Bidens Immigration Policies Bring Criminals to US

America will be flooded by criminals if these immigration policies are allowed.

The Mexican foreign minister said if Joe Biden were to win the election, this would lead to an increase in illegal cross-border immigration.

On Tuesday, Marcelo Ebrard said Mexico does not support Biden’s open borders immigration policies, asserting they would not solve the problem and would actually encourage migrants to make the perilous journey through Mexico to the U.S. border.

In recent weeks, a caravan of migrants have begun the journey from Honduras. They are justifying their decision to come to the U.S. by citing pandemic economic effects combined with destruction from hurricanes, which battered South American countries last month.

Jose Gonzalez, a coordinator with a Guatemalan Christian organization that works with migrants, said he expects the number of these caravans would multiply if Biden were to win the presidency as changes in government in the U.S. encourage migrants to test the waters of possibly shifting immigration policies. He said he expects the current caravan to get larger as it travels through more countries.

Several open border lobbying groups are urging the Democrat candidate to open the borders and allow all South American migrants into the U.S. interior. Groups like ‘United We Dream,’ a far left immigration advocacy group, are also pushing Biden to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens, allowing those within the country to stay and those who cross to remain.

President Trump has continually affirmed his commitment to keeping America’s borders secure while putting America first. He noted, Biden’s immigration proposal begins with a pledge to increase the annual global refugee admissions cap from 18,000 to 125,000. This is nearly a 700 percent increase.

This comes despite Biden admitting in his own campaign statement that some countries in South America that produce a great number of refugees, such as Honduras, are riddled with crime and narcotics trafficking.

His immigration policy outlines a plan to combat said violence by granting amnesty for more than 11 million immigrants. Biden’s plan would also pay countries a billion dollars a year for four years while their citizens continue to flee to America in droves.


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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. We should relocate all these politicians who back open borders to anywhere near the border. Make them live there for 6 months and then see how they feel about the wall and illegal immigration. How do you think they’d feel having the cartels in their backyards? How about the disgusting trash left in the desert as they creep through your property in the dead of night, sometimes in broad daylight? What part of illegal entry do people not understand? My granddaughter is working on her masters in journalism, and she recently was published in the Tucson Sentinel on this very subject. Every word she wrote was true and sympathetic to those who were being deported. What she left out of her article was they were all here illegally. Why is the left so hellbent on allowing those who break our laws access?

  2. I agree with Francis. What has happened to the Democratic Party???? Our country can’t even take care of our own citizens. Now we want open borders? That is ridiculous! Send them back where they came from. Enough is enough! Americans should come first. We should be protected from criminals, cartels etc. Our politicians are crazy and Biden is the worse!!!!!!

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