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BLM Scandal Rocking The Country

The truth about BLM has chnaged everything.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors was forced out. She spent millions on real estate, which is fine, but wasn’t that money supposed to be spent on furthering her cause. Tens of thousands were also spent at luxury resorts. When pressed, she gave an odd answer to justify the purchases. Millions give and she’s buying a $1.4 million home. It’s a mess and this fiasco has not gone away. The rank-and-file of this movement want the books to be busted open. Where is the money going? The ten original Black Lives Matter chapters are demanding transparency. They made their demands known last week (via NY Post):

Dissident members of the original 10 Black Lives Matter chapters are demanding more accountability and transparency from the BLM Global Network in the wake of revelations about co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ lavish spending.
Cullors announced she would resign from her post as executive director of the organization in late May, amid controversy over the group’s finances. She’s been in the spotlight for lavish spending on real estate, as revealed by The Post, including a $1.4 million LA home she encircled with a $35,000 electric fence.
BLM10Plus, comprised of the original 10 Black Lives Matter chapters and some of BLM’s newer chapters, repeated calls Friday for the BLM Global Network’s leadership, to open the books about the structure of the sprawling organization.
In a statement Friday, it said the public should know about how many chapters there are, how the various legal entities under the Global Network are related to each other, the salaries of staff members and the founders, deals with contractors and more.

This isn’t the only tie BLM has been torched. Look at their past mission statement which called for the end of the nuclear family structure. Former NFL player Marcellus Wiley dissected this brutally last summer. That’s Marxist lexicon right there and BLM is known for having commies in the ranks. And like old-school communism, the inner-party folks soak up wealth and live a life of luxury, thanks to other people’s money.

Sources: TownHall: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder’s Real Estate Spree Has Sparked a Little Civil War Within the Movement

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors was forced out. She spent millions on real estate, which is fine, but wasn’t that money supposed to be spent on furthering her cause. Tens of thousands were also spent at luxury resorts. The only cause that blm furthering is there self but you white people and company’s keep giving up the money for these communist and you’re no better than blm. ALL LIVES MATTER.

  2. Well BLM foot soldiers you got played. You trusted a marxist who lied to you and got rich, then dumped you like a used tissue. The democrats also used you for propaganda and threats, your “leaders” took orders from the left where to cause the most damage and now will abandon you. Prepare for authorities to start arresting you, now that they don’t need any more anti Trump pro democrat rhetoric. It won’t be your leaders getting going to jail, just the foot soldiers.

  3. Well you have been play and hustled by one of your own, you can’t blame whitey for this,. this is on you . And try and get your money back, that won’t happen either. Remember ALL LIVES MATTER , treat things that way.

  4. Well, hell. I could’ve told you. If you put BLACK before Lives Matter, it’s a racist statement. ALL lives matter. This is one organization that tries to justify the mob mentality, ie, burning, looting, destruction of property, etc. The violence associated with this MOB is never justified.

  5. Blm is not about black lives it’s about racists blacks working for their rich white master’s for the money promised for their burning , looting and killing of young black girls . Don’t forget all the black bussness they burn and looted to help blacks … right ??? They don’t care about other blacks , only themself’s . That’s why some have millon dollar homes because of money given by other blacks thinking blm help blacks . Time to stop being their smucks and not back them anymore . BLM doesn’t care about blacks , thats the truth of that

  6. All life matters ! like the ole song say’s : red and yellow black and white we are precious in his sight. God Loves You.

  7. It should be obvious to everyone who has a brain that functions, BLM is full of liars, thieves and crooks who simply push Burn, Loot, Murder scenarios. The leaders of BLM are communists and terrorists and they lead these stupid millennial white students around by the nose and convince them to join in on their terrorist actions. They should all be arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail or executed for the murders they have committed.

  8. I guess it is easy to pull wool over the eyes of the militants who believe in racism so strongly they ONLY give to the colored faction that wants to destroy the US. That wants reparations for something they never felt or experienced. That want the government to give them a monthly check so they can revolt against the people that would give the money to the government to pay them?????????
    Sorry. F… ’em

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