Biden’s Dazed And Confused – While People Are Dying

He is already lost, we still have 3+ years with him!

Chris Cillizza’s job at CNN often seems to be to state the obvious. The results aren’t always good or well thought out but sometimes he gets to a basic truth. That’s the case today with a piece headlined “Joe Biden is facing a crisis of competence.”

At the heart of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was a single word: competence…
Seven months into his first term, however, Biden is faced with nothing short of a crisis of that competence, beset on a number of fronts with developments that it appears all of his experience and know-how didn’t prevent.

The takeover of Afghanistan is the obvious point that motivated the piece but as Cillizza points out, it’s not the only area where Biden’s competence appears to be lacking. There’s also the pandemic and the crisis along the border:

While Biden was congratulating himself and the country this spring on the number of people who had been vaccinated against Covid-19, his administration came up short of its oft-stated goal of 70% of eligible adults with at least one shot of the vaccine by July 4…
Then there is the border. Arrests of those attempting to cross illegally at the US’s southern border hit a two-decade high last month. Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, admitted late last week that the US is facing a “serious challenge” at the border.

Actually, it’s worse than that when it comes to the border. What Mayorkas said privately, as opposed to his public speech, was that the situation was “unsustainable.” “These numbers cannot continue, ” he said. Do they have a plan to change the numbers? Not so far. Sending VP Harris to Central America accomplished little or nothing. They are now flying migrants deep into Mexico so they can’t return to the border as easily. Meanwhile, children and families who turn up are allowed in, some without even so much as a court date.

And when you look back at this in combination with Afghanistan you begin to see the pattern. Biden promised competence but what he’s delivering is crisis. He promised the adults were back in charge but he delivers disasters so historic it makes even his allies wonder if anyone is in charge. He promised straight talk but what we mostly get is spin, such as calling the border crisis a “challenge” or the statement he just gave moments ago saying he planned for every contingency in Afghanistan when it’s clear he failed to prepare for the most obvious contingency of all. As Cillizza puts it, “at the moment, chaos is winning over competence. And that is a major problem for Biden and his administration.”

I have no doubt the Biden stans in the media will find a way to rationalize all of this. Some of them already have. But even when this particular moment passes the lesson that this president isn’t living up to his billing ought to stick.

Sources: HotAir: Chris Cillizza: Seven months in, Biden isn’t looking so competent

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The best thing to do with this Inane clod, would be to start producing all, AND I DO MEAN ALL,… of the Evidence of the fraud that put him where he is, show the Evidence, name names and arrest people,…. Jail the Guilty parties, they have committed treason, and must be Executed,…. to do less would Encourage future Politicians,…. to try the same,…. we can SEE the pelosi’s Influence,…. we can see the abram’s influence, we can see the DNC Influence, Put out the Evidence, There is Always Evidence,…. and failure to prosecute and Eliminate the problem results in a repetition of the problem,….

  2. That LIAR, plagiarizer, cheater, corrupted to the core, senile rapist HAS TO GO!
    His time in the seat of head of state is finished!
    He never was the head, just a stooge of “bo the TRAITOR”, of china, and of his handlers who we know nothing about, but who drive the politics and policies of the land. DESTROYING the best country on earth!

  3. Biden must be impeached! He is unfit to be commander and chief! He has ruined our country and now the world. The way he handled the Afghanistan drawdown was outrageous, unprofessional and totally disgusting. We no longer have a president; he is an empty shell. You know it and we know it! Someone please do your job and get rid of him and Harris before it’s too late. Pelosi is showing signs of dementia also. What is happening!

  4. how do we keep him in their he’s a threat to the country and all the citizens in the US
    is was not capable to run in the first place
    shame on the rest of the government and his wife for putting him thru this
    the country needs a real leader HELP
    and not the ghost obama Islam or
    nancy commie

  5. Failed on all fronts! Afanistan, border open, not energy independent anymore, higher taxes, socialism taking effect, higher crime and no real justice, CRT, Wokeness. All are WRONG for USA
    This president is a complete disaster and needs to resign immediately.
    His VP and advisors and heads of state departments as well need to go, there is no way in hell they should have allowed him to leave Afghanistan as they have…..pure insanity.
    Force him out!

  6. 🤔🤔 Beijing Joey is more than Dazed and Confused. 🤔🤔 . Beijing Joe is One worthless
    Piece of Gutter TRASH that needs to be Disposed Of. He’s not My president he maybe Ur’s .
    He’s only a Pretending president Puppet with on buff head Obama pulling the Strings.
    Everything that comes out of Beijing Joe mouth is Strength from Obama’s Mouth that’s why Beijing Joey has a hard time talking. He Mumbles , Stumbles and he Slivers over he’s
    Words.. 🤗🤗🤗

  7. INCOMPETENCE is the word for 0biden. And, he has no ‘feelings’ for Americans stranded, no feelings for Afghanis that helped US. and HAD NO FEELING FOR VIETNAM ERA TROOPS EITHER. HE DOESN’T GIVE A RAT’S ARSE FOR ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY SYNDICATE AND HIS DRUG ADDLED OFFSPRING.

  8. When all of the actual audits are completed we will all find out that our president did not cause any of these atrocities. Biden will still be responsible, but he never was our president.

  9. Biden is perhaps the most godless, corrupt, heathen bastard ever to occupy the WH. Everyone has to vote Republican next year to get control of Congress with veto proof majorities and make Biden a “lame duck”. If smart voters turn over Congress, Biden and his cabinet can be impeached one by one.

  10. BitemeAfghan,Kabulhidin biden joe is the most incompetent politician I have ever seen. He is demented senile and serial liar on top of everything else. He is a worthless selfish uncaring asshole who deserves to jailed for treason. In fact jailed is too good for this criminal murderer. He needs to be executed by public firing squad up against the Washington monument. Most all of his advisors need to be prosecuted as traitors also and appropriately punished. There are no excuses for his and their actions, NONE WHATSOEVER!!!

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