Biden’s Cabinet is An American Nightmare

It is a bad dream we may never recover from.

Desperately attempting to prove he wasn’t a mere 47-year-in-office political hack and to distinguish himself from President Trump, Joe Biden made a big deal about “listening to the experts,” and “following science,” as if to argue that successful non-politician outsider Trump was some kind of amateur. “Here come the adults,” the headline shouted from the New Republic. “Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge,” crowed Vogue.

And none were louder than the 47-years-in-public-office politician himself:

“Trump refuses to listen to the experts and take action — and we’re all paying the price,” he wrote on Facebook.

…along with his minions:

So why is the so-called “president-elect” of experts doing something very different: Packing his cabinet with ignorant political cronies and zero-experience morons?

The New York Post has an excellent editorial takedown of all these so-called experts Joe is putting forward to run his likely coming administration, wondering if he was selecting them by dartboard. Here is a sample, but the list is much longer:

Take tapping Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development: She’s got little experience in housing issues, except as mayor of a small city. In the House, she’s focused on her service on the Agriculture Committee. And just a month ago, she told Politico, “We’re going to have to stop looking at only certain agencies as those that people like me fit in . . .  it’s always ‘we want to put the black person in Labor or HUD.’ ” Yet she’s black, at HUD.
Pete Buttigieg for Transportation? His main experience is as mayor of South Bend, Ind., whose transit system consists of 66 buses.
And why California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Services? He’s not a medical professional, though he’s filed more than 100 lawsuits against the Trump administration over the Affordable Care Act — battling, for example, to force Catholic institutions to offer abortion coverage.

Susan Rice, a former foreign policy ‘professional’ in charge of domestic policy? Jennifer Granholm managing the nation’s nuke stockpile and uranium reserves? John Kerry, reporting for duty on … climate change? Must be where Democrats stick their old failed presidential candidates. And the Post has even more.

And while we on the topic of “experts,” how’s the record of Biden’s much-lionized Dr. Anthony Fauci? The man who said ‘no masks’ then masks-for-all, then failed to wear one at a baseball game in a group of non-household friends? His continuous advice on lockdowns contradicts the study from Oxford University by real doctors describing how herd immunity works, with recommendations to end lockdowns as far too destructive, as well as a useless act that only extends the pandemic. Fauci’s blasts at hydroxychloroquine have been … reversed. Oh, and even as Fauci wields his power with alacrity, shifting from one position to the next, suicides, cancer and heart conditions left untreated as lockdowns are prioritized, are soaring. And pay no attention to the economy. Fauci isn’t exactly about sustainability or balance.

But here we are with Joe Biden, claiming he’s appointing experts, when all we see is racial color-balance in appointments, a paint-by-number approach to cabinet appointments, as well as rewards to ignorant political cronies. The net result is about to be a rule by corrupt people finding ways to line their pockets while perpetrating on the American people some massive incompetence. Got confidence in the distribution of the vaccine under a President Biden?

In the Obama-Biden administration, no one was ever fired for incompetence. Talking out of turn, sure, just as Gen. Stanley McChrystal. But incompetence, lies, loss of credibility, well, that just leads to more cabinet positions, just ask Susan Rice. Joe Biden, if anything, as a master machine politician, whose prime goal is perpetration of Democrat power, and the one-party PRI-style Californization of national politics, isn’t about experts, confidence, or competence in his cabinet picks, he’s got a slew of amateur hour picks, chosen for their political usefulness to him.

If competence were important to him, he’d choose different. But it’s not. Competence is only important to the American people, and well, he didn’t “win” the election with them, so in his mind, he owes them nothing.

American Thinker

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    Fraudulent election –
    Stolen votes –
    How can this Imbecile be sworn in –
    For what – STEALING AN ELECTION!!! Never will he ever be POTUS EVER!!!!!
    Incompetent Biden can’t even read off a teleprompter- what a guy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we the American ppl r disgusted disappointed & disillusioned- corrupt government folks stole our election!!!!

  2. Scary White walker Feeble creepy Joe. Say it ain’t So Joe. How can we respect this guy. Ah come on man!
    He is illegitimate and he doesn’t even have the brains to acknowledge the fact that at least 74 million and probably
    Millions more did not vote for him. He is not trying to unite this country. He is and always was a fraud. He is a me guy and now all he is doing is playing favorites for his Obama cabinet picks. He owes too many people big favors
    For helping to get him illegally elected. How can real Americans ever trust this Creepy Sleepy Joe or anyone in his administration? This will be the scariest time of our lives folks.

