Biden’s Latest Screw Up

We hope you aren’t expecting those Christmas packages!

“We are not the postal service, or UPS, or FedEx,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “We cannot guarantee. What we can do is use every lever at the federal government’s disposal to reduce delays.”

Psaki repeatedly posited that the government would work to solve supply chain issues, especially at American ports where ships are forced to wait in offshore traffic before they can get unloaded.

She did not offer many specific actions the government planned to take, but admitted there were challenges facing the supply chain.

Psaki also could not offer a timeline for when the supply chains would get resolved or if shipping disruptions would get worse before it got better

“Look, I can’t make a prediction for you that we’re going to solve every issue tomorrow and next week. We’re not,” she said.

The White House proposed Wednesday long-term proposals to ease traffic at the ports, opening up the Los Angles port to 24/7 operations and supporting states to speed up licensing for truck drivers.

“We can’t overpromise here, and I’m not going to do that from here because there are a lot of issues in the supply chain,” Psaki said.

She acknowledged that Americans were suffering from high costs of food and products, but insisted that Biden was taking the issues seriously.

“A lot of these issues are not as simple as a one sentence explanation,” Psaki said.

Sources: Breitbart: White House ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Christmas Packages Will Arrive on Time

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I think they are purposly holding up our supply chain until we pass their infrastructure Bill this is what it looks like and alot of others think the same way. It’s just another way to torture us until they get there way We will NOT Pass their bill, either way, there is too much pork in it and put us Americans further in Huge Debt we cannot pay what we owe already! and many losing their job’s because of their Mandates so more people dependant on the Government is exactly what they wanted. This is still America and these Mandates are against our FREEDOMS & our Constitutional Rights of choice.

  2. How about biden lift the mask and vaccine mandates before the whole country turns bad or burns down. That includes all these media outlets trying to keep the truth from everyone.

  3. Just as usual when the socialist left take control, all goes to s***t and people are out of work, the country go to hell while People Starve. It happens over again when one lets the Slime rule

  4. The nazi gestapo dems German blitzkreig is in play, not bullits or bombs, but distractions and bull crap, over and over…..border crap, Afghan crap, crt crap, trans crap etc etc…..
    Biden/dems goal kill America……..
    Time to fight in house terrorism……..
    Biden/dems arrest, charge, try, convict, hang…

  5. Just what the Country needs right now, more novice truck drivers who don’t know the characteristics of the trucks they will be driving! Just like going from a beater to a high performance car, one needs to develop the “feel” for a heavy truck’s handling and braking capabilities! However, unlike a performance car, the potential for a serious or fatal collision is magnified with a heavy truck! A driver losing control of a car may strike two or three other vehicles at worst, whereas a heavy truck can plow through ten or twelve cars easily! Fast tracking new truck drivers is an invitation to mayhem! Let them drive with a veteran driver for a couple of months before unleashing them on the public highways!

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