Biden Tells State Department To Hide This Fact

They need to be rescued immediately. No time for lies.

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Michael McCaul (R-TX) said that the number of Americans still in Afghanistan is higher than the number put out by the State Department and that the fate of the interpreters who have been left behind, “unfortunately, is very certain.”

McCaul said, “[W]e could have saved all Americans, plus those interpreters that you know worked so closely with our special forces. Now, they’ve been left behind and their fate, unfortunately, is very certain.”

After host Wolf Blitzer referenced the State Department’s number that there are less than 250 Americans in Afghanistan, McCaul stated that the Americans left in Afghanistan are in “a very dangerous situation.”

He continued, “I just got briefed in the — it’s actually higher than that number. And the reason — a lot of them maybe they tried to get out at the last minute. Because of the security concerns, they were not let into the airport. But a lot of them, actually, Wolf, have family members there that they can’t get out with them, and that’s part of the problem there also. The ones that — I think the Americans, the Taliban were letting through their perimeter, again it’s the Afghan interpreters that they view really are the ones that betrayed their country. Because they worked with the Americans, the infidel, and they are the ones that have the…bullseye on their back and they’re most likely going to be the ones that are going to die.”

Sources: Breitbart: McCaul: There Are More Americans in Afghanistan Than State Department Claims, Fate of Interpreters Left Behind Is ‘Very Certain’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I think Biden’s administration left those Americans there on purpose because he is afraid of what they could say about this fiasco. What’s the difference how many Americans die as long as the democrats have illegals and “refugees” to vote for them.

  2. When the taliban allows the world to see what they do to thieves, ( cutting the hand off with a hatchet!), their own people, you can guess what will happen to the people who colluded, helped, fraternized with the enemy! The translators will die HORRIBLE deaths. And all the Americans left will become hostages, and biden will send more billions, under the tutelage of “bo the TRAITOR”, to get them back.
    Oh, and the Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, our soldiers will perish or be mistreated by the animals who will not care for them. Abandonment of those soldiers is also a CRIME against the USA! TREASON again!

  3. The only time you hear the truth from the current administration is when Biden has a brain fart and starts to slip up and what’s in his head leaks out.

  4. Time to clean out the entire swamp by any means necessary. I am not advocating violence or any illegal means, but we must find a way. I only suggest we DO NOT go the route of the usual Congressional Buercratic panels or committees. There must be a way to do this. I call on Constitutional Attorneys and other such Professionals to give us an alternative method to clean out the foremost leaders of the Government and I include the Military.
    There is no way in hell that we should wait for the election of 2022. That is way too long. It gives these ill-mannered, violent, untrustworthy, and unintelligent people too much time to affect our way of life. It will have such an impact on our Allies also, and they certainly do not deserve that. We put this man in charge and it is our responsibility to rectify the situation. The free people around the world that have supported and depended on us deserve nothing less!!!!

  5. They couldn’t get the American citizens out amd they didn’t get the Afghans who helped America out of that country? So who are the well over a hundred thousand unvetted Afghans that they did airlift out, and want to bring to America? What is really going on here?

  6. Biden and all that work with him in the white house, and including Pelosi should all be dropped off in Afghanistan, with signs around their necks stating we are Americans.

  7. Is anyone compiling a list of impeachable offenses this tottering, corrupt, senile old fool has committed since assuming office on January 20th? Purposely crippling the U.S. economy, abandoning American citizens in a hostile foreign land, receiving bribes from Communist China, flooding our country with illegal aliens, restricting Constitutional rights, etc…..and that’s just the things that we know about. The most serious is his failure to carry out any U.S. President’s most important job — protecting American citizens at home and abroad. These people are destroying America on purpose.

  8. The FATHER of LIES, LUCIFER, has a strong hold over the whole of the DEMON RATS!
    You will NEVER hear a shred of truth coming out of the mouths of any DEMON RAT!
    They know what they are doing, and they plan on the TOTAL destruction of the GREATNESS of the USA. The owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE have been patient long enough!
    The USA are the only country in the world that has NOT accepted socialism as a basis for their government!

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