Biden Says He Has No Plans To Work With Republicans In Congress

He plans to use executive powers to change the future of America

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that President Joe Biden was showing that he did not care about working with Republicans.

While discussing the Democrats pushing another coronavirus relief package without Republican support, anchor Chuck Todd asked, “Are you still willing to work with the Biden White House if this deal ends up being on a vote? Will this make it harder for you to work with them or, you’ll be there for the next one?”

Cassidy said, “You actually have two different questions in that. I am absolutely willing to work with anyone if it’s good for the American people, because that’s what we should all be about. We have conservative solutions. The more conservative values infuse public policy, I think the better public policy is. On the other hand, the administration is showing very clearly they don’t care if they have to work with us. They’re willing to push things through, even if someone like Larry Summers says it’s bone-headed policy, I’m paraphrasing, and even if we come in good faith with at least ten and more that would have joined us, and they say they don’t care.”

Sources: Breitbart: GOP Sen. Cassidy: Biden ‘Showing Very Clearly’ Doesn’t Care About Working with Us

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Thanks you bunch that voted for these radical American destroyers………… Thanks!! You will pay the price right along with the rest of us..

  2. he looks like a genuine culprit for a real impeachment killing good paying
    jobs he looks very much like a likely candidate for impeachment. The couintry
    in desperate need of adding jobs not terminating more jobs with millions
    already laid off from last march shutdown.

  3. What happened to your speech about ” Unity ” that did not last very long. Yo may not want to work with the Republicans but remember we may not work with you. Most people are not
    interested in ” working ” with you or Obama! We had enough of the two of you bimbos in 2008-2016
    We were sick of you then and we are even more sick of you now!
    You were a brown nosed puppet during your VP years, and you are still a brown nosed puppet to Obama. You are his robot! He dreamed of having a robot for his third term, and now he has it. He tried to ruin our country then and he is trying again.
    But we will not let Harris and the rest of the swamp take us over.
    Civil War i son the Horizon!

  4. Joe Bidden should be impeached for violating the Constition over his son’s (Hunter) book and doings with China!

  5. that “bidet the stupid” does not have the cojones, the guts, the intelligence, the wherewithal, the strength of moral, the honesty to do anything WITH the right.
    And the people who whisper in his ear, do not have the ability and the fortitude of spirit and mind to handle the tough questions and arduous work required to be a president helper. They are just minions parroting soros and other under the table “””leaders”””, like “bo the TRAITOR”.

  6. What a president of unity. The Dictator of New Socialist Country of America is here. This should save money. We can officially fire all of the house of representatives and the Senate. Take away their salaries, health care and cancel their retirements. And remove their security and vehicle usage. Also the money saved from their many forms of taxpayer theft. Do it immediately. We can remove the wall around the Capitol and turn it into a museum or living quarters for illegal immigrants.

  7. This is the same lying sack of crap who said he would work to unify America – he called Trump a dictator but he is! This man needs to be impeached along with his VP

  8. Only people Biden is working for is our ENEMY! These DEMOCRAT POLITICAN know it! And NOTHING IS GETTING DONE ABOUT IT!

  9. Only three weeks in office and the fraudulent president Biden has already put this country on self destruct. With a lot more to come at us.
    It is hard to believe anything he is doing is for the good of the legal citizens (American people ), so far its for illegals, china, other foreign countries and his crony left over Obama nut cases.
    How can the republicans not reject every bit of this BS and not fight back already????
    Simply a sickening, destructive agenda. No wonder he didn’t run on any promises. He looks and acts like Obama hypnotized him and he is a zombie. WTF?

  10. Biden is Evil Personified.Public Good is not even a consideration. Joe lnsists we follow blindly. The blind leading the blinded

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