. Ive never seen a president destroy so much in such a short time.While breaking all federal laws and aiding the enemy with millions of tax payer money. Governors put them all on buses and send them to white house.Show we have had it. This also looks like a way to keep this epidemic going. 1000s unvaccinated to keep spreading. While Biden and leftist do more behind the curtain

  15. Get them the hell out of TN (I’m from NY and illegals destroyed our schools and raised our taxes and contribute nothing). Put them on a bus or plane (I’m sure tax payers will be willing to spend the money) and send them to DC or Delaware or any other Demo state. Put the burden on them, they want them here. Just get rid of them or beautiful TN will end up like NY. Mark my words.

  16. Email or write all your Congressional representatives and demand they commence writing articles of impeachment NOW. The articles can be filed and acted on in 2022 when Congress flips solid red and badnews biden becomes a lame duck.

  17. Email or write your Congressional representatives NOW and demand they begin writing articles of impeachment now. When Congress flips heavily red in 2022 and leave Biden a “lame duck” president,, they can be filed.

  18. I say round up the illegals, put them on buses and quietly, in the middle of the night, drop them off at the White house. See how Biden likes it……

  19. Biden is beyond disgusting. Tennessee does not want these illegals, nor do many states.
    So what happens? They are sent to Tennessee anyway, regardless of what people in Tennessee want.
    This is the dimwit demo who said Trump messed everything up. Yet, who is behind sending these illegals to states who DO NOT want them? Biden is a lying, corrupt, demented dimwit who causes problems, but does not know who to solve them. He created this problem along with many others in this country. Trump who is the legal president solved them, not demented joe. Tennessee needs to put these illegals back on the buses & send them back to the border. What a spineless dimwit demo we have in the white house. This is why President Trump needs to run in 2024 & win back the house & senate in 2022!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. This is NO different than O did for 8 yrs, & no one stopped it. Nor will it be stopped now; the Feds have seized way more unlawful power than then. They don’t give a CRAP American kids in need, are neglected, a used & wven dying, because services are diverted to the CRIMINAL INVADERS, who have NO “rights” here!

  21. Senator Blackburn Can I offer a suggestion? How about putting them on a bus and sending them to President Biden

  22. I notice that Biden and his cohorts are note sending the illegals to Delaware, the San Francisco Bay area, or other deep blue states where the people love the illegals as long as they are problems for others (those of us who want a border wall and strict enforcement of immigration laws).
    I have to say that in my many years of observing politics and politicians the Biden administration is the most corrupt, incompetent, clueless group our country has been saddled with. In less than five months Biden and the Democrats have managed to screw up almost everything that has made this country the greatest in the world. But, all is not lost. We have an opportunity next year to start rectifying this situation by ousting Democrats from both the House of Representatives and the Senate. We can finish the job in 2024 by winning the presidency and control of both houses of Congress.

  23. There is absolutely nothing this prick Biden does that is for the benefit of the legal citizens of the United States.We are tired of this lawless, self serving administration. If something isn’t done immediately to stop this foreign invasion, by our so called leaders, the citizens will have no choice but to mobilize and take action! The attempt to impeach the previous president, with unfounded charges and lies, was a deceitful and democratic partisan sham of the American public. Biden and his merry band of thieves need to go NOW! Political correctness BE DAMNED, stop wasting time, get er done!

  24. Where are their parents? This kind of parenting by an American citizen would get you a visit from DFACS and possible jail time for neglect.

  25. This is what Democrats mean when they talk about fundamental change. Change from a free market Republic to a communist “people’s” Republic.

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