Biden Vows To Destroy GOP

His harsh words might backfire on him.

Biden said it was his “expectation” to run for reelection, but failed to say definitively if he would. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins pressed him, “so is that a yes that you are running for re-election?”

“Look, I don’t know where you guys come from, man. I’ve never been able to travel. I’m a great respecter of fate. I’ve never been able to plan four and a half, three and a half years ahead for certain,” Biden responded.

Collins tried again, “and do you believe you’ll be running against former president Trump?”

“Oh, come on. I don’t even think about — I have no idea. I have no idea if there will be the Republican Party, do you?” Biden added. “I know you don’t have to answer my question, but I mean, you know, do you?”

“I mean, look, this is — the way I view things, I become a great respecter of fate in my life. I set a goal that’s in front of me to get things done for the people I care most about, which are hard-working, decent American people who are getting it really stuck to them,” Biden concluded.

Sources: Breitbart: Biden: Don’t Know if There Will Be a Republican Party in 2024

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Is that news Biden doesn’t even know what time it is That is all he can remember He probably had a bunch of garbage to spew but couldn’t remember He try’s to rub it in but look President Trump received over 70 million votes and not counting the ones he got cheated out of So Biden like the punk that he is walks around with a stick in his ass so can say he has done something Bide has been a criminal all of his life A white color criminal A loud mouth and lies by the number and no one challenged him on his lies So for the moron Biden he continued to build on those lies and people believed here is a nice caring man He would slit your throat or have it done but not by Hunter He might get locked in the shitter and get caught Poor old Joe we all love to hate is lying ass

  2. Really ?Well we have news for him .The GOP will get stronger as they put their trust in God and stand for truth ,righteousness and justice

  3. Check out C0NVENTl0N 0F STATES.C0M – S0LVE the PR0BLEM IegaIIy with term LlMlTS, baIanced budget, & restrictions on fed G0VT over-reach of states rights. ST0P KlNG J0ERGE and say bye-bye to PEL0Sl & C0.

  4. Biden is so stupid that he keeps revealing the Dems plans about rigging elections so that Republicans can’t win . He also said in an interview a while back that he actually stormed the Capital when he was around 21 years old. He was only fined for trespassing. Americans are going to have to stop the Dems evil plans for our nation.

  5. he is the one sticking it to the American people. he won’t finish four years, let alone 8. he has dementia, which has 7 stages. I would guess he is in 4 or better now. he has no idea what is going on in the world around him. he lives in the moment, with people leading him along. look what he has done so far”. 1. gas prices over $!.00 a gallon higher==. no pipeline, send it all to china Joe. 2. hundreds of thousands more out of work due to his illegal E.O.”s. 3. on track for several MILLION illegal sick immigrants turned loose in our country. 4. illegals will help him keep the economy locked down forever. mask mandates in perpetuity.. 5. antagonizing our enemies with his blowhard rhetoric, then running like the bully his is. 6. defunding the police 7. making our military spineless, with gender confused people. 8. ruining women sports by letting HE-SHES compete. the list is endless. TIME TO PUT A HALT TO THIS INSANE MESS.

  6. didn’t like the truth I wrote? you know it is true, that is why you didn’t print it. dont worry, I won’t be back to read your demon rat garbage.

  7. I don’t believe Biden has the power he thinks he does to destroy the GOP. The GOP has done more than enough to destroy their own party. Biden, I’m sure, would take credit for it. Biden is doing a good job of destroying the Dem party though. How many of his promises during his campaign that he goes back on are the TRUE Dem base going to put up with? He has alienated the TRUE Dem party for Socialism.

  8. Biden could not DESTROY the GARBAGE that he and his DEMWITTED FRIENDS are and have been selling for the last 4 years, so NO I DON’T BELIEVE BIDEN could destroy anything but HIMSELF!

  9. Well Americans, Biden has just revealed the Dems plot to have a one party nation. That is only possible if states don’t do everything they can to stop their agenda. I think all Americans that want a free nation had better unite and let our voices be heard loud and clear. That is exactly what the Dems are afraid of and that is why they have fenced the capital while stopping the building of the fence along the border. See the public doesn’t deserve to be protected, but the public servants do.

  10. Biden said that people are tired of getting it stuck to them……Yes, we are all getting it stuck to us since he came on the scene (illegally). OK…is the nightmare over yet??? Can we just wake up & please have our real president back again?

  11. How is that senile old clown going to destroy anyone, let alone the GOP? He probably can’t even change his own Depends without Dr. Jill or his keepers help undoing the tape holding it on. Give me a break.

  12. The LIAR makes promises and the FOOLS are happy!
    They are destroying the electoral system as fast as they can do it. The red states need to pass the laws constitutionally, to prevent the debacle that stole the presidency from PRESIDENT TRUMP. Georgia, Arizona, ALL the red states will win the presidency if they get together and pass those restrictive laws: Voter ID. ( Mexico has a voter ID); Restriction on absentee ballots. NOBODY touches somebody else’s ballot. All ballots verified by a checker from each party. ( no middle of the night boxes of unproven ballots).
    The DEMONRATS are so racist they do not know they are acting against their own! Thanks the chinese fool peon biden, more blacks will lose their houses, even with the $500 bucks a month they will get. More BLING, less hard ownership!

  13. This guy is so full of it he can’t put together a coherent sentence.
    He’s setting its up for there to be no more Dem party after red wave in 2022 and Trumps return in2024.

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