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Biden’s Sneaky Cabinet Diverted Billions For Illegal Activity

We have the money trail.

The Biden administration’s Health and Human Services Department diverted more than $2 billion meant for COVID-19 relief to the cost of caring for thousands of child migrants who have come across the southern border as the White House continues to struggle to get a border crisis under control.

The money, Politico reported Sunday, comes from a fund meant to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile with personal protective and other medical equipment and from a “pot intended to expand coronavirus testing.”

“The Department of Health and Human Services has diverted more than $2 billion meant for other health initiatives toward covering the cost of caring for unaccompanied immigrant children, as the Biden administration grapples with a record influx of migrants on the southern border,” the outlet noted.

“The redirected funds include $850 million that Congress originally allocated to rebuild the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile, the emergency medical reserve strained by the Covid-19 response,” according to Politico. “Another $850 million is being taken from a pot intended to help expand coronavirus testing, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.”

The Biden administration praised itself last week for shifting tens of thousands of unaccompanied child migrants out of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody but largely failed to acknowledge that only a few hundred of those children were reunited with family members and guardians in the United States. As The Daily Wire reported, most of the 20,000 child migrants simply shifted to Heath and Human Services custody, meaning that the Biden administration is still housing “tens of thousands” of migrant kids, in some cases, with “little oversight.”

The Associated Press reported last week that thousands of children, “from toddlers to teens” remain in U.S. custody, in a network of shelters across the country, many of which are escaping scrutiny. The shelters are, the AP noted, staffed, in some cases, by people who have escaped having to pass an FBI background check, and the children “aren’t guaranteed access to education, recreational opportunities, or legal counsel.”

Around 17,000 children are being held in “mass shelters” and immigration activists are concerned that many of the kids are “isolated, less supervised, and without basic services.”

The $2.13 billion that the Biden administration redirected from COVID-19 relief, Politico added, “exceeds the government’s annual budget for the unaccompanied children program in each of the last two fiscal years,” and it is “far above the roughly half-billion dollars that the Trump administration shifted in 2018 toward sheltering a migrant child population that had swelled as a result of its strict immigration policies.”

At the same time it is diverting funds from the Strategic National Stockpile, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has been petitioning Congress for an additional $905 million for the SNS on the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic could spike again. The Biden administration has not asked Congress to provide any emergency funding for the child migrant crisis, likely because the White House has tried to remain mum on the issue.

Sources: DailyWire: HHS Diverting $2 Billion From COVID-19 Relief To Cover Cost Of Housing Thousands Of Child Migrants At Border

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. So when the next pandemic hits and it will China has figured out how to slimy the worlds economy now. The cupboard with be bare Just like Obamy left it.

  2. n other words, typical Donkey Party misinformation and lies to what they believe are the idiots they are protecting

  3. biden the effing chinese stooge, took a page from the “bo the TRAITOR” commanding booklet!
    Remember, “bo the TRAITOR” left us without any masks, gowns, gloves, respirators! Thanks to the other chinese crap they sent us!

  4. The Biden administration is destroying the USA! It wouldn’t be so bad if some of this money had been diverted to return these children back to their home countries, but we cannot afford to support the entire world, which Biden seems to want.

  5. Biden’s open invitation to come over the border and receive every need and want for free, has done more harm than
    he will ever admit, but these poor kids will pay dearly. Separation from family, dangerous travel with strangers, subjected to mental, physical, and sexual abuse for months, living in unknown, unsafe, insecure shelters will leave children with PERMANENT psychological damage, and for the rest of their lives, they will search for the unknown something that was taken from them, but only a few will find it. The time these thousands of kids have missed in a safe, family home cannot be replaced by the government. I hope biden lives long enough to see what he’s done to all these kids. Their lives were lost because of his misplaced hatred of the man who was sealing the border and working the problem in an orderly, legal, careful way. Biden’s hatred, evil heart, has RUINED over 20,000 children. I wish we could make it possible for all our churches to adopt these kids and try to avoid the losing them like Africa lost so many young boys to some evil leaders. I’m sickened by what Biden has done.
    God loves…these are his children and Christians should show them his love.

