Biden’s Lack Of Leadership Is Fueling Border Crisis

This crisis is now a national security emergency.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic,” Arrington stated. “This president seems to not mind to put restrictions and mandates on his citizens, and yet there’s this free-for-all policy now at the border, because he’s unraveled the Trump policies, and he is looking to bring [in] thousands, over [and] beyond just those that were waiting in Mexico for their asylum claims to be processed.”

In a letter to the president written in February, Arrington and 25 representatives warned of epidemiological threats to Americans via the spread of coronavirus due to the Biden administration’s overturning of former President Donald Trump’s “protective immigration measures.”

“We’re saying [to Joe Biden], you cannot speak out of one side of your mouth, saying that there’s a pandemic, we must stop the spread, we must have all these restrictions, [while letting] illegal immigrants into this country,” Arrington said.


“[Joe Biden is] reinstating catch and release and jeopardizing the health and safety of the American people,” Arrington said, “Not to mention all the other elements of the crisis: the humanitarian side, the drugs and crime, and the billions — over a hundred billion dollars — in cost to the country, and especially border states like Texas.”

“[Joe Biden] and his team are saying there’s not a crisis at the border, but these people are showing up with Biden T-shirts on, and we’ve seen twice the number of illegal immigrants crossing our border — and apprehensions — than we did January last year,” Arrington said.

Last week, foreign nationals gathered at the southern border demanding entry into America. Many wore T-shirts with Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign logo and the words “Please let us in!” Some also held signs declaring, “Biden — please let me enter.”

Biden’s immigration and border policies are fueling mass migration across the U.S.-Mexico border, Arrington stated.

“We’re on track to have 117,000 unaccompanied [migrant] children, which is the record number,” he said.

Despite issuing an executive order mandating COVID-19 testing for Americans returning home from abroad, the Biden administration is not requiring coronavirus testing for foreigners seeking entry to the U.S.

Arrington joined Breitbart News’s Brandon Darby in 2016, prior to becoming a congressman, to tour the U.S.-Mexico border. The two traveled to Laredo, Texas, to observe what U.S. Border Patrol agents deal with.

Breitbart News reported at the time:

Regardless of the dangers, Arrington toured the hottest spots that Los Zetas use to smuggle both human beings and narcotics into Texas — and he stayed out with us until 3:30 A.M. The tour was no doubt eye opening, as Arrington was taken through the border neighborhoods where very few Border Patrol agents were present and not one single Laredo cop nearby.

Arrington warned, “[Biden’s] policies are only inviting criminal behavior. Not only [does the legislation say] you won’t be held accountable when you get here, [Biden’s] legislation that was introduced recently in the House on immigration reform — quote-unquote — will decriminalize illegal crossings and give a pathway to citizenship for millions who are here, who’ve broken the law, [and] cut in line.”

Sources: Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Jodey Arrington Discusses Biden’s Migrant ‘Free-for-All’ Policies Fueling Border Crisis

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Biden has never been a leader in 47 years.biden has always been behind someone. He will never be a leader heaven help us.we have bunch of morons runing our country.

  2. The democrat party doesn’t care about the pandemic nor do they care about the America people only the people coming across the border and if a civil war doesn’t start soon we won’t have a country anymore. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

  3. How long before we the people correct our employees in our govt? They are supposed to work for the citizens of the USA , so far the tyrants are working against we the people!

  4. Stop Stupid BIDEN HARRIS INEPTOS, the White Females Are GUILties Of This MESS, They Vote For This STUPID GUYS

  5. Sleppy Joe Biden Should never been sent to the White House !! The man spent 47 years in congress and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The Dembeciles had to cheat to get him elected. And it is only a matter of a very short time till he destroys our country. To all of the IDIOTS out there thst were dancing in the street on 11-4-20, DO YOU MISS TRUMP YET ??

  6. Thank God Trump is out, he is a losing punk. Biden is restoring this country to honor, success and leadership.

  7. Since Biden and his sheep have protection and do not work at the border. Hey would they know or care about any crime? They do not.

  8. It does no good to talk to Biden about his rules are allowing criminals into our Country. It’s the same as if a criminal is talking to Biden who is also a criminal about criminal activity.

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