  3. A foundation built on ” FRAUD – CORRUPTION – DECEPTION – and LIES ” cannot – will not – ever support and sustain a successful outcome and result. Joe Biden is a ” Fraudulent – CORRUPT – DELUSIONAL – AIRHEAD ” being used as a ” puppet – figurehead – placeholder ” by corrupt Democrats to accomplish their end game to take over this country. Biden is going along with this scheme knowing he would not have been elected legitimately – accepting this scenario as the only way he expects to finally get to the White House.

  4. Stop calling it Biden’s cabinet! We all know who’s cabinet it really is. He might as well sit on Barry’s lap and move his lips when “the chosen one” speaks!!!

    • This is the FALLOUT of Barrack Hussein Obama a black Muslim from Kenya. What the hell happened! Were you idiots asleep when he became President! How in the hell do you know who elected him, maybe it was the black Muslims or those same crooks who voted all the illegals and crooks in this elections. This is strangest election i have ever seen! GOD HELP US IS ALL I CAN SAY. Joe Biden is be appeased by BLM and those lowlifes, not to mention his demented crooked brain.

  5. To Those Americans, who ARE SMART – And I know there are a lot of You – Out There.!! You know that ANYTHING BIDEN …DOES OR WILL DO ….. IS GOING TO BE A “NIGHTMARE”.!!!! This is a Given…
    HARRIS will be even more in the Realm of NIGHTMARES…..She is a Waste of Space and will do nothing but screw up this Country and the things for the American People.!!! It is a Given….and those Who Voted for these TWO CLOWNS…. Are Gong to Get There Lunch Splattered on Their Laps…. GOOD.!!!

  6. Biden will never be excepted as the legitimate president of the Republic. The election will never be considered fair and honest. Until these two problems are faced and dealt with there will be a split right down the middle of this Republic for years to come. With the amount of fraud , rigged machines and illegal ballots involved the supreme court has to be composed of morons and traitors for refusing to review the Texas lawsuit, the over a thousand affidavits from poll workers and the testimony from many lawyers and experts who swear under oath the machines were rigged and the ballots compromised. What is America, a third world country were one party can absolutely ignore the other party? That’s insane.

  7. You think its scary now – wait till Biden checks out in 4-5 months – Kamala becomes president and either Pelosi or Obama becomes VP. Nightmare of Nightmare.


  8. Some of us “older” folks remember what our country stood for years ago. Although I believe the corruption has been taken to ridiculous levels, it’s been building for many years. Now, at this point Democrats blatantly throw it in our faces, just how much they can criminally get away with, and it is a lot!! Corrupt justice systems don’t help, lying, cheating, stealing, murder, treason, selling government secrets, election tampering, pedo sickness, bribes, corrupt families = Mafia & Cabal, quid pro quo, and on and on. That’s a lot of crime, big crime, death penalty crimes! Not 1 person brought to Justice, so they just elect them AGAIN! This is more than people can take. Us old fogies remember the pride, an honest wage for a days honest work. A handshake was a man’s word and a man was only as good as his word. Parents were the boss, children didn’t have everything they wanted, but what they needed, like their parents. It was a simpler life, harder but simpler. Neighbors helped neighbors, the village raised our kids, schools were proud to be educators, workers were faithful to good employers, employers were faithful to good employees. SMH, to what the people in this country are now, to what it was like when we were young, this has become an alien planet! This whole Democratic non-stop hate & race baiting, BLM & antifa being hailed as heroes, overpaid, entitled actors & athletes treating the U.S. as terrible, all the while becoming rich & living with more money than they’ll ever need leave us absolutely baffled about their actual purpose as there are more mature, less selfish ways to change things. I gotta stop. WHERE DID AMERICANS GO? AMERICA HAS BEEN SOLD TO CHINA THANKS TO ALL THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS, NOT ” WE THE PEOPLE!!”


  10. so with the climate change what is he going to do wind mills
    well they will change/shift the air currents changing the weather across the country
    remember these windmills are gigantic fans blowing the air at large speeds which will shift the air currents and change the seasons, etc,
    he talks a lot of BS but has nothing to back it up this includes the great picks for the cabinet
    he cheated the citizens of the USA and will continue, needs jail time like his son

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