BLM Attacking White Liberals Is Hilarious and Confusing

Video of BLM activists attacking white liberals is well worth the watch.

Did you know liberals can be racist? Black Lives Matter does.

At least, such looks to be true of the group’s Los Angeles chapter.

As reported by The Daily Wire, activists gathered outside the home of Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti Tuesday to protest his being added to a Biden administration.

Per the protestors, Eric’s record should disqualify him from the cabinet.

They’re a little late — he was already national co-chair of Biden’s campaign.

Nevertheless, the nay-sayers are makin’ moves, and with good reason — if they’re correct.

As it turns out, according to the People’s City Council, Eric’s something of which you may never before have heard.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the (first ever?) liberal white supremacist:

At the rally, BLM leader Melina Abdullah stood outside with a bullhorn leading people in a chant of “[Forget] Garcetti.”

Watch the video — full of much stronger language than my place-holding “Forget” — here.

In the clip, Melina explains:

“What he’s attempted to do for his entire reign as mayor is silence black voices. We will not let our voices be silent. … He wants us to be silent. And he continues to feed a police department that is one of the most murderous in the entire nation.”

According to Abdullah, putting Eric in a position of federal power would be “doubling down on liberal white supremacy.”


“We have to remember that there are a lot of liberal white supremacists. Just because you plaster on a smile, just because you have a few sellout negros that want a seat at your dinner table, just because you speak a little bit of Spanish…that does not make you not a white supremacist.”


Here’s more from the Wire:

Although Garcetti portrays himself as a progressive icon, [Melina] believes that he still supports racist systems that keep Black people oppressed. Abdullah said, for example, he has criminalized the city’s homeless population and has been too supportive of a police department that has been abusive and racially biased. She went on to tell the crowd Garcetti “appropriated our language” when he began using lingo like “reimagining public safety” after BLM activism forced him to push sweeping changes for LAPD.

After more than an hour of protest, cops told participants to ease on down the road.

But the word on the street is something sensational: Left-wingers can be racists.

And Melina doesn’t want one of those in Washington…

…Kamala or no:

“We want to be very clear that as we happily usher out the Trump regime, we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the White House in the form of Joe Biden. It doesn’t matter to me if Kamala Harris is your vice president if you’re using her Black woman body to usher in oppressive systems and oppressive people like Eric Garcetti.”

It appears Mayor Eric may have multiple problems in the optics department at the moment — just see two RedState articles from last month:

Seems less than optimal.

But nothing’s worse than being called the “R” word. That goes double when it’s from an organization called “Black Lives Matter.”

And quadruple that — or maybe multiply it more — when you’re a Democrat.

Not only has Eric gotten the ire of some on his own side, he may go down in contemporary history — as the first-ever officially-declared racist Democrat.

Take a picture, folks — in our ever-evolving safari of social consciousness, we’ve encountered a unicorn:

Sources: Red State: They Finally Found One: Black Lives Matter Announces the (First?) Liberal White Supremacist

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Seems that if you are of one group you can attack any other people and call them racist, but if anyone attacks their group you are racist. Win win for that group. So everyone is racist really no big deal at all.

  2. Don’t these BLM folks realize the Biden they think they have elected (he did not win anything) is actually a White Supremist? He has been against blacks his entire, yes, ENTiRE career in politics.
    They are so stupid………he has said racist things against black Americans forever……….what makes you think he has “all of a sudden” started to like black Americans?????????? He doesn’t and he never will……..he is just a rich old white haired racist man…………….

  3. The blm & antifa need to be WIPED off from the FACE of the EARTH. THEY are nothing but a bunch of CRIMINALS and THUGS !! AND the only GOOD place for them is GITMO .

  4. IS, he one of them WHITE SAUPERMISTS that the Deranged and Deplorables DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY they always talk about ? IT’S sure Funny that one of their own get Shoved Around without a WORD Said ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 !!

  5. I have never liked labels. There are decent law-abiding citizens and those who aren’t. The BLM organization is just as guilty of racism as those to whom they label. After working hard most of my life, I’m classified as a “white supremacist because of the color of my skin. You know what? I don’t care. If their Mayor was so bad, why was he left in office? Why wait till after the fact to berate him in front of his home? I’m sick of their bad behavior and could care less about their cause, whatever that is.

  6. When you play with the pups you get bitten by the fleas.Actually they are just getting what they sowed.When you support evil remember the devil will repay you.They better start repenting and come.clean.

  7. It seems as though the BLM folks are the racists. They think only a black person can do what is right for black people. Let them go back in time and look at Marion Barry. Let them ask themselves why only blacks can be anti racist? They want everyone else to give up what they have worked for over the years to satisfy people who will never be satisfied until they are given it all for free. These are the true racists. They want what they want without the work that goes into earning it. They should call Bernie Sanders and ask how he got what he got, because he certainly did not work for it.

  8. If Black Lives Matter why don’t you do something about it ?? You’re out there showing your AZZ but not actually DOING anything about it !! I know,, how about a JOB ? Do you know what that is ??

    • You are right Don. If black lives really matter, why support an ideology that has made lives worse rather than better? I am referring to Karl Marx.

  9. BLM racists should be shot on sight. They are brazen criminals and should be arrested and shot if they protest. They are communist infiltrators and deserve no respect. They must learn the hard way- honor our laws or be shot, period. Screw the legal avenues- they only benefit crooks. Shoot now and answer questions later. They have nothing to do with our freedoms- they terrorists and have no rights in our country.

  10. When you see something with the “people’s” this or that, you can be sure it has to do with communism and not the people. Ask yourself if there could ever be a dictatorship of the proletariat. Have you ever heard of a government that just “withered away”? Seems like they always try to grow their power and control to the point that they even try to control what you say and think.

  11. i am so sick and tired of BLM i want to puke nothing but a bunch of wannabees you people will get yours in the end when white people get fed up which is coming so check your backs because we are there

  12. You bet your ass, b l m, antifa keep an eye on your back law biding citizens are watching you dumb asses and payday is coming

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