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BLM Leader Exposed As A Fraud

You won’t believe this. Check it out.

Black Lives Matter leader Patrice Cullors is a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” who regularly advocates for the redistribution of wealth through government force. Over the years and as BLM has bullied corporations into donating millions of dollars to their cause, Cullors has been raking it in and has purchased a number of homes in difference cities throughout the country.

“As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records,” the New York Post reports. “Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes, The Post has learned. Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent.”

Now, she’s attempting to explain the hypocrisy are arguing her capitalist habits are justified.

Big tech has censored the story, which is telling.

Sources: TownHall: BLM Leader Attempts to Explain Why Being a Marxist and a Millionaire Isn’t Hypocritical

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Lol what a sell but
    Now She is O Rich Black HOGG that has gotten herself and her family RICH off the deaths of these shesupposedly is fighting for their Justice but she is Definitely a trained Marxist as she USED HER SKIN COLOR & COMMUNITY TO GET HIGH ON THE HOGG & all the while keeping her Constituents OPPRESSED by the same wealth she is spending on those MILLION DOLLAR HOMES lol
    I wonder how the floyds like the fact this cunt buying homes up with the money THEY THOIGHT THEY WERE GONNA GET BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY WERE LED TO BELIEVE THEN BAM BITCHES in your FACE IM RICH BITCHES & yall are helping me stay high on that hogg with killing yourselves lol
    🤣🤣 what a disgusting waste of a heartbeat

  2. Where were you when mama said, “Clean your room?” You evidently did not learn that your life is what you make it. Now money rich, but still soul poor. Quit complaining about “Black Rights” & start doing your life, honestly. Work hard & do well, but not by complaining that all white people are racist. Stop looking at color & just be a nice person.

  3. Love it. Typical move … on black con job. They are too stupid to realize they are being played by their own . Jackson ,Sharpton ,Maxine Waters , etc all living like kings while perpetuating the race game. Create a group think following , then tell the same lie long enough it becomes a pseudo truth and follow it up with accumulate cash .

  4. She is a sicko & nutcase! There is no way she can justify all of this. All she cares about is destruction unless it has to do with her selfishness. She does not care for this country or its people. If she is so unhappy, let her go back to Africa or some other country. No one needs her here causing trouble.
    She should probably be in jail.

  5. Not posting my comment? Round two:
    I just want people to stop complaining about other people. Forget about the color of your skin & no chip on the shoulder. All white people are NOT racist. Just be a kind person to all people, work hard for yourself, & live in the present, not the past. The anger & hate is not a good look for those trying to promote their life. There is a lot of misdirected rage everywhere & we all need to calm down. As a Native American,(whose tribe was nearly wiped out by Catholic missionaries), I don’t want my tax dollars going to “repay” descendants of enslaved people from our history just because I look white. . Should I hate Catholics? Of course not!. And how did Patrice Cullors “suddenly” have all that money to promote HER OWN PERSONAL WEALTH? Maybe people who donated to her “cause” didn’t understand where the money was going??? So over this!

  6. corruption at its best.
    SO WHAT?
    When a preacher asks his parishioners to give him an airplane, they give him a G650. The best American made. 68 MILLIONS of your hard earned money. PLUS 15 000 bucks for maintenance every year. Not counting fuel, landing fees, hangar fees, take off fees, steward, ( stewardesses?) food, liquors, pilots, rental for equipage in other towns, that baby costs upwards of 100 000 bucks per year!
    So, that lesbian thinks she not doing bad things. Just a little money, everything compared!

  7. Why leave a reply? Three attempts & not posting. And I am just calling for civility. So if I have no voice here, Unsubscribe me from all your postings!

  8. Almost all blacks are racist, some try hard to do their best to make good in life and do make the right decisions they are the ones who get the most respect!!!

  9. She must be good friends with Maxine Waters, another bigoted black woman, ok for me but not for you. Cheap.

  10. FUNNY as Hell, she Coned the Hate Filled morons out of some money, BFD. she’s a typical Activist but with a Brain to con the cons.

  11. I am of Scottish and Scandinavian descent . My neighbors are all black families . We have been welcomed with open arms in the neighborhood ! My last neighborhood was a mix of skin colors and origins and we all watched out for each other as true neighbors . Poor character is a heart problem , not a skin problem . Radical self centered people come in all shapes , sizes and colors . If you want good neighbors , be a good neighbor . Cream rises and so does scum .

  12. Little do people know most, not all, of these people make things worse for good people of color and anyone else that does good things not based on color. Have many friends that are black, Asian, Hispanic and they find her disgusting. That is why whoever you are, read what these people stand for before supporting any cause including donations to organizations that appear to be good. Most are. Some are just fraudsters. Biden leads the pac of corruption.

  13. Why are “We the People”, (millions of us) subject to the few who are obsessed with power and greed? “They”, (and we know who they are), are violating our Constitutional Rights and freedom of Liberty, and our “pursuit of Happiness” by attempting to finalize their conspiracy to create a one party government, thus violating their oaths of office to uphold and protect the Constitution. This is insurrection from the inside of the government. (If outsiders of the government wanted to overthrow our government, It would be easier if they were IN the government because the insiders could call it “Insurrection” if outsiders tried to stop insider’s activities such as they did on Jan. 6th.” Why are insiders who are violating their oaths to overthrow our government, (that is dictated by the Constitution), not prosecuted for insurrection, or impeached, or removed from office, or charged, tried and convicted, jailed, fined, etc? WHY? Are the Righteous elected oath keepers unwilling to save this Republic? If so, should we all give up and let the oath breakers succeed which will hasten “The end of Days” then the Judgement?

  14. Once Marxism is installed as a government, this country will truly become an equal opportunity nation. Nobody will have a chance. “The goal of socialism is communism.” Vladimir Lenin

  15. Her and her two partners belong in jail. They are more racist than any of the people they accuse of being racist. Its amazing how they can form an army of hateful violent, and mostly ignorant animals who have ripped apart a good amount of our country, by arson, stealing, raping, killing, looting, terrorism, intimidating, and drug abuse. Not only did none of them do any time in jail, but the few who did get arrested were set free or immediately bailed out. They even had our VICE PRESIDENT, RAISE MONEY FOR THEIR BAIL. Our President is one of BLM’s biggest cheer leaders. And if that isn’t a head shaker, some of the biggest companies in this country have given these three witches and their army more millions than you can imagine. And that doesn’t even count all the money coming in all the time from the billionaires like Sorros and Gates and many others. They are also backed by Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton. So you see why the media doesn’t tell us the truth of their exploits. And why they don’t go to jail. Also why the police have their hands tied, and told not to harm or arrest them. These three women did something unbelievable. How they did this to the extent that they have and twisted and weaved all these unbelievable links together is amazing. For that, I applaud them. However for the purposes and reasons I have to look upon them with shame and disgust. They’ve turned this mob into the very thing they both hate and wanted to change. They have done the very things they accuse others of doing. Its all a real shame that our country is being torn apart in more ways than one.

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