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Biden’s Mistake Will Cost Dems Everything

This is big enough to completely ruin their chances to win in the Georgia runoffs.

President-elect Joe Biden made winning the Georgia runoffs a national imperative, both for COVID-19 policies and other elements of his agenda. However, Biden’s choice to make his agenda a focal point in mobilizing Georgia voters could backfire — and ultimately cost Democrats the race.

What is he doing wrong? Well, in true Biden fashion, he is doing just about everything wrong.

First, his cabinet appointments have been far more radical than the people of Georgia would like to see. Georgia is not a radical state like California and New York. They are proud southerners who pride themselves on individualism and that famous southern hospitality.

Biden appointing radical Democrats to his cabinet like Deb Halland, Xavier Becerra, and Pete Buttigieg will not win over any of the moderate voters in Georgia. If anything, it will cause them to choose more practical options for the Senate. That practical option, is Republicans.

Second, he keeps dodging the questions about the corruption surrounding his family members. Hunter Biden is now officially under investigation by the DOJ and FBI. It seems fair to ask Sleepy Joe about Hunter and his corruption.

As if that was not bad enough, his niece was also caught in a scandal when she received no jail time for a DUI that would land any “normal” American in prison.

Finally, Joe refuses to go on the record and say he denounces the Socialist wing of his party run by AOC and the squad. Socialism is extremely unpopular in Georgia. They are down to earth, hardworking people who work hard for their money. They do not want to give up 80% of their hard earned money to dead beat Democrats who want everything handed to them for free.

The people of Georgia are noticing these things and are likely to hold it against Democrats in the runoffs.

We all stand with the people of Georgia, and hope Republicans prevail. Otherwise, Democrats will control all 3 branches of government and will be implementing Socialist policies that will bring about the downfall of America.

Daily Caller

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Joe BiteMe knows that he was not fairly elected and cheated his way into the supposed “win” with the full assistance of the DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party, the news media, the Hollywood Left, and socialist and communist nations around the world and their evil billionaire leaders. Any person who has a history of cheating and skating through life like Joe who knowingly accepts a position or a favor or benefit by cheating and lying is an effing SCUMBAG. The DemonCRAPS should be ashamed.

      • I understand and feel the same way except not talking to Democrats. My sister is one and my older sister and I who are both conservative cannot get through to her. I think you have to agree to disagree and just not talk about it. Life is too short to hold grudges. Just my 2 cents. Merry Christmas.

      • The Democrat party ceased to exist many years ago. We now have the communist-socialist-radical islamic muslim terrorist supporters accepted-America hating-democRAT party.

      • Hussein Obama pushed Sleepy Joe as the choice and then “picked” Harris as he knows he can control her to go Socialist. Joe has “picked” most of O’s cabinet and GOD Help the USA.
        There was an awful lot of money poured into this charade, including better than $350,000,000 from Zuckerberg to election judges to “insure” integrity, spelled FRAUD.
        I wonder how much cash went to election judges/poll workers with instructions on how to count , multiple times keeping GOP observers so far away they could not see what was happening.
        Just asking.

      • If you were to put their brains in a match box, it would be like bb’s in a box car. I don’t think they are capable of pouring urine out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heal.

    • Nah, I hope Joey Biden stays his normal obnoxious, arrogant, corrupt self at least until 2022. We conservative voters won’t have to remember all that we hate about the individual occupying what should have been our house.” And like with Obama what ever he’s able to accomplish in 2 years with control of the House will be all he gets to accomplish when he loses control of the House in 2022…like Obama before him who took too much time getting Obamacare done lost a great deal of congressional controll 2010 & 2014. It will still be a very “bitter pill” knowing that his people had to cheat for him to become president

  2. Biden doesn’t have the thinking capacity to make these choices so his communist handlers have done this for him not to say he would not have made the same insane call..

  3. I can’t believe that true Americans will not accept what is happening in the United States, specifically in Washington. We smiply can’t let the communist take over. I am 82 years old and am appalled by what is going on right in front of our eyes and we’re letting it happen. There has got to be something we can do. I pray morning, noon and nighit for God to please help President Trump take back the Presidency. I turly believe that’s our only hope.