  6. I believe that the Democrats are trying to bankrupt America so that their partner ” CHINA ” can try to take control of our Country.

  7. This a simple (and disgusting) case of Biden (and company) spending SOMEONE ELSES MONEY. The United States TAXPAYER simply cannot “save” the world. Two Billion is a “drop in the bucket” compared to the EVENTUIAL cost these “aliens” will run up against the taxpayer. All this to get a couple million more democrat votes WITH NO RESPECT for the overburdened American tax payer. This will simply add to the inflation this administration’s wanton spending of “paper” money will lead to !!!

  8. joe Biteme biden is a sick demented senile old fool who is being led around by George Soros and Barak Obama. These two are making sure that THIS COUNTRY OF OURS IS TURNED INTO A SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST COUNTRY WITH THEM INCHARGE OF IDIOTS LIKE BITEME AND CAMELHUMP. We really need some heroes to step up and save us from these devil worshipers..

  9. This is not a surprising event. Naturally, if the Biden Family illegally rakes in tons of money, why shouldn’t the corrupt Secretary Xavier Becerra follow suit. The Democratic Congress will more money so the HHS can continue spending the money unwisely. A group of retired military veterans, all of whom are over 85 years old, get together with me via e-mail, and all 51 of us agreed that Biden and his band of incompetents has not done a single thing that is good for our Nation since he has taken office. On his watch, he has blundered the management of our southern border, allowing tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom are convicted criminals, drug dealers, drug carriers, many MS-13 members, a vast number of unaccompanied children who have no idea where they are to go once they are in the USA. Biden’s hoods are feeding the migrants, giving them free medical services, giving them free living quarters, providing free transportation to a number of cities throughout the USA and providing them with money; but what in hell has he done for homeless people who are United States citizens – not a damned thing. If our Federal investigators had simply done their jobs honestly and with pride, the Bidens, Harris’ and most of Biden’s selected office holders would be in one of our Federal prisons now. But too many of voters in the 2020 elections were mesmerized by the corrupt and left-leaning news media, and voted for the wrong individuals. As the now famous saying goes, “Don’t Blame Me – I Voted for TRUMP! That will be a very popular saying for the next four years.”

  10. Well when you have someone with a messed up mind leading you cannot expect anything but a mess to become evident and grow.

  11. The same thing that he and Barry did. Then left the depleted stock pile for Trump to deal with. This POS in the WH is destroying our country.

  12. An organized group using OUR Taxpayer money and resources to subsidize a FOREIGN INVASION. I’d call that TREASON.

  13. I said on Day 1 that this lying piece of garbage was out to devalue the U.S. $ and let his buddies in Chyna roll over us. He should be in Leavenworth with those other members of the coup d’Etat.

  14. Well that’s just Perfect, Once again the Democrats have shown their True Colors and it’s not Red white and Blue. Biden has Stolen even more money from the Covid 19 relief bill(with no Covid 19 relief) to House and Pay for 1000’s of Illegal’s that wouldn’t even be here if Joe Biden hadn’t opened His Big Mouth and Told them to come to America for Free Citizenship. Money that’s Supposed to be to Aid AMERICANS. We Have 1000’s of Americans that are Homeless and Jobless Thanks to Biden, Where’s their Hotel Money, Food Money. It doesn’t Exist because Biden doesn’t care about them, They want to Generate 1000’s of new Votes for the Democratic Party, Hence the Free Citizenship. What Americans should do Is Quit their Jobs If they Have one and go on Welfare and Food Stamps Like the Rest of the Country. The Problem is They would be Turned down due to not being the right Minority or Not Being Illegal Aliens. I’m Sad to say I’ve Lived Long enough to see Our Country Under the Current Regime. I almost said Leadership, But Can’t because There isn’t Any. Only The DICTATOR in Office who is Working To Destroy America.

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