Biden’s Foreigners Stealing White Collar Jobs from American Grads

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Because of the devastating effects of Joe Biden’s hordes of illegal aliens coming into the country, most Americans don’t even realize that Biden is also crushing us with legal immigration programs. Since he’s been in office, Joe Biden has allowed one foreign adult into the country to match every American birth. The legal foreigners that Biden is letting in have made it next to impossible for American college graduates to find a white-collar job.

Even the ultra-leftwing Washington Post has been forced to grudgingly admit that Biden’s foreigners are freezing young Americans out of the job market. The unemployment rate for recent graduates aged 22 to 27 is even higher than for the rest of the American population.

Since 2021, nearly 75% of all new white-collar jobs have gone to Biden’s foreigners. Every one of those jobs gobbled up by a foreign worker represents a missed opportunity for an American graduate. Jobs in professional and business services, such as technology, consulting, finance, and media, are almost all going to foreigners.

The mainstream media is completely ignoring the fact that Americans are being replaced by legal immigrants at a faster pace than ever before. The massive inflation of the labor supply is crushing wages for Americans downward while causing our housing prices to skyrocket. There’s absolutely no upside to the American people from this.

Meanwhile, Congress continues to incentivize the destruction of America by offering a reduction in payroll taxes for large companies that participate in government visa programs. Because we just don’t have enough foreigners in the country, apparently.

We might have the worst political class of any nation in history right now. Have you ever seen a country where the leaders hated their own people so much that they’d treat them like this?