Biden Takes Credit For All Of Trump’s COVID Preparation

The media needs to fact check everything Biden says.

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. Trump had a plan that was complicated by the diverse policies of state governments.

Biden, speaking at a Pfizer manufacturing facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Friday claimed that President Donald Trump had left him no plan for the distribution of coronavirus vaccines.

“My predecessor, as my mother would say, God love him, failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office,” Biden claimed.

President Biden is incorrect. As Former Senior Advisor to the Department of Health and Human Services John “Wolf” Wagner confirmed to Breitbart News on Friday there was a vaccine distribution plan far before Biden took office.

In fact, a key component of Operation Warp Speed had been to prepare for distribution long before anyone knew which particular vaccine (if any) would be proven effective.

Biden’s false claims echoes repeated false statements by members of his administration that they were “starting from scratch” on the vaccination effort.

The truth is that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed not only developed vaccines in record times — despite the open scorn of Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris — but also developed plans to distribute the vaccine across the country.

The Department of Health and Human Services outlined the distribution plan in September 2020. When there were initial problems, thanks in part to confusion over a two-dose system, and in part due to differing state policies, the outgoing administration updated its plan to expand vaccination sites and the number of Americans who were eligible to receive it.

There was also the problem of state reluctance. Democratic governors, such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom, announced that their states would review the efficacy of any vaccine approved by the Trump administration.

The purpose of such announcements was almost entirely political, aimed to reinforce Biden campaign messages claiming that Trump did not care about science.

Still, such announcements complicated distribution plans and made clear that states wanted discretion over how vaccines provided by the federal government were to be administered.

Some states also slowed distribution by aiming at “equity” rather than rapid distribution to seniors. Conservative states like West Virginia and South Dakota led the pack; deep-blue California was dead last in vaccine distribution efficiency.

The day the Biden administration took office, it began leaking claims that Trump had no plan in place. CNN, citing sources in the new administration, claimed on January 21 — Biden’s first full day in office — reported that “Newly sworn in President Joe Biden and his advisers are inheriting no coronavirus vaccine distribution plan to speak of from the Trump administration.” CNN quoted an anonymous source: “We are going to have to build everything from scratch.”

Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, made a similar claim recently — and left-leaning PolitiFact rated it “mostly false.”

The goal of such claims is apparently to deny Trump any credit for the vaccine program. Biden claims credit, for example, for a promise of distributing 100 million doses by the end of his first 100 days in office. But the Trump administration had already announced in November that 100 million doses would be provided in the early months of 2021.

Sources: Breitbart: FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Had No Vaccine Distribution Plan

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I always knew that Biden was a traitor and the biggest lair there is along with the rest of them Harris Pelosi to bame a few others. They are the dictators of our country. Trump saved us and now we are no longer safe. God help us save our Country

  2. Biden is a lying piece of crap Biden lost 20 million shots only recovering 2 million Guess he made his money for the coming year. Isn’t he great. Trump made the vaccine happen he had everything organized Then the democrats cheated on the election with biden receiving more votes than Obama . The dems may think they have won but they are in for one heck of a surprise. Just wait and see

  3. Not uncommon. Joe often takes credit for other people’s accomplishments. Maybe he should take credit for all the DESTRUCTION and loss of LIVES by violent protestors in cities in the past. Instead he and fellow democrats did nothing to stop the violence. But they were all QUICK to BLAME president Trump.

  4. Crazy JOE>>> Biden s a A– H— He cant do anything on his own. 47years of doing nothing. and still counting. He s not my president and never will be. TRUMP ALL THE WAY.

  5. Biden and the Democrats came in with less than ZERO to help America. It is catching up to them and by the Creepy Joe… Nice spray on tan you sport today after making fun of Trump

  6. Biden is a total worthless idiot who doesn’t know which end is up, all he and the Democrats do is lie, they should all be thrown out of the government immediately and permanently!

  7. We all know democrats can’t do anything but lie, they blame others for their failures and take credit for the good things that have happened done by republicans. Obama taking credit for Trumps economy and low employment after he had been out of office for 3 years. The democrats care nothing for this country, the people nor the constitution, they definitely don’t uphold the oath of office, trying to silence conservatives, trying to hinder freedom of religion and walking all over the 2nd amendment with their infringing on the rights of people to bear arms. Democrats are the biggest threat to this country claiming racism where there is none such as all white people are racist, whites should be ashamed of the color of their skin. Democrats have always been the biggest bunch of racists and still prove it till this day.

  8. You can’t steal something from someone you haven’t earned!! Brib’em Joe Biden has done NOTHING so therefor, HE RECEIVES NOTHING!!!!!!!

  9. Every time a demorat opens his or her mouth they are lying these politicians needs to be in jail for being crooked liers pedofiles among other things

  10. Joe China has Never Even Achieved anything in his Life ! And Sure the _… he can’t take any Credit for what has been done Long For Before Now .😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 He can’t Raise his Own KID’S . Look at Cock Head Hunter. He couldn’t make it through the Military Service.. And the rest of the Family is Just as BAD.

  11. It doesn’t matter what that lying pedophile takes credit for, we the real Americans know who got the vaccine out and who always put American workers first.

  12. But I didn’t always taking credit for somebody else’s work he He’s too fucking stupid to think of anything on his own he’s got to be the worst president in the history of President of the United States but Joe Biden and I’ll be glad when President Trump comes back again We need a president who’s gonna work for the American people and not for the terrorist Like Iran and China they are terrorist

  13. What a lying bunch of ASSHOLES. Trump had everything in place but Democrats played games slowing down distribution and vaccinations blaming it on Trump. What a lying rat pack the Dems are.

  14. Biden needs to be fact-checked from everything he says –we all know he is a habitual liar and with the decline in his brain function rapidly he can’t be trusted to do the right thing. He needs to be RECALLED IMMEDIATELTY

  15. Joe an the ho , wants all you Biden voters to put your yard signs out so that all the illegals coming in will no where they can have a free place to stay and get a free meals

  16. Biden would like for all you That voted for him to put out your Biden flags an yard signs s at your home’s so that all the illegals coming into the country will feel welcome, an know where they can get a free meals and have free place to stay !!

  17. Seems to me that I remember reading articles about then President Trump having meetings with FedEx, UPS, and Amazon(?) regarding plans for distribution of the almost available vaccine. This was in the December 2020 timeframe or possibly sooner. What I do not recall is any information about progress of the supposed start from scratch plan the Biden dog and pony show was involved in. So tell us Joe, exactly how did you do it an inquisitive country wants to know.

  18. okay, lets get this straight, Biteme joe says President Trump left no plans on distributing the Covid vaccine right? Well guess what? Lying demented asshole biteme joe had both his vaccine shots before he was even sworn in as the phony new president!!! This was in December of 2020!

  19. What do you expect from an old senile cheating but wipe. And the media that is crooked that lies so much they don’t know the truth from fiction any more.

  20. Biden never did anything on his own. Why would any one think he would start now? Biden’s only value to the political left is to get Kamala Harris in position to become president should anything happen to Joe.

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