    • I hope you are so totally wrong. Trump will destroy this country if he wins a second term. He will demolish this country. If you worked any length of time and you retired you will not have any money to live on. Go Biden

      • OMG…..That’s bidens plan, my God and people like you are wandering around loose, before the pandemic hit, our economy was sizzling, the best in 50 years, what the hell is wrong with you?

      • Then leave? Surely some other country would love to have you! OH, and leave your passport and don’t come back!

  4. Biden’s Mistake Will Cost Dems Everything: What do you think this is a big deal in Georgia? We know that the election was stolen from Trump and other republicans in Ga. in Nov. Even though what you say is true of the people of Ga, that they are hard working and mostly center- right- right, what makes you think that the same people that stole the 1st election won’t steal this one? I hope the statement,Biden’s Mistake Will Cost Dems Everything is right.

      • And if all we see on TV as to all the fraud and illegal BS! Have to say he was right on! IT was not just 1 thing, it was too many to count! And the so called S/C will not take the BIGGEST case they have ever had! Lost any RESPECT AND HONOR many of us ever had!

    • That is why he took so long to even support him. All of Obama’s administration was the most corrupt we have every had in America and they should all be in Gitmo. We will have a third term of corrupt Obama.. Biden has been bought by China and other foreign countries and that means you all are sold to them also.

  5. I hope that the true democrats wake up and force the socialist democrats out of their party. If they
    sit back and just do nothing -the democratic party will become the communist party very rapidly. The dem hijackers need to be removed from office by we the people of the United states of America!!
    as soon as possible =like right now today.

  6. Joe Biden is a screw ball o screw everything he is told to do by the left. He is not himself and should be ashamed to be a president on a stolen election. He has a new name winky Joe.

  7. GEORGIA Conservatives in California are cheering for you to be the conservative voice for this country!! We are Christians that though we voted conservative were outvoted by liberals. We’re praying for you to stand strong in this very decisive election. GOD and our LORD JESUS CHRIST give us the wisdom to use our vote wisely. HOLY SPIRIT rain on GEORGIA bless them. Love you brothers and sisters in the LORD. May you have a very MERRY CHRIST-MAS AND a blessed New Year. For such a time as this we are called.

  8. Joe and Jill went to the Hill
    To do Red China’s biding
    Joe sold out without a doubt
    “Doc” Jill’s pride’s now high-riding!

    (Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)

  9. Keep up the good work Biden. The sooner you show the People what you have in store for them, the faster you’ll be gone.

  10. This long term GOVERNMENT FAILURE, china joe, I hope he screws things up so bad in Georgia, they will take 20 yrs to see daylight .

  11. I’m with you, Dixie Lee. I was born in August 1938. I have seen lots of presidential elections but never one like this one. The first president that I remember is FDR. As liberal as he was, he was nothing like these commies that rule over the democrat party today. It is my sincere opinion that this country needs to have marshal law. It’s the only way that we can rid ourselves of this plague want-to-be dictators. I’m afraid that if President Trump doesn’t take action soon that all will be lost.

    On the other hand, Dixie, if we put our faith an trust in God, and admit to ourselves that He is in charge, not us, who knows, Dixie, we may learn that Biden lost and America really won. Have faith, Dixie. He can do what none of us can. He can make this right.

    Try to get some rest now, Dixie. If America deserves a good president, God will see that President Trump is inaugurated on 20 January 2021.

  12. It is hard to believe that people would vote into office a babbling idiot like Joe Biden. Are they equally idiotic? Do they or don’t they know that a vote for Joe is a vote for Obama? Biden is lucky he knows his own name. The presidency is now Obama’s. He is a racist and a communist who will continue the job of destroying our country in his third term in office. I cry for the children. Their world is being destroyed before their eyes. Silly, irresponsible Trump haters don’t realize that their children as well as our children will suffer terribly in the not too distant future. Fools!